Open Post | Tuesday, July 24th

Sourced Team Update | Collin Johnson
– Super K

Last week, junior wide receiver, Collin Johnson was named to the Biletnikoff Award preseason watch list. The award is presented annually to the outstanding receiver in American college football.

Johnson is someone I first saw when he was a sophomore out in California. He was bigger and faster than the other kids but you still felt like he didn’t quite know it himself.

There’s never been much doubt about his gifts and yet, there were games last season, where he found himself unseated from his starting position.

One thing about this staff is, no one is above competition. Every player is equal before the law. And at the time, Johnson simply wasn’t consistent, competitive or as physical as they expected him to be.

But has another spring and summer changed that? I give you exhibit “A”…

Here is what sources had to say about Johnson’s development this off-season.

***Source said he’s definitely improved in terms of his consistency in winning match-ups and effort.

***Source said that you can see improved effort and physical development with a much-expanded catch radius.

***Source said Johnson still has to develop a “mean streak” and dominating attitude. Again, he needs to know that he’s the biggest baddest dude on the field and act like it.

***Source added, if he comes out and plays every game like last year’s USC game, “he’ll blossom”



Quick-Hitters | Trending & Visit Plans | Lewis Cine, Zachary Evans & Bryce Young
– The Football Brainiacs

***Spoke with Lewis Cine who tells me he will be in Athens this weekend for UGA’s recruiting event this upcoming weekend. Needless to say, he won’t be at Texas’ recruiting event.

Georgia is surging here. I’ll have more on this later. – (Super K)

***2020 5-star QB, Bryce Young tweeted out that he will announce his decision this upcoming Wednesday. Young visited Texas twice and we do believe we’re in his unreleased top three. But ultimately this one will come down to USC and OU with USC likely winning out.

I did speak with Young’s father recently who made an interesting comment on Texas and the appeal of Texas which holds true regardless of Young’s decision, “Texas has spread concepts that they marry with pro-style confidence. That helps better prepare a quarterback for the NFL”. He further added, “USC is huge out here but it doesn’t hold a candle to what Texas is out there”. – (Super K)

***A source close to 2020 5-star RB, Zachary Evans tells us that Evans plans to be in Florida for potential visits to FSU and Florida. Having said that, Evans has had transportation issues in the past. So, if the Florida visit falls through, we’ll be on the lookout to see if he makes it to Austin this weekend.

This one is still trending Texas.

We’ll keep you updated on travel plans as we receive them. – (Andrew)



Sourced Team Quick-Hitters | Gary Johnson & Kris Boyd
– Super K

With Kris Boyd and Gary Johnson being listed on some preseason awards watch lists, I figured it’d be a good idea to pass along some behind the scenes nuggets on how the two are doing/improving.

***Gary Johnson is a leader. He’s always had the qualities but being new last year and having guys like Malik ahead of him, it limits how much of a leadership role you can take. But Gary’s a guy who takes the young guys under his wings and he’s going to help the staff recruit as well.

***”Everybody loves Gary”

***On his inclusion on the Butkus Award preseason watch list, “He’ll be a finalist for it”. A lot of confidence behind the scenes in what Gary can do, especially in his second year in Orlando’s defense.

***While Johnson plays Rover in the base defense, I’m told he’s been taking some reps at the Joker position when they bring more DBs on the field. Makes sense if you want to keep the option of bringing effective pressure on the field without losing much in terms of a cover guy.

***”Kris Boyd has improved a lot, I mean a lot a lot”.

***How so? “He’s always been good but the little things in terms of technique and alignment caused him problems”.

***This offseason coach Washington has spent extra time helping Kris with his technique and alignment and I’m told (and one could see it on the field) that ultimately those were the things keeping Kris from being as good as he can be. I’m told he’s cleaned those things up and the staff is expecting him to have a big year.



4-Star Rodas Johnson Likely Visiting Texas This Week
– Super K

A name you’re likely not familiar with but may need to get familiar with is that of 2019 defensive lineman, Rodas Johnson (Columbus, OH).

Johnson holds offers from the likes of Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and others.

I spoke with someone close to Johnson recently and it turns out that he’s originally from Texas. He moved up to Ohio in elementary school but with a father who is from Texas they grew up Longhorn fans.

Johnson is currently in the state of Texas visiting family. They’re hoping to make a visit over to Texas this upcoming Friday. Johnson doesn’t yet hold a Texas offer but that could obviously change. I’m still learning about Johnson. He does play both ways in high school but based on what I’ve been told, he is set on playing defense.

He was being heavily recruited by Michigan and I checked with a source up there and was told that he camped at Michigan and was offered as a defensive lineman.

More on this as we get it but as of right now, we are expecting Johnson to be at Texas this weekend.



Quick Hitter | Inside Linebackers
– Will Baizer

– 2019 inside linebacker Rian Davis has been spending a few weeks this summer in his former hometown of Houston. He and current commit DeGabriel Floyd have formed a very tight friendship. I’ve been sitting on this for a bit because I was asked to, but now that it’s been reported a few times, I’ll confirm that Texas has been trying to get him up to Austin while he’s been in Houston. However, Davis will be returning back to Florida tomorrow, so any chance that happens seems to have passed. Still, Davis plans to make it to Texas for a game this season.

– 2019 linebacker Maninoa Tufono has also formed a very tight relationship with “the voice of the class” DeGabriel Floyd. After hearing some things in the background, we actually feel that Texas may have a slight lead here, ahead of Washington and USC. There certainly is some confidence from the Texas side.

– 2019 inside linebacker Shammond Cooper has Texas high on his list without having visited Austin. Oklahoma is still in the picture here as I was told he will be visiting their big recruiting event on the 28th, but the family is looking to take an unofficial visit to Texas “sometime within the next month,” and want to take an official visit for the Texas vs USC game. Right now Illinois is the biggest threat due to their lack of depth and talent at linebacker and his friend Isaiah Williams being committed there.



Buckeyes Receiver Coach Terminated | Wilson & Washington
– Super K

In case you missed it, Ohio State’s wide receiver coach, Zach Smith is out at Ohio State.

Shortly after the news, Garrett Wilson tweeted out the following…

Garrett told me that he has no plans on taking any visits outside of his visit up to Columbus for a game this fall. Beyond that, he’s hoping to make it to the Ohio State vs. TCU game in Dallas.

It doesn’t sound like there is much room for any movement here. However, there are almost always opportunities that present themselves during the season.

The bigger question right now is, how does this change things with Marcus Washington and his commitment date. We already noted that folks around him indicated that didn’t feel it was likely that he’d go through with his commitment (scheduled for early August). I would surmise that this makes it even less likely. But I’ll be doing some digging.



July 27th Visitors
– The Brainiacs

Below you will find our initial list of recruits of which we have confirmed their status in regards to the recruiting event on July 27th.

The list will undoubtedly change with some additions and the inevitable conflicts that arrive. We will keep the list updated as we get additional information.

Just because you don’t see a recruits name on the list at this point but you have seen it elsewhere doesn’t mean anything as we will only add names which we have personally confirmed to our list!



QB Roschon Johnson – Port Neches-Grove (Port Neches, TX) TEXAS

RLB DeGabriel Floyd – Westlake (Los Angeles, CA) TEXAS

CB Marques Caldwell – Alvin (Alvin, TX) TEXAS

WR Jake Smith – Notre Dame Preparatory (Scottsdale, AZ) TEXAS

TE Jared Wiley – Temple (Temple, TX) TEXAS

DL Rodas Johnson – St. Francis De Sales (Columbus, OH)

DB Noa Pola-Gates – Williams Field (Gilbert, AZ)

LB David Gbenda – Cinco Ranch (Houston, TX) Maybe

OT Javonne Shepherd – North Forest (Houston, TX)



RB Zach Evans – North Shore (Houston, TX) – Maybe

RB Ty Jordan – West Mesquite (Mesquite, TX)

CB Jaylon Jones – Steele (Cibolo, TX)

CB Lorando Johnson – Lancaster (Lancaster, TX)

DB Bryson Washington – C.E.King (Houston, TX)

DL Princely Umanmielen – Manor (Manor, TX) – Probable

DE Vernon Broughton – Spring Woods (Houston, TX)

ATH Michael Henderson Jr – Ranchview (Carrollton, TX) – maybe


DE Landyn Watson – Hutto (Hutto, TX)