Open Post | Monday, December 3rd

Post Game Thread | Five Quick Thoughts
– Will Baizer

Texas falls to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship 27-39. It was a hard fought game that came down the last few minutes and key plays throughout the game. Here are five quick thoughts on heartbreaker for the Longhorn faithful.


Objectively, both Texas’ offense and defense played tremendously in this game. Texas held Oklahoma to no touchdowns after the first and were leading for a good period of the ball game. Texas even did a phenomenal job of converting on third down going 8/13. Texas would have won this game if it were not for the penalties.

This is the real reason Texas lost this game. They continually shot themselves in the foot. Including multiple penalties that took touchdowns off the board and gave them to the Sooners’. All the way to the end of the game Texas erased a kickoff touchdown return with an unnecessary holding.

Over the course of the game, Texas had thirteen penalties for 128 yards. You cannot give a team like Oklahoma that much leeway in this important of a game, which kept multiple Oklahoma drive alive and killed Texas drives.


This is on the offense and defense. Each game Oklahoma has lost the other team has had fewer possessions with points than Oklahoma. Texas had the opportunity to achieve this but gave up multiple third down conversions (8/14) and on their only takeaway of the game, gave the ball right back with two points off a safety.

The tally ended up being Texas with six to Oklahoma’s three. Again, a lot of this had to do with penalties, but often it was just confusion in coverage or having three men at the line-of-scrimmage on 3rd-and-short.

All-in-all Texas did not do enough to get points on the board and stop Oklahoma from scoring, which is the name of the game. This started up front for Texas as they finished the game with 88 rushing yards and Sam Ehlinger being the lead rusher (despite there being only a few designed runs for him). Texas did make up for it through the air, but it gave Oklahoma too much time and the Sooner offense is just that good.

Also Texas has a point margin of -79 in the 4th quarter this season.


This is one reason Oklahoma was able to convert so many third downs and keep the ball rolling despite the loss of NFL-bound receiver Marquise Brown. He is too slippery and presents a double-edged sword. Do you let the defensive ends turn the corner to get pressure but open up a running lane for him, or do you contain him and let him use his great deep ball accuracy to hit you for forty yards?

It forced Texas into a lot of difficult situation and gave OU a lot of time in the pocket to convert crucial third downs. Especially on the last Sooner drive that took six and half minutes off the clock. Texas got to him, but it was always a hair late.


Collin Johnson was left off the Big 12 all team. Not even an honorable mention. So, in turn, he delivered an eight catch, 177-yard performance with a spectacular touchdown grab while he also drew multiple pass interferences.

Then there is Sam Ehlinger. Yes he did have a game-sealing turnover on the last drive, but that was due to a miscommunication between Lil’Jordan Humphrey and Sam. The game was also out of reach at that point. Beside that, he went 23/36 with 349 to six different receivers, had thirteen carries for 66 yards, and four touchdowns to his name. I may be jumping the gun, but I think he put his name in the Heisman race for next season with this season.

There are things he will need to work on, like missing a wide open Devin Duvernay, but he is a very good team leader and has shown this year when he has the ball in his hands he can get the job done.


This loss sucks. It really does. Especially since it came at the hands of Oklahoma.

However, if you were to tell me that Texas is in this position before the season, I would have called it a great year. If you tell me they’re in this position after the Maryland game, I would have called you crazy. The fact that Texas was able to put themselves in this position is a testament to what a great turnaround this team has accomplished.

Texas’ offense became extremely efficient and looks ready to go for next year, while the defense did a commendable job after losing the starting nose tackle, linebacker, and safety.

Now it is on the bowl game where Texas will look to break double-digit wins against a very good SEC team in New Orleans during New Years.



Texas Headed To Sugar Bowl
– Charlie S

Tom Herman and his Texas Longhorns will head to New Orleans to square off against the SEC Runner-up Georgia Bulldogs

The Longhorns will be looking to have a 10 win season for the first time since 2009.

The Sugar Bowl is a nice reward for a really good season for Texas as they continue to build under Herman.