Trench Warfare…Texas Vs. Oklahoma

What a big win for the Horns on Saturday.  To put it mildly, Texas just took it to em.  The beat Oklahoma physically, in preparation and in playing a mistake-free football game.  The O line continues to improve as shown here.  No one is even close to Ehlinger as he drops back to let fly.




And Collin Johnson let his presence be felt early.  The guy dominated the game and was one of the unsung heroes for Texas on Saturday.  He absolutely dominated the Sooner DB’s.  If you check their Wikipedia pages it may list him as their daddy.




How I know the guys prepared better than the Sooners is that the Coaches had some wrinkles they hadn’t shown.  This is the old Florida Tebow play with the pop pass off of the wildcat.  Texas had everybody guessing wrong, and what’s great about the design of this play is that for the Sooners, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Had Haughton, #8 not come up and stayed with the tight end, there’s nobody home for run support.  Humphrey could have run it in here too.




And a better look at it, I doubt anyone gets him down as strong as he is.  He raises up and tosses it to Collin Johnson for the TD.  Mama, there’s that man again!




Ehlinger had a clean pocket for most of the game.  Knowing he’s going to pull the ball down and take off, the Sooners did a bad job of containing him.  No discipline on the rush, and Murray, the MLB is way out of position on the spy technique.




Sam, however, is like a Sherman tank.  Look at all the red jersey’s he’s dragging with him to get the first down.  Texas played, smarter, tougher and just flat out better than the Sooners.




This was a big turning point in the game.  On 3rd and 20, the Horns and Sooners were giving as good as they were getting  Up until this point, Oklahoma had brought a lot of pressure and forced Texas into 3rd and forever.  Stoops didn’t bring pressure and Ehlinger, knowing he had plenty of time stood tall in there and let Beck finally come open down around the 35.  It made it 4th and 1, and the rest is history.




Here’s another example of the Texas staff really doing their homework.  Sooners OLB Mark Jackson #42 struggled covering the wheel route against UCLA early this year.  With Watson’s speed, this was an automatic mismatch.  I’m sorry, but Jackson isn’t running with Watson.  This was an easy pitch and catch after the big 4th down conversion.




The QB counter has become Texas’ Bread and butter in short yardage.  Look at Big Sam Cosmi!  He has completely walled off the defender to the inside, and that’s no easy task.  The back gets a great kickout block, and Sam is down I-35 for the score.




Oklahoma just didn’t have an answer to the Short yardage game all day long.  Even on 4th and two, the Longhorns were just too physical for em.  No defenders in sight and Sam gets 7.




Look at that.  It’s just physical domination as Sam is dragging the Sooner defender down the field.  It seemed like Texas just wanted it more Saturday.




Here’s another short-yardage masterpiece.  Sam’s got all the green grass from halfway between the numbers and the hash to Texas two-step into the end zone.  The O line did an outstanding job against the Sooners.




You think Sam is happy along with the rest of Longhorn Nation?!




Cosmi ends up blocking two guys.  Bolton and Jackson.  He ends up pushing them back so far, that Murray, the MLB, can’t scrape like he needs to.  Cosmi’s block forces him to have to go around him, and that is enough for Ehlinger to put his foot in the ground and get to the orange.




Time, time and time again, the Horns were just more physical.  Right up the gut after they had run the outside play on em to death.  Bolton tries to come over the top and stuff it, but the backside guys did such a good job, that Sam had a great cutback lane right towards the band for another score!




These next two plays outline the effort that Texas played with.  While the Sooners played hard, Texas played like madmen.  Beck, one of the tight ends here is left one on one with Mark Jackson.  Jackson is one of the best pass rushers that OU has.  Beck handled him and gave Ehlinger time to step up and hit Humphrey down the seam for a gain of 30.




In contrast, you have Trey Sermon, the Sooners running back try to cut block the Texas defender here.  Even though he gets blocked, he keeps going and gets around Murray’s legs for the Sack.  It was in a big spot with the Sooners driving and almost the entire 4th quarter clock to go with.  In a nutshell this was the difference in the game.  Texas found a way to make plays, and Oklahoma didn’t.




Dicker the M’F’N kicker.  Kid has ice in his veins.  With Texas having Oklahoma and TCU behind them, they are in the drivers seat to make the Big XII title game.  I’d love to see Texas and Oklahoma play twice a year, and this year ya’ll we may just see that.   Hook Em!