Open Post | Weekend. April 6th – 8th

Lewis Cine: This past weekend, nationally ranked 2019 defensive back, Lewis Cine, took a three-day long unofficial visit to Texas. Cine recently moved to Cedar Hill, TX, where he is attending Trinity Christian. He comes to Texas via Massachusetts via Florida.

Having been a highly recruited prospect before he moved to Texas, Cine has already established strong relationships with other staffs. Mostly notably, he has a very strong relationship with Penn State and according to Cine, that’s the team to beat. While living up North, Cine was able to visit Penn State twice and get to know the coaches for a year and half.

But as we know, when Texas gets a player on campus…they make an impression, “Texas made a very big step… It was more than I expected… I did not expect everything to be that big and brand new. They’re building that relationship with me and this visit was a step in doing that. Texas says I’m the number one priority for them.”

Cine was also able to take in the scrimmage on Saturday where he noted how physical the safety play was and how they rotated their players.

While Penn State has had more time to build that relationship, Cine says that Coach Naivar and company can make up for lost time, “I don’t know yet when I’m going to make it back down for a visit. There’s a lot going on. But I’ll make it back down at least this summer and maybe sooner.” Cine feels the two staffs at Texas and Penn State are similar “coaching wise… both are young and energetic,” but loved the hospitality the coaches showed him while on campus, “The kept it loose… I had a chance to see the whole campus and all the facilities,” (something he did not get to do at Penn State).

Furthermore, the coaches sold Cine on playing defensive back in the Big 12, “The thing about the conference is that it is passing heavy and they would have me playing all four safety positions. That really opened my eyes a bit.” Coach Naivar and the staff like Cine’s versatility and expressed as much to him during their meetings, “We talked football and where I’m going to be playing. They want me to play anywhere in the secondary. They think I can do that.”

In terms of additional visits, Cine says he’d like to visit Georgia, soon. But beyond that, again, he has his eye on a return visit to UT.

Again, Texas is just going to need to chop wood here. They have to continue to communicate with Cine, get him down to Austin as often as possible and…sell him on the warm weather, “I see my people back home dealing with snow and it’s beautiful down here. I’m loving this weather, man!” – (Will & Super K)



Shhhh Makes An Appearance: It’s only been a few days since Texas landed 2019 LB, DeGabriel Floyd and already they’ve landed another commit…

This one still has a bit before it will come out. It isn’t expected to be announced this month.

It is another nationally ranked player. – (Super K)



Kenyatta Watson: Recently, I spoke with the father of 2019 DB, Kenyatta Watson. The Watson family was planning on being in Austin this week for an unofficial visit.

That trip was cancelled.

Instead, Watson is looking at a possible return to Texas with his mother for the Spring Game. If not, then certainly for his official visit at the end of the month.

Watson Sr tells me that Kenyatta will announce his decision May 4th. – (Super K)



One the most physically imposing WR in the state of Texas in the 2019 class is West Mesquite (TX) WR Dylan Wright. He will be be in Austin this weekend for an unofficial visit.

Texas offered Wright in early January, and this will be his second visit to Austin since receiving the offer. He was at Texas’ Junior Day in February. The last few weeks have been extremely busy for Wright in terms of visits. He has taken visits to Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, and Notre Dame. He now has the Texas visit this weekend, and then I was told today by someone close to him that he plans to visit Alabama, Auburn, and Florida State this month a well.

Obviously Wright is trying to see as many schools as possible before he starts to take his official visits. Though the sense I get is that the schools closer to home are still the favorites for him. Including Texas, TCU, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. I was also told by someone that Texas has a “real shot” to take the lead in Wright’s recruitment if things go well this weekend. Though he doesn’t plan to make any decisions in the near future

Wright is a very high priority target for Texas at WR. With others guys like Garrett Wilson and Elijah Higgins along with current commit Jordan Whittington. – (Andrew)



Spring Practice Notes (4-5-18):

Depth Chart

QB: Sam Ehlinger
RB: Toneil Carter
X: Collin Johnson
Y: Jerrod Heard
Z: Devin Duvernay
TE: Andrew Beck
OL: Denzel Okafor – Patrick Vahe – Zach Shackelford – Derek Kerstetter – Elijah Rodriguez

DL: Breckyn Hager – Taquon Graham – Charles Omenihu
BLB: Jeffrey McCulloch
RLB: Malcolm Roach
MLB: Anthony Wheeler
NB: PJ Locke
CB: Kris Boyd, Davante Davis
BS: John Bonney
FS: Brandon Jones

2s / 3s…
QB: Shane Buechele/Casey Thompson/Cam Rising
RB: Daniel Young
X: Lil’Jordan Humphrey
Y: Walk-On
Z: John Burt/Davion Curtis
TE: Reese Leitao
OL: Samuel Cosmi – Walk-On – Elijah Rodriguez – Tope Imade – JP Urquidez

DL: Marquez Bimage – Gerald Wilbon – Jamari Chisholm/ D’Andre Christmas
BLB: Jeffrey McCulloch / Kyle Hrncir (what a last name)
RLB: Ayodele Adeoye
MLB: Demarco Boyd / Edwin Freeman
NB: Josh Thompson
CB: Anthony Cook, Kobe Boyce / Eric Cuffee, Donovan Duvernay
BS: Chris Brown / BJ Foster
FS: Caden Sterns / Montrell Estell


– RB Kyle Porter
– RB Toneil Carter (Green Jersey)
– RB Tristian Houston
– RB Kirk Johnson
– RB Cameron Townsend
– WR Jordan Pouncey
– TE Cade Brewer
– OG Mikey Grandy
– OG Patrick Hudson
– DT Chris Nelson (Green Jersey)
– DE Andrew Fitzgerald (Green Jersey)
– LB Gary Johnson
– LB Edwin Freeman
– DB Montrell Este

Fast Five: We have additional notes on our donor board as usual. However, here are our “Fast Five” which we think you will particularly enjoy!

– There is good news and bad news at Slot. Good news is Jerrod Heard is the real deal. Makes great cuts, is catching the ball in traffic, and is winning battles. Bad news is he’s the only Slot not injured. Realistically they’ll put Lil’Jordan Humphrey behind him, but of the true slots there is only one healthy member.

– Right now it appears the passing game is… as I’ll put it… ironing out the kinks. They’ll have some moments of true brilliance and then moments where there is a miscommunication, a dropped ball, or an overthrow. It’s kinda like my golf game. Erratic as heck. I may shank my drive, but somehow I’ll end up with a bogey.

– Sam Ehlinger is looking much better. While his throws aren’t perfect and sometime overthrown, he is putting the ball in a good enough spot and doing so consistently. Shane Buechele has been working with the 1s some during practices, but not a whole lot.

– It seems I’m always mentioning Devin Duvernay because the improvement in his game is noticeable. He’s become a legitimate and reliable contributor. Also, Collin Johnson has all the skill in the world. If he could just be reliably consistent he’d be the first WR off the board in the 2019 draft.

– If anybody was worried there would be significant drop off after all of the talent left for the NFL, I’m here to calm you down. Even if Chris Nelson decides to follow some truly awful advice and transfer, Texas still has a legit defense. I’m truly surprised how well Texas was able to recover the talent on the field after Gary Johnson went down.


Press Conference:

Todd Orlando:

– Team is, “Competitive… Give and take, which is the sign of a good team.”

– on loss of elite talent: “Any time you lose pros it [it hurts]… but athletically I think we’ll be in the ballpark to replace those guys.”

– on seniority of D: “There guys we can now lean towards… When you see them out there they can develop and show a little more of their personality.”

– He is very very high on Taquon Graham. Spoke very highly of him multiple times.

– On recruiting DL: “Taquon Graham is the kind of guy you want…” A guy who is 250 where you can put weight on and keep his versatility and speed.

– On slowing down install: “At some point you have to be able to play some base defense… I like it because at the end of the day you’re throwing guys at people and it’s not successful you’re going to have to play some base defense.”

– On Ayodele Adeoye and depth at LB: “…He’s a Guy we’ve got to get ready for the Maryland game.

Tim Beck:

– On QBs: “The two older guys, you can tell they’re older guys… Probably a little more calm than last year… The two younger guys are swimming… I am impressed… but when the bullets fly they struggle a little bit.”

– Texas most likely won’t name a starter by the end of Spring Camp. Don’t feel the need to.

– On TE: “It’s nice to have guys there…” Says a weak spot last year has become a strength this year.

– Says the culture work has been laid down so the coaches can focus on the fundamentals.

– “We have to run the football better… That’s probably number one for us… Protect the football. We were 5-1 when we won the turnover battle and 1-4 when we lost the turnover battle.” Also pointed to limiting offensive penalties, “…especially in the fourth quarter…” as a huge goal for the Spring.

– On Herman taking control of the play calling in bowl game to see “how they were feeling”: “There were probably situations through the course of the game where [he understood]… ‘Now I know.’” – (Will)