Open Post | Weekend, August 24th – 26th

Andrew Fitzgerald No Longer Playing Football
– Charlie S

Texas announced that sophomore defensive lineman Andrew Fitzgerald will no longer play football.

The Flower Mound product will remain at Texas as a student.

“My chapter here as part of the UT football program has come to a close. It was an experience I will remember forever. I am so grateful for all the blessings and opportunities the Lord has given me to grow and learn from while I’ve been here. My family has been with me and encouraged me along this journey. I want to thank all the staff who are a part of this program for all they have done for me spiritually, academically, and athletically. I want to thank Coach Strong for giving me the opportunity to play and go to school at one of the best universities there is, and also Coach Herman and Coach Giles for teaching me things I will carry with me the rest of my life whether it’s on the field or off. To my teammates who I worked day in and day out with, I wish y’all the best this season and have nothing but good memories and love for y’all”.

Fitzgerald was not expected to be a major contributor this season.



Texas A&M Targets and Possible Fall Out
– Super K

After Dan Wolken dropped that doozy of an article, I almost immediately starting running through the possible recruiting fall out and what it might mean for Texas.

Here are a few guys that came to mind…

***DeMarvin Leal: This was one that many, myself included, believed would be a fight Texas would win outright. I’ve spoken to Leal’s mother on many occasions and even before the TAMU commitment, she seemed to be leaning towards Texas. Since his commitment, Leal did visit Texas for an official visit. I asked his mother last night if they’d make a return visit this season and she said she wasn’t sure yet.

If TAMU isn’t able to hold on to Leal, Texas will be his likely landing spot.

***Kenyon Green: Before Green committed to Texas A&M he had an unofficial top three of Texas, Texas A&M, and OU. I spoke with Green’s father earlier today and he is aware of the allegations. I asked if they are still hearing from schools and he said they are indeed – Texas, OU, LSU, etc. are all trying to get them to at least take official visits this season. As of right now they have none set and when I spoke to them earlier in the summer, it didn’t sound like it was even a possibility.

This could change that and if it does, then Texas would probably be one of two or three schools they’ll consider.

***Brian Williams: Before his commitment to Texas A&M, Williams was a guy who seemed destined to end up at Texas. Since his commitment, he hasn’t even bothered taking a return trip.

***Demani Richardson: I’ve always believed that if Richardson ever made in on campus for a visit, Texas would win him over. If this story gets bigger, perhaps that will finally happen.

Just to be clear, Richardson did visit Texas for a couple of camps but has never done the red carpet visit.

The question I have with Richardson and Williams is; Will something possibly happen soon enough? As of right now, it would appear Texas has one more spot left at safety and Tyler Owens is likely to announce sometime in late September. Are Williams and Richardson takes regardless?

***Dylan Wright: The sudden turn of this one to Texas A&M is difficult to explain. The family grew up Longhorn fans. The family mentioned they’d like to wait and watch the teams they’re interested in and see how they perform on the field. I had even spoken to Wrights father about helping them do a top five video. Then, suddenly Wright commits to Texas A&M.

If Wright doesn’t end up at Texas A&M then the smart money is on Texas.

***Marcus Stripling: Stripling has visited Texas a number of times. His unofficial top three would be Texas A&M, OU, and Alabama. Smart money on Stripling would be OU if he doesn’t end up at Texas A&M. However, if Texas A&M were to drop out, I wonder if that shakes things up enough to get Texas a cleaner shot. He has told me, recently, that Texas would get one of his official visits.

***David Ugwoegbu: This is a name you probably haven’t heard much. Ugwoegbu is a 2019 DE at Seven Lakes (Katy). I plan on seeing him in person later today. He’s a Texas A&M lean with OU probably running second. Texas is interested but I’m told he has hasn’t been particularly responsive. It’s interesting that the guys who are Texas A&M leans seem to minimize communication with Texas.

Should TAMU fall out, does it open the door for Texas to finally make a move here?

***Christian Harris: 2019 TAMU LB commit, Christian Harris actually visited Texas back in May. Harris committed to Texas A&M earlier this month. I’m checking with Harris to see if he will take an official visit to Texas.

Texas needs linebackers and Harris was clearly interested in Texas before his committed, so this one might be one to watch.



Quick-Hitters | Shhh & OC Rumor
– Super K

***I know some of you have been wondering when the most recent “shhh” is set to be announced.

I had heard that it was originally expected to happen a week or so after Bryan Carrington posted the shhh. I’m told that the delay is due to the production of a commitment video.

Side note: No, we are not producing the video. As a rule, we never permit our production to delay the commitment timeline.

***Rumor: Heard an interesting rumor the other day that I had me intrigued. Figured there was no harm in passing it along to you all to chew on.

I was told by a couple folks, that barring some miracle, this will likely be David Beaty’s last year at Kansas.

Image result for duh gif

One of the sources told me that Beaty would be Texas’ OC target, should they be in the market for one at that time. Source sound quite certain but obviously it’s way too early to call it anything but a rumor. Still an interesting thing to think about and a move that could make a lot of sense for Texas from both a coaching and recruiting perspective.

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