Open Post | Tuesday, November 27th

Finishing the 2019 Offensive Class
– Super K


Texas was done when they received a commitment from their top target, Roschon Johnson. However, 2019 ATH commit, Peyton Powell says Texas is telling him they will give him a look at quarterback.

Either way, Texas is done in 2019 at the quarterback position.

Tight End

With two tight ends in Jared Wiley (Temple) and Brayden Liebrock (Chandler, AZ) the Horns are done at this position, as well.

Wide Recievers

Horns currently have four wide receivers committed which include the following: Jordan Whittington, Jake Smith, Marcus Washington and Demariyon Houston. You could possibly throw Peyton Powell in the mix here as well. He’s likely to end up on the defensive side but he was technically originally offered by coach Mehringer as a wide receiver.

Remaining targets…

Elijah Higgins – Nothing has changed on this front. Continue to hear that if he gets into Stanford he’s Stanford bound. Not sure what the normal timeline is for word on acceptance but it does seem to be taking quite some time. I will say that I’m told Higgins is a stellar student. So, if he didn’t get in to Stanford it would be a surprise to many.

Kennedy Lewis – Lewis visited Texas a couple times this season and actually announced a commitment date. It’s our understanding he was planning on committing to Texas. However, Texas was not in a position to take said commitment due to the commitment of Marcus Washington and the out standing commitments of earlier offers like Higgins and McCoy.

Should Texas miss out on McCoy and Higgins I would imagine they might consider taking another look at Lewis. After all, he is a big wide receiver with excellent measurables. Texas has had so much success with LJ Humphrey and Collin that you would think they’d want at least one big athletic wide receiver in this class.

Dylan Wright – That takes us to Dylan Wright. It’s a long shot but as I’ve said for a while, Wright’s family grew up Texas fans and the Horns are headed to the Big 12 championship while Texas A&M almost beat Clemson.

I don’t know how likely it is but last I checked Texas was still working on getting Wright back on campus before he signs.

Bru McCoy – I know McCoy is the one everyone is hoping for. This week, I checked with a source very close to the family and I still believe USC holds a slight lead and that the McCoy’s were waiting to see what happened to USC and Clay Helton and now that it has been announced he will be returning, that answers a huge question for the McCoy’s.

Offensive Line

Horns currently have two offensive linemen committed in Tyler Johnson and Javonne Shepherd. Johnson has remained solid and while Shepherd continues to flirt with Texas A&M, they are tight on numbers. I think ultimately Javonne stays put.

Two remaining high school targets appear to be…

Isaiah Hookin – Hookfin recently visited Texas for an unofficial visit and has yet to take any additional visits. He took an official visit to Illinois before his Texas trip. He then cancelled a scheduled Arizona State official visit. He tells me he has yet to schedule any additional visits.

This one is trending hard towards Texas.

Andrew Coker – The TCU commit has said he would definitely make it back on campus but has yet to make it. He was supposed to visit for the WVU game and didn’t make it. Then, he was supposed to make it for the Iowa State game and didn’t make it.

Texas will have a big recruiting weekend on December 14th. Perhaps they’ll push to have him on an official visit then.

JUCO Targets – I’ll need to revisit these.

Running Backs

Derrian Brown is in the boat. Trey Sanders is still a priority but I still think Alabama is a tough one to beat here. Once I spoke to him in person and asked him how many times he’d visited Alabama and he said, “more times than I can count”, it just felt like there is so much familiarity there. That is hard to overcome. I’m not saying it isn’t possible but I’d put Bama down as the leader.

Noah Cain – he appears Texas bound. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up choosing the Longhorns now that LSU appears to be off the table. The only thing that may shake that up is if Tyrion Davis were to flip to Oklahoma. I don’t know if Cain would want to enter a class with John Emery but if Davis left the class then I’d imagine they’d push for Cain to fill that spot.

Rhamondre Stevenson – Texas recently offered jumbo JUCO running back, Rhamondre Stevenson. He will give the Longhorns a look as Texas has been recruiting him for a while.



TFB Talking Point | Mack Brown To UNC
– Charlie S

Looks like Mack Brown will be back on the sidelines with a headset on as there are multiple reports out there that the University of North Carolina will hire him as their next head football coach.

Brown was the head football coach at the University of Texas from 1998 – 2013 and was at the helm when Texas won their most recent National title in 2005.

Interesting side note: Brown is actually younger than UNC head basketball coach Roy Williams…don’t know why, but that struck me as funny.



Texas & David Beaty News
– Andrew King

It was awhile ago, but when the Texas offense was struggling early in the season Super K posted about possible future offensive coordinators for Texas. The biggest name to come up at the time was then-Kansas head coach David Beaty. Now we fast forward and things have changed a bit.


“Rumor: Heard an interesting rumor the other day that I had me intrigued. Figured there was no harm in passing it along to you all to chew on.

I was told by a couple folks, that barring some miracle, this will likely be David Beaty’s last year at Kansas.

One of the sources told me that Beaty would be Texas’ OC target, should they be in the market for one at that time. Source sound quite certain but obviously it’s way too early to call it anything but a rumor. Still an interesting thing to think about and a move that could make a lot of sense for Texas from both a coaching and recruiting perspective.”

Beaty news

David Beaty is no longer the head coach at Kansas. He coached his final game in Lawrence last week vs…….Texas. Now reports have surfaced that Beaty is expected to visit Tom Herman and Texas this week to help them game-plan offensively for the Big 12 Championship game vs Oklahoma. I confirmed these reports. Beaty will help with what is best fit to attack the OU defense (Kansas put up 40 points and nearly 550 yards of offense two weeks ago vs OU). But I was also told he was going to help see if there are any offensive plays that could tip off the OU defense.

This is beyond interesting. Beaty is going to be a hot name on the OC trail this offseason, and him making a stop in Austin less than a week after the regular season has to mean something. But things have changed in Austin this season too. The offense has been much improved for the most part. Thanks to the breakout seasons by quarterback Sam Ehlinger and wide receiver Lil’Jordan Humphrey. So does Texas need a change? I will say that if Beaty joins the Texas staff it likely won’t change much for Tim Beck.

Beaty has coached wide receivers for more than seven seasons, and only coached quarterbacks for one when he was the offensive coordinator at Rice. So a change would likely mean something for Drew Mehringer or Corby Meekins, not Tim Beck. Remember Beaty was one of the best recruiters in Texas during his three-year stint as Texas A&M’s wide receiver coach.



Tom Herman Monday Press Conference
– CJ Vogel

It’s Texas-OU week! Again. Yet this time, there is way more at stake than a Golden Hat for each team. For each team, there is a chance to unveil a Big 12 Champion banner at their stadium next season. For Texas, there is the opportunity to get to 10 wins on the season and a New Years Six bowl, and for Oklahoma, there is the chance to get back to the College Football Playoff for the second time since its integration.

Texas head coach Tom Herman called this week’s preparation “different” than the week leading up to their annual meeting at the Cotton Bowl.

“Obviously [we’re] very excited. This is going to be a very fun week,” said Herman at his Monday press conference. “A difficult week to prepare for, but our guys have earned the right to continue to play.”

“This is not the Red River Showdown. That was played in October… That one is over.”

Since the 48-45 victory in Dallas, Texas on October 6, the two teams have faced pretty different storylines in their paths to the Big 12 Championship. The Longhorns have gone 4-2 since Cameron Dicker’s last second field goal went through the uprights, while the Sooners have gone 6-0, with three of those victories coming within five points.

“Both of our teams have evolved into a little bit different teams than what played in October,” said Herman.

“You’ve got so much elite talent in this conference, and especially on our opponent’s team, that our guys are finding ways to win.” Herman emphasized the Longhorns’ winning ways is a result of their toughness, physicality and playing smart.

Las Vegas opened the betting with the Oklahoma favored by 6.5 points, but for Herman he relishes the opportunity to be the underdog.

(For those that dabble in the world of sports betting, like myself, Tom Herman is 12-1 against the spread as an underdog since 2015.)


“I think we always see ourselves as underdogs,” said Herman. “We have a little chip on our shoulder. We have a saying: Train like you’re the underdog, play like you’re the champ.”

Texas is expecting to have safety Brandon Jones back on the field for this weekend. Jones met with doctors Monday afternoon and is aiming for Wednesday return to practice. If Jones is able to play, he won’t be back fielding punts.

“We have open tryouts for punt returner this week.”

Regardless, Jones back at the safety position brings speed back to the secondary that Texas must have to defend Marquise Brown, CeeDee Lamb, and most importantly, Heisman candidate Kyler Murray.

“We need speed. You’ve got to be able to run against these guys. We ran with them good in October.”

Perhaps the most important news is that concerning quarterback Sam Ehlinger and his shoulder.

“It was bothering him. It’s going to bother him this week too. I think it’s going to bother him significantly less playing OU in the Big 12 championship game.”

Texas also flew in former Kansas head coach David Beaty to do some self-scouting and consulting for the week leading up to OU. Herman said he calls previous opponents often to get an idea of ways he is tipping calls and formation. Herman said he called the USC staff after their game to get an idea of what they saw.

Regardless if Beaty is able provide immediate insight into signs Texas was tipping or not, adding the opinions of a coach that hung 40 points on the Sooners with Kansas’ talent is certainly worth listening to.

The Big 12 Championship is set for 11:00 a.m. central time on Dec. 1 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

But for now, it is 2:45….



AP and Coaches Polls | Regular Season Final
– Charlie S

Longhorns up to number nine in the Coaches Poll:

1 Alabama 12-0
2 Clemson 12-0
3 Notre Dame 12-0
4 Georgia 11-1
5 Oklahoma 11-1
6 Ohio State 11-1
7 Central Florida 11-0
8 Michigan 10-2
9 Texas 9-3
10 Florida 9-3 937
11 Washington 9-3
12 Penn State 9-3
13 Washington State 10-2
14 Louisiana State 9-3
15 Kentucky 9-3
16 West Virginia 8-3
17 Utah 9-3
18 Syracuse 9-3
19 Mississippi State 8-4
20 Boise State 10-2
21 Northwestern 8-4
22 Texas A&M 8-4
23 Fresno State 10-2
24 Utah State 10-2
25 Army 9-2

Others Receiving Votes
Iowa State 103; Cincinnati 82; NC State 55; Missouri 33; Iowa 20; Appalachian State 14; Pittsburgh 13; Memphis 6; UAB 4; Stanford 3; Oregon 3; Buffalo 3; Wisconsin 1; California 1; Georgia Southern 1.


Longhorns up to number nine in AP Poll as well

1 – Alabama 12-0
2 – Clemson 12-0
3 – Notre Dame 12-0
4 – Georgia 11-1
5 – Oklahoma 11-1
6 – Ohio State 11-1
7 – UCF 11-0
8 – Michigan 10-2
9 – Texas 9-3
10 – Washington 9-3
11 – Florida 9-3
12 – Washington State 10-2
12 – LSU 9-3
14 – Penn State 9-3
15 – West Virginia 8-3
16 – Kentucky 9-3
17 – Utah 9-3
18 – Syracuse 9-3
19 – Boise State 10-2
20 – Mississippi State 8-4
21 – Northwestern 8-4
22 – Texas A&M 8-4
23 – Army 9-2
24 – Iowa State 7-4
25 – Fresno State 10-2

Others Receiving Votes:
Others receiving votes:Utah St. 92, Missouri 88, NC State 39, Cincinnati 33, Stanford 10, Iowa 4, Appalachian St. 1, Buffalo 1, Oregon 1.