Open Post | Monday, August 27th

TFB Talking Point | Robert Smith Goes Big
– Charlie S

Fox analysts made their picks for the CFBPlayoff and named their champions…

Robert Smith predicted Texas to make the College Football Playoffs.

While I personally don’t see those types of gains, I do think we will see an improved product on the field which should result in an 8-10 win season prior to the bowl game.

Who knows, maybe Robert Smith gets it right!



Zach Evans | Update 
– Super K

Recently, I was out at North Shore High School where I had a chance to see Zach Evans in action.

First, let me note, however, that a guy to keep an eye on is 2021 wide receiver, Shadrach Banks. He had a few big plays but the one that stood out to me was a shorter route where he got stuck right as he caught the ball and held on. Banks holds a few early offers but that list is going to blow up.

Evans had some nice runs. He’s just bigger and stronger than everyone else. But perhaps the three things that stood out more than anything else were…

***He took a shot to the groin on a tackle that looked extremely painful. I figured he was done for the day. After all, it was just a scrimmage. But no. He went back in and…

***Made a fantastic block on a cut back that sprung Shadrack (I believe) for a long touchdown. Seeing a five star running back who is willing to block, in a scrimmage, after going down. I like that…I like that.

Image result for I like that I like that gif

***Evans is calm. It was very obvious the game moves slow for him. I think the first time he touched the ball all scrimmage he grabbed about 20 yards. But it was the way he did it. It looked effortless. He takes his time, sees space, explodes, cuts, explodes. Reminds of a Sun Szu’s “Art of War”. He’s strategic within the run.

If not for an ankle tackle, he probably would’ve housed it.


I left just before the scrimmage ended. So, I didn’t get a chance to speak with Zach but I did chat with a couple of his brothers.

They’re taking their time with things. This fall, however, they will take visits.

Zach’s brother, CJ, said they will absolutely attend at least one Texas game. I asked them if they’ll be at the USC game. CJ said that they already have plans to be at the Texas A&M vs. Clemson, and I do anticipate them making it to Austin for the USC game.

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Top ’20 Target Sets Texas Visit
– Andrew King

It’s still early for the 2020 class, but one recruit who has become a top Texas target is Hebron (TX) S Darius Snow.

It was a busy summer for Snow, as he took advantage of not having school and took visits to quite a few out of state schools. Those include Alabama, Georgia, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Clemson, LSU, and Stanford. Snow didn’t take any visits to in-state powers like Texas and Texas A&M as it’ll be easier to make those trips during the school year.

In fact, he already has two early-season visits set up. Including one to Texas when they take on USC on September 15th. He will also check out LSU-Miami this upcoming week as they open the season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Snow’s recruitment is going to be an interesting one, as he loves some out of state schools early on. I think Stanford and LSU lead in that category. He also has strong ties to Michigan State, as his father played there. Texas is a school he really likes as well.

There’s something else that could shake up his recruitment. Snow is already 6’1 and almost weighs 220 going into in junior year of high school. A lot of people think he will slide down to outside LB for college. But Snow tells me he wants nothing to do with that, telling me “I want to play safety. I have no interest in schools who have me at LB”. So that is something to watch and see how he develops over the next two years.

Regardless, Snow is a top target for Texas. It doesn’t matter where he plays in college. He’s’ the best defensive player to come out of Hebron High School since Jamal Adams back in 2015.