Open Post | Monday, May 14th

– Texas extended a new offer to an out-of-state Wide Receiver target last night in Calabasas (CA) Mycah Pittman. I haven’t been able to speak with Pittman yet, but after talking to some other people, it sounds like Texas could have a shot here.

Pittman is the younger brother of current USC WR Michael Pittman, however with that in mind, it sounds like that’s not where Pittman will end up. I was even told by one person that he prefers to get away from home. Right now, three of the top schools for him are Florida, Alabama, and Oregon. Those are the three official visits he has set right now. The visits will take place in September-October. Nebraska is another school that will likely get an official visit.

Now where does Texas stand? Obviously they have some catching up to do if they want to have a legit shot to land Pittman. But I was told they’d like to get him on campus this summer, and see if they can lock up that 5th official visit for him. Some connections regarding Texas and Pittman are that Linebacker commit DeGabriel Floyd plays on his 7on7 team, as does 2020 QB Bryce Young, who has taken three trips to Texas over the past few months and is high on Texas. – (Andrew)



– Last weekend 2019 Conroe, TX Oak Ridge OT, Tyler Johnson returned to Austin for his Official Visit along with his mom and dad. We’ve noted multiple times before how often Johnson and his parents have been in Austin as of late. Speaking with Mrs. Johnson before the visit, their previous visits had always gone really well and it sounds like this one may have been the best yet.

“Great, great, great, great visit,” Mrs. Johnson said. “It was fantastic.”

“We ate a lot of food the entire weekend. They had us in the Four Seasons Hotel with all of the other visiting families which included a social suite for us all to hang out and visit.”

Tyler’s host on the visit was Sophomore OT Derek Kerstetter. Mrs. Johnson said the two had a good time throughout the weekend getting to go to see The Avengers on Friday night followed by a musical event, JMBLYA which included J Cole, Migos and TI. She also mentioned how nice it was getting to see Tope Imade again and speaking with Denzel Okafor.

Friday night while the recruits went to the movies. the families hung out at the hotel and played games throughout the evening. Saturday they were served breakfast on campus but Mrs. Johnson had a special chef, chef Hand. Coach Hand made her an omelet that she said was amazing.

While on campus the Johnson’s got the chance to speak more with the academic advisers, nutritionists and strength staff. That night when the recruits went to the rap concert the families and coaches along with their families went and had dinner at a restaurant. Again, a lot of good food over the weekend. Mrs. Johnson said, afterwards, they went and played games like Dominoes, Spades and Connect 4 which gave her a glimpse of just how competitive the staff is with each other.

Sunday they got to spend some one on one time with Coach Herman and he expressed to them how much the Longhorns obviously want Tyler to be a part of their program. After that they headed over to Offensive Coordinator Coach Tim Beck’s house to hang out with him and his family along with Coach Hand and his wife and other Grad Assistants. Also there with them was new TE commit out of Arizona, Brayden Liebrock and his family as well. Chef Hand went back to work in the kitchen as Mrs. Johnson said he made a ‘fantastic lunch’ for everybody. They hung out there for a few hours and then left in the afternoon.

Throughout our conversation, Mrs. Johnson repeatedly would mention how great the visit went and how much they enjoyed it.

Moving forward they don’t have anymore official visits planned at this time or a decision timeline as Mrs. Johnson said they are just focused on Tyler’s AP Exams to finish out the year. Funny side story, you may have noticed on Twitter that Tyler picked up offers from Florida State and USC the other day which I asked her about, turns out she found out from her friends first.

“I was getting text messages from my friends before Tyler even told me. When he got home later that day he mentioned it,” she explained.

He’s just that humble that he doesn’t even really say anything when he gets offers from two of the biggest programs in the country, and that includes telling his own mom and dad.

Another thing we discussed that I thought you guys would like to know was how happy she was for Connor Williams to get drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. We always talk about the Cowboys as she always mentions how big of a fan she is of Michael Irvin. She talked about being around Connor when they first visited Texas a while back and just how nice of a person he was along with his parents.

When looking at where things stand currently I noticed a retweet of Tyler’s the other day from a tweet Tope Imade put out that speaks volumes in my opinion. Followed by his own tweet of the visit a few days later.

I will stay in touch with Mrs. Johnson as we keep moving forward, and should anymore visits be scheduled or if a decision timeline is decided upon, I will keep you guys in the loop. – (Alex)



– The Longhorns hosted rising 2020 Offensive Tackle, Smart Chibuzo, for an unofficial visit this weekend.

Chibuzo is a 6’5″ 310 lb. 2020 Offensive Tackle out of Missouri City (TX) Hightower High School. He currently holds offers from Nebraska and Grambling State and he is hearing a lot from OU, Colorado, Texas and a couple others.

I was able to briefly catch up with Smart to get his thoughts on the visit and he said “UT WAS GREAT”. He went on to say “I love the facilities and I would like the opportunity to continue to be recruited by the staff which will hopefully lead to an offer in the future.”

Smart had glowing reviews of Coach Herb Hand as well, saying “The offensive line coach, Coach Hand, is a great man, they showed me a good time over at UT.”

When I asked him what was the one thing that really stood out for him while on his visit, he said “The field house. It had a study hall for the players and personal tutors that help you with your grades and your work before you turn them in, so you are automatically set to hand in some good work if you use it.” He then said “The field house includes the weight room too and that’s amazing because you don’t have to walk a mile to go study after a workout, you can just go upstairs and, ‘boom’, handle your business.”

Smart Chibuzo will be one to keep an eye on for the 2020 offensive line class. – (Charlie)



– The Longhorns also hosted rising 2020 Offensive Guard, Akinola Ogunbiyi, for an unofficial visit this weekend.

Ogunbiyi is a 6’4″ 310 lb. 2020 Offensive Guard out of Sugar Land (TX) Kempner High School. He currently holds an offer from Texas A&M and he is hearing a lot from Baylor, Georgia, OU, and Ohio State to name a few.

I caught up with Akinola and was able to get a few quick take-aways from his time in Austin. He said “The trip was amazing, I really enjoyed it.” He continued with “It was great and Coach Herb Hand is a great guy and I feel like he can make me a better man, and a better player.”

I asked him if a return visit could happen down the road and he said “It’s a place that I would love to be at and I feel like I might have to visit a few more times. It’s just a beautiful place.”

As for what stood out to him the most on his trip, he said “The facility itself. It was one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Akinola also let me know that Hand will be down to visit him at his high school practice either next week or the week after that.

I will continue to keep in touch with him and keep you all updated as both UT and Akinola have mutual interest, and this will also be an offensive lineman to keep an eye on for the 2020 class. – (Charlie)