HOOK’EM: Elite WR Jordan Whittington commits to Texas

One of the – if not the – top wide receiver in the state of Texas and one of the top receivers in the country, Jordan Whittington has committed to the Longhorns.

The 6’1″ 200lbs athlete is a jack of all trades. While he could play on either side of the ball in college and excel, he wants to play wide receiver at the next level and is talented enough to do so.

Whittington has a combination of power and top end speed that few else in the country possess. The thing that really sets him apart from others is his instincts.  He just seems to be able to find his way to the ball and pull it in no matter the circumstance. He understands where he is on the field, where his opponent is, and how to leverage his body to make the play. He just knows what to do and where to go at all times.

With ability like his, a player would be well respected by his peers; however, it is also his personality that draws others towards him. It is fair to say that Whittington has pull with other in-state recruits. Now as a Longhorn, he’ll be able to be the Sam Ehlinger of the 2019 class; one of the top players in the nation encouraging others to come play with him.

In short, this is what Texas is getting with the commitment of Whittington:

-A top end athlete who is not just an athlete but a football player.

-An elite talent who can play on either side of the ball and excel.

-A mouth piece for the 2019 class and a top in-class recruiter.

Texas just scored big time.