BREAKING: Texas Lands OT Javonne Shepherd

Image via Twitter (@JavonneShepherd)

In his first full recruiting cycle for the Longhorns, Herb Hand is off to a blazing hot start, as the Longhorns have landed another top target on the offensive line with the commitment of highly touted and sought-after North Forest OT Javonne Shepherd.

Per our OL expert JY:

At 6’7” 320lbs, Shepherd possess great length, frame, and feet. He appears to be very flexible with good hips and athleticism.

He is nasty, but not all day nasty as he can get content after initial contact and doesn’t always finish people off like I’d like to see. Still he does have a nasty streak in him. When he does get his hands on an opponent he crushes them.

He seems like a player who has had the game come naturally to him and needs a coach who will ride him and develop the technical aspect of the game. That coach will need to bring out the nastiness aspect of his game.

Shepard is effortless in pass protection and does well in cut blocking situations. Nice short area quickness. Not going to get “out-athleted by many players which is huge for how big he is (no pun intended). Really good player with great talent that needs it brought out of him.

Shepherd has visited Texas a few times already this spring with both Tyler Johnson and 5-star teammate 2020 WR Demond Demas.

Partially fueling this move is the fact that Javonne Shepard’s girlfriend will attending Texas next fall.

Regardless of the reason, this is yet another big recruiting win for the Longhorns over rivals Texas A&M and Oklahoma, two schools that were thought to be the front-runners by many.

With Tyler Johnson and Javonne Shepard on board and the Longhorns looking to get a big OL class. The first two big chips are in.