Open Post | Wednesday, April 25th

– Clear Creek (TX) ’20 Offensive Tackle Chad Lindberg visited Texas for the first time this weekend and left with an offer.

Lindberg is arguably the top OT in the state of Texas in 2020. He already has 15 offers, including Texas A&M, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and now Texas. He told me “I really enjoyed UT. I was impressed by all the aspects of my visit and I see a bright future for them and the things that their staff is doing.”

There is a sense of urgency from Herb Hand and the staff in terms of prioritizing offensive lineman in the 2019 and 2020 classes, and that was not lost on Chad. Lindberg told me “I enjoyed the genuine want I felt for myself and the other O-Lineman that were there. I could tell they really recognize the importance of OL for them.”

He’s taken recent visits to Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia. He doesn’t have any other visits set as of now, and he told me “I will try to get out to Texas again as soon as I can. Outside of Texas I will be looking to visit Texas A&M soon. I’m also looking to take a trip that includes visits to SMU, TCU, and Baylor.”

One school that some have pegged as having an inside edge with Lindberg early on is Arkansas. The reason for that is one Lindberg’s HS coach is close with Arkansas offensive coordinator Joe Craddock. Lindberg has no leaders right now, but Texas made a really nice first impression. – (Andrew)



– As you all know, Lake Travis (TX) WR Garrett Wilson officially visited Texas over the weekend. He’s down to Ohio State and Texas. He took his official visit to Ohio State, two weeks ago.

The Buckeyes led going into the weekend.

Wilson was expected to make a decision this Thursday, but last night he told me a decision won’t come until early May. He wants to think things over. That’s a good thing for Texas.

In fact, over the weekend when we asked Garrett if Texas was making a dent in Ohio State’s lead he said, “they’re covering ground for sure…I like it a lot!”

After the visit Wilson said, “It was a great visit. It was awesome to see and be around that environment.” He told me he enjoyed spending time with Brennan Eagles, his player host, and some of the other Longhorns. A group of guys that were together during the game with Garrett Wilson were Noah Cain and Texas commits Jordan Whittington and DeGabriel Floyd.

There was some serious recruiting going on.

Something else that Wilson that excited Wilson was that Texas offered his HS teammate, 2020 QB/ATH Hudson Card. Wilson told me Card is one of his best friends and they’re together all the time. On whether they’d like to play together in college, Wilson said, “we talk about that for sure”. Though, if I’m being candid, I don’t think the Card offer will change too much in his recruitment right now.

Wilson is torn here. Again, the longer this takes the better it is for Texas. Once we find a solid commitment date we’ll let you know. – (Andrew)



– We’ve got a few more things to share on Garrett Wilson.

I chatted with him quickly yesterday, and he backed off the stance of saying Ohio State was his leader, and said Texas evened things up over the weekend. Now, could he just be trying to build suspense? Of course. Though this is coming from a kid that has stressed to both myself and Super K that he wants to make sure he makes the correct decision the first time when he commits. So it is something that he is likely sincere about.

Another thing is that I was told Texas basketball Head Coach, Shaka Smart, has been in contact with Garrett’s father. As they’ve talked about the chance of Garrett getting a look at playing basketball in college as well. Wilson isn’t just an average basketball player. A week or two ago he dropped 36 on Austin rival Westlake HS. I talked to some people around Lake Travis who said there was some talk, early in Wilson’s HS career, if he was going to play football or basketball at the next level.

When I asked Wilson about Texas possibly giving him a shot to play basketball as well, he told me “Yeah it’s something I think would be cool to test out and see if I’d wanna continue it.” I don’t know if Ohio State is offering him the same thing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are. But it’s just something interesting I wanted to pass along. – (Andrew)



– As you all know, 2019 running back, Noah Cain (IMG Academy) was on campus this past weekend for an unofficial visit. I spoke with Noah’s father, Terence, about the visit.

The Cain’s have had a busy spring visiting Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, Auburn, LSU and finally Texas. Terence tells me that they still have a couple additional visits remaining including one to Penn State.

I know the question that we continue to ask if whether Noah will stick with his original commitment date of December 22nd. Terence confirmed that the date is still firm and nothing has changed.

We discussed how Texas looks currently compared to other teams and how they look compared to the team they saw last year, “Definitely improved as a team over last year. I don’t think they’re ready to compete for a championship yet. They’re not as far along as teams like Georgia and Oklahoma and Penn State but they’re getting there. Definitely better than the team we saw last year.”

Terence went on to discuss how close Texas was in a games last year and the belief is that with the improvements, Texas could take that step closer to being a 9 or 10 win team with a championship run to come in the next year or two.

Noah spent time with guys like Jordan Whittington, Garrett Wilson and others but also, “we spent a lot of time with coach Drayton, coach Herman and Brian [Carrington]…coach Drayton is one of the best in terms of development that you’ll come across”.

Facilities Upgrade

Terence and I had discussion about the current state of the Texas facilities and where things are headed. Noah is one of the most highly coveted backs in the country. The family has seen a number of facilities. So, they have a good sense of what is out there and it sounds like Texas wants to make sure they can complete.

“When we first visited Texas, I was surprised at how far behind the facilities were. They’ve made improvements and it’s nice but when you’re talking about the flagship university then you need to be the best”.

And the plan apparently, is to get there…

“They showed us the future plans to upgrade and it’s already been approved. They’re going to close in the stadium”.

Terence went on to describe a number of details regarding the new plan to upgrade facilities and said things are, according to Cain, expected to be complete in the next couple years.

Moving Forward

As I said, Cain is still set on deciding in December. Texas is one of the main schools in the running and I think it helps that the Cains see an opportunity for Noah to come in and make an immediate impact; to make the team instantly better.

Look for them to finish the spring out with a couple additional visits and then official visits in the fall. – (Super K)



– 2019 4 star ATH, Christian Harris (Baton Rouge, LA) tells me that he plans on visiting Texas this upcoming weekend.

Earlier this month, Harris released a top ten which included Texas.

Among the teams to watch here are Alabama and in-state program, LSU. Harris is a big man at 6’1 225 lbs and his team literally lines him up, at times, at cornerback. He also plays outside wide receiver, slot, H-back. He can pretty much play anywhere.

I’m told that Bama is recruiting him as an OLB.

In terms of where Texas would like him to play he said, “they said whatever I want but I’m pretty sure we’re going to talk about it more this weekend”.

We hope to have more on Harris, shortly. – (Super K)



– This past weekend, 2019 Conroe, TX Oak Ridge OT Tyler Johnson was back in Austin, again, to see the Longhorns Spring Game. I checked in with Johnson’s mom to see how the visit went and she said it was another ‘good visit’.

Like I have mentioned before, Johnson has visited Texas on a number of occasions already with this last visit coming right after he took his first official visit to Oklahoma for their Spring Game during the April 14 weekend. After that official I mentioned on the Oklahoma site not to be surprised when Tyler’s next official was to Texas. And according to his Mom that visit date has now been set.

“May 4 (weekend), Texas,” she said about when their official visit to the Longhorns would be.

Again, just visited for the Spring Game this past Saturday after having visited a few Saturdays prior for a spring practice. Now he’s returning in a little over a week for his official visit. Three visits in basically a month’s span, hard not to envision Texas being the team to beat at this point. – (Alex)



– Some of the Texas staff is hitting the road this week as the Spring evaluation period begins. High School Spring practice is getting underway and the coaches are heading out. I was told that Running Back coach, Stan Drayton, stopped in to see two elite RB’s.

IMG Academy (FL) Running Backs’s Noah Cain and Trey Sanders got a visit from Drayton on Monday. It hasn’t been long since Drayton saw Cain, as he visited Texas over the weekend. We like where Texas sits with Cain, even though he doesn’t plan to make a decision until December.

Trey Sanders is a little bit more interesting. As most expect him to stay in the Southeast, more specifically at one of the big Florida schools; Florida, Miami, and Florida State. Though there has been some interesting behind the scenes buzz regarding him and Texas, as Super K has eluded too. Sanders hasn’t taken a visit to Texas, and I always say actions speak louder than words. Sanders has taken multiple visits to those three Florida schools I alluded to earlier, so far in 2018.

If Sanders takes an official to Texas, that would be huge news. Getting him in for an unofficial plus an official visit would be even bigger, though I’m not sure that happens as of right now.

Sanders really likes Stan Drayton, and he and Cain are both elite backs as well as friends, and they respect how Texas has recruited them. The friends talk about what schools tell them, and some schools have been burned by both of them because they told both backs things like “you’re our #1 guy”.

Bottom line is that Texas is in a really good spot with Cain, and seem to really have Sanders’ attention. Not many schools can say that. – (Andrew)