Open Post | Monday, May 7th

– As you all know by now, Texas secured a commitment from grad transfer Running Back Tre Watson yesterday.

Watson should provide the Longhorns running back room with some much needed depth. He is a guy who could be your work horse due to his ability to get to the next gear or just flat run over a man. His frame is already built out, and he has shown the traits of being able to get through the inside with low pad level, break through arm tackles, and make one cut and go which makes Watson a perfect back for the inside zone offense that Texas runs.

Through his 266 carries over the first four years of his career, he only had a single fumble while he averaged an astounding 4.95 yards per carry in his last two years, and 1390 over his first three years. He was also effective through the air gaining 379 yards.

With the lackluster rushing performance during the Spring Game, Texas made it no secret that they needed help at running back. They needed someone to lighten the load on Sam Ehlinger who is taking more beatings than he needs to. With the two best backs in the running back room entering just their sophomore season, Texas badly needed the ready-to-go running back that Tre Watson provides them.

Tre also brings to Texas some good production on special teams. Throughout his time in Cal, Tre had 657 kickoff return yards (19.32 yards/kickoff).

While Tre Watson won’t break any home runs, he will provide a steady stream of good carries. He also allows Texas to keep incoming freshman RB Keaontay Ingram off the field to develop him and the running back room in general. – (Will)



Are you excited about graduate transfer players coming to the Texas program? You should be because the Texas roster isn’t set up for a big year without them. Not only has Tom signed offensive tackle, Calvin Anderson, now running back,Trey Watson, but you might see another. We’ll save that for another time because I’m here to provide you some thoughts on the new running back. You may ask, ‘Don’t we have enough running backs?’ That’s a valid question. Prior to the Watson signing, there were Kyle Porter, Daniel Young, Toneil Carter, and perpetually injured who you hope to have a Jordan Shipley-esque comeback, Kirk Johnson. Don’t forget Ingraham too, the incoming freshman. While that seems like a lot of bodies, it’s not, I’ll tell you why.

Out of all the backs aforementioned, only one showed consistent effective performance, Daniel Young. The others showed you consistently ineffective play, poor ball security despite big play potential, and constant sidelining injury. That sucks. Now, imagine none of that changing. Do you see my point? Herman knows he needs help at the position and I suspect he’d prefer a ‘3-deep’ solution of Young, Watson, and another, perhaps Johnson if blessed with help, Ingraham if blessed with quick learning, or settling on Porter, who isn’t bad per se, but hasn’t shown the ability to consistently produce or break big plays. That said, what does Watson bring to the table?

Watson is ‘short’ (5′ 9/10“) and possesses good speed. He’s not as shifty as you’d like, but he strikes me as a patient and physical runner. He even catches the ball well, a very good thing given the amount of running back Flare concepts Herman likes to run. This is where he excels, as he seems to have a knack for navigating the flat and taking on tacklers on the perimeter, even breaking long runs. When receiving hand-offs, Tre is patient behind leads and pullers and finds creases well. He’s still best when attacking the perimeter. While Texas hasn’t quite revealed the full extent of the 2018 offense, as mentioned before here, don’t expect any huge changes. Tre should fit quite well in Texas’ Zone, Power, and Counter schemes, as they allow him to read blocks and cut back or bounce runs.

How does Tre compare to the current stable of Texas runners? Watson is similar in size to Kyle Porter, however, he shares a penchant for vision with Daniel Young and possesses more speed than either. He’s also a smoother runner than Porter, in my opinion. If his ball security isn’t an issue, that places him right in the mix for lead ball carrier, a pretty big deal because many expect Hand’s charges to clear paths better in 2018. Unless Johnson is able to stay healthy and push for touches and Ingraham shows an ability to adapt to the next lever quick, you’re going to see a lot of Watson. Overall, I like the signing and expect improvement on offense. After all, after you’ve reached rock bottom, the only way to go is up! – (Gabe)



– In case you missed me on 104.9 The Horn in Austin this morning with Trey and BK, I went in depth on the recruitment of the Louisiana recruits that visited Texas this weekend. University Lab ATH Makiya Tongue and Dunham School CB Derek Stingley are the two.

We’ll start with Tongue, coming into the weekend I felt like Texas had a chance to solidify themselves as the leader for Tongue.  Makiya holds offers from schools like Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, and more. Most programs want to play him at outside linebacker, however, he wants a chance to play wide receiver in college. Texas is going to give him that chance and he got to spend some time with Drew Mehringer this weekend. Texas looks to lead here, and I get a sense that Tongue could shut it down sooner rather than later.

As for Stingley, the number two corner back in the country, not too much changed in his recruitment over the weekend. Texas is still a legit player here, and really impressed Stingley on his official. But when I keep talking to people, everyone seems to have the same thought; It is hard to see him ending up at any school besides LSU. He also dropped this tweet following his official visit.

Expect Texas to make the cut, along with Florida and LSU. Stingley loves Jason Washington and he is going to keep Texas close in this one. It just doesn’t look like it will be enough as of right now. – (Andrew)



Nana Osafo-Mensah: While NaNa enjoyed his trip over the weekend where they got to meet business school teachers and take a tour, hang with players, and meet one-on-one with coaches, we currently do not feel good about Texas’ position with NaNa Osafo-Mensah.

We’ll add more late. – (Will)