Open Post | Tuesday, May 14th

Troy Omeire | Top Four | Discussion
– Super K

2020 TX WR target, Troy Omeire dropped his top four recently…

I’ll be checking next week to see how serious of contenders LSU and Bama are. We all know Texas and TAMU are in it. But everything I’ve heard up until now is that family wants him to stay in Texas.

But I have to admit, for some reason in this cycle, LSU keeps popping up with what seems like every recruit Texas is close to nabbing. So, I’m not going to discount them entirely until I do a little more digging.

TFB Talking Point | Good News Needed
– Super K

It’s been a slow recruiting season. A lot of Texas targets holding off their commitment timelines and in other cases some misses.

What Texas has really been in need of is a little shot in the arm to get some momentum going.

I had a conversation with an in-state recruit fairly recently and he made a noteworthy comment regarding the state of Texas recruiting.

I asked him if Texas had checked all the boxes and he said pretty frankly, they had not.

One of the boxes he wanted checked was simply the desire to make sure last year’s progress was an anomaly – that it was actually a point on a line trending upwards. Fair enough but not something I felt he was particular concerned about.

The bigger point to me was he said something to the effect that, soldiers want to know who they’re going to go to war with.

He expanded on that by saying that at this point, while he likes Texas, he has very little idea who he’d been playing with or in his analogy, who he’d be going to the battle with.

This is perhaps part of the issue that can arise when a school isn’t able to build a core group of recruits within a specific region. To see how the opposite works, look at this year’s Texas offensive line class. Texas pretty much put a wall around the state.

Kids in the region know each other. They follow each other, they compete against each other and they talk to each other. So, when the group text messages are full of, “Texas is the move” it gives recruits the sense that there is burnt orange momentum.

Texas has to continue to recruit the best players, including those out of state but it’ll be important to find that balance in order to create a regional recruiting base of players and parents that set the foundation for each class.

I spoke with a source over at flagship university in a big recruiting state and we talked about a particular position group and player. The player we discussed was a highly rated out-of-state player. Source said that while they had offered the player and were recruiting him, they hadn’t received final word from the head coach to take said player.


Apparently because at that position group, they’d already taken one out of state player and there were concerns from the head coach about taking a certain percentage at each position group from outside the state and the possible negative effects it could have on their ability to recruit the region and their recruitment overall.

The point isn’t really whether they will take the player or not. The point is really that this is obviously an important point of discussion for a staff. And, I know Texas is having that discussion.

Having said all that, I believe good news is on the way…

I can’t offer any hints but I’ll just tell you that it’s starting to look like before this month is out, Texas fans will receive multiple pieces of good news on the recruiting front that could get the 2020 ball rolling.

Stay tuned…

The Latest | Texas In Top Five For Princely Umanmielen
– Charlie S

2020 Manor, TX, Defensive Line prospect Princely Umanmielen announced his top five via Twitter last night…

Texas made the cut as expected.

Per his latest update, Super K said wrote that according to his sources in the Manor area, it sounds like Texas and LSU are starting to separate themselves at the top.

Princely plans on taking his official visits before making a decision.

Juwan Mitchell Commits to Texas
– Super K

No surprise here. Texas has landed Butler CC LB, Juwan Mitchell. As we mentioned over the weekend, Mitchell should be eligible to enroll and join the team this summer.

This should provide the defense with a needed boost in both depth and competition.

Mitchell took his official visit to Texas this past weekend and we had been told that the likely scenario was that he would return home to speak with his family and then make his announcement.

There was a small chance of him taking a final trip to Miami but it appears that is no longer the case.