Open Post | Monday, April 2nd

Elijah Higgins: Texas was set to host one of their biggest Wide Receiver targets this weekend when 2019 Bowie (TX) WR, Elijah Higgins, was scheduled to take an unofficial visit to the 40 acres. He is a local guy, so he’s been on campus quite a bit over the last few months. Higgins told me he would be just stopping by for the day to spend some extra time with the staff and see how the team looks.

Higgins is a guy who has said he wouldn’t mind making an early commitment. If that is the case, Texas is in very good spot to land him. Something else to keep an eye on with Higgins is that he’s very close with Lake Travis (TX) WR Garrett Wilson. – (Andrew)



– On Saturday, Garrett Wilson dropped his official visit schedule. While he did not come out and state that he’s narrowed his list, we’ve long thought that Texas and Ohio State are the teams to beat.

The tweet announcing his official visits seems to imply that he is indeed down to those two schools.

Earlier this weekend, Wilson took another unofficial visit to Texas. With his ties to both Texas and Ohio, I asked Wilson just how hard this decision is and he said, “I’d say a ten (ten being the hardest). As far as recruiting gets, I think I’m as deep in it as possible…trying to get it (the decision) right the first time”.

Wilson is clearly torn between the two programs. So, it’s clearly an advantage for Texas that they will get the last visit before his decision.

I exchanged a few texts with Garrett’s father, Kenneth, earlier today and he seemed pleased with the offenses performance in today’s scrimmage.

This one is a tough one to call right now. – (Super K)



Stars On Campus: Texas held a scrimmage Saturday and there was a number of high profile visitors on campus.

Roschon Johnson: Johnson made it in for the scrimmage.

Garrett Wilson: Another big time visitor was on campus Saturday in 2019 WR, Garrett Wilson. Wilson was witness to what I’m told was a much improved offense in today’s scrimmage.

DeGabriel Floyd: DeGabriel Floyd has been spending the week in Austin with his uncle and was on campus today. As you all know by now he committed.

Branson Bragg: Bragg was expected on campus. We are working to confirm he made it.

Demarvin Leal: Demarvin Leal’s mother tells me that they made a return visit to Texas Saturday. This is huge. Leal’s mother had originally told me they were done with in-state visits.

Jordan Whittington: Jordan made his way to town.

Elijah Higgins: Elijah was also expected to be there Saturday, we will work to confirm whether he made it.

NaNa Osafo-Mensah: NaNa made it to Texas and in a word via text he said, “it’s legit!” – (Super K)



– Recently, Wake Forest wide receiver graduate transfer, Tabari Hines, announced that he was visiting Texas this past weekend.

Hines was a slot receiver for Wake Forest and would not be a grade risk for transferring.


– Hines tells us that the other schools he plans on visiting in addition to Texas, at some point, are Oregon, Oklahoma and Marshall.

Additionally, I asked around about where Texas is in terms of whether Hines will receive an offer from them this weekend. Was not given a definitive “yes” or “no” but was told that there is definitely some desire inside the building to do so. As such, my best guess is that Hines will be offered. – (Will & Super K)



– The Premium Sports 7v7 Club out of California paid a visit to Texas this weekend…

There are some ranked players in the group including 2020 QB, Bryce Young as well as new Texas commit, DeGabriel Floyd. I did exchange some texts with the head coach of Premium Sports and he tells me they are still waiting to find out who, if any of the guys will receive offers.

Will keep you updated. – (Super K)



– I spoke with the father of 2019 DB, Kenyatta Watson (GA). Watson is set to be in town this Tuesday (April 3rd to the 5th). I’ll have some notes on where things stand at the moment in the very near future. – (Super K)



Fast Five: Scrimmage Notes: Texas held a scrimmage Saturday. I was able to grab a few notes from some sources on how things went. We have additional notes up on our Donor Board.

*Biggest note of the day is that the offense…won! It was only by one point but this is the first time in a while that I can remember an offense winning a scrimmage at Texas. Was told by multiple sources that the offense looked better.

*I did ask a source if the offense was really better or if the defense was just worse and was told, “offense is absolutely better. Defense is still unbelievable”.

*Was told Caden Sterns and BJ are flat out destroying guys. Despite the fact that they are young, they’re running through offensive players.

*Not surprisingly, Sam was the best quarterback today. I was told between the young guys, Casey has had good practices but multiple sources noted that today, Cam Rising was the better of the two freshmen.

*The two names on offense that I heard really stood out today are Lil Jordan and Toneil Carter although I’m told one of the young safeties laid Toneil Carter out.  – (Super K)