Open Post | Tuesday, May 7th

Visitor Updates | Mookie, Zach, George
– Charlie S

On Friday, I checked in with K and we have confirmed that 2020 RB Zach Evans, 2020 OL Damieon George, and WR Mookie Cooper would not be making their scheduled unofficial visits this weekend.

*** In Mookie Cooper’s case, K was in touch with a family member and they let him know that he was not able to make it to Austin due to a weather delay.

They also mentioned that they plan on rescheduling his visit and the June 22nd weekend could be a possibility.

*** As for Evans and George, they made their way to Austin, but once the JMBLYA concert was canceled, they decided to head home.

We will touch base with all three this week and check in.

Weekend Officials | Visitor Updates
– Super K

***As you know, this weekend Texas hosted some official visitors including guys like Logan Parr, Jake Majors, Chad Lindberg, Chris Thompson, Jaylen Garth, and Vernon Broughton.

***Parr, Majors and Garth are already committed so the guys of interest in terms of how things wen are Broughton, Thompson and Lindberg.

***I did speak with the father of Chris Thompson. I’ll have a more complete write up later but a few key notes from our conversation…

Texas is checking all the boxes. They had a chance to get to know more of the coaching staff better and have the plan for Chris laid out.

Chris Sr did say that there was a slight itch to possibly commit but they went into the weekend with a plan and that did not include committing.

Texas is in a good spot but they still have quite a few visits that they plan on taking over the course of the next month and a half.

They do want to make a decision this summer. So, Texas won’t have to wait much longer to know their fate.

Again, I’ll pass along more details on that conversation later.

***I haven’t spoken to Lindberg or Broughton just yet. I plan on doing that early part of this week but I did speak to a source…

***On Vernon Broughton, I’m told Texas made a big move with him and especially his mother. I think that is particularly significant because as I’ve said before, Broughton’s mother coached basketball at LSU. So, I’ve long seen LSU as the biggest threat to Texas.

I’ve got another source I want to speak to before I say something too definitive but the early word is Texas made the move they needed to make. But there’s more visits to come. Though I don’t think this one will play out too much longer.

***On Chad Lindberg, Texas has been sitting in a good spot for a while. I think they continue to be in a good spot.

The plan going into this weekend wasn’t for Lindberg to commit. He still has some official visits to take. In fact, it sounds like he will take all five…so, four more.

Most people I speak with seem to think he will end up at Texas, eventually. But wants to take his time.

Evans & George | OV Strategy
– Super K

Just wanted to emphasize a particular note. In the weekend update post, we were asked about Zach Evans.

As most of you know by now, Evans didn’t end up visiting Texas. The concert was cancelled and he and teammate, Dameion George turned around and went back to Houston.

After speaking with George last week, in person, I do believe…

***They do indeed planning playing together and

***George wants to announce much sooner than I thought (possible late spring/early summer) and alluded to the fact that he and Evans may announce together.

I thought this was a big chance for Texas to make a strong statement. But with the concert being cancelled and neither Evans or George stepping on campus, I think Texas has to consider the strategy of locking in Evans’ and George’s official visits for the big June 22nd weekend.

I know Texas likes to get as many unofficials as they can and save the OVs for last. But the concern right now is that if LSU or Alabama lead for George and you don’t lock him into an OV, you may not get a shot at having him on campus before he makes a decision.

Again, the concert was supposed to be that chance but it didn’t happen.

As I said, when I met with George, he sounded like he’s getting really close to announcing. And if he does indeed plan on playing with Evans and announcing together or around the same time, you’ve probably got to bite the bullet and lock them into summer officials and not simply hope they make it in for an unofficial in the summer.

Zach hasn’t mentioned to me when he’d like to announce so I’ll admit I’m basing my thoughts on what George said. But a tweet from Zach this past weekend may corroborate what George said as it now appears Zach is ready to narrow things down…

And if I read George right, I’ll bet you we see Alabama, Texas, and LSU all in Zach’s top five.

Five Star Visitor | Sav’ell Smalls | Quick-Hitter
Super K

This is intriguing…

***2020 5-star linebacker, Sav’ell Smalls tells me he is eyeing a possible visit to Texas in June.

***His mother has told me on multiple occasions that they do plan on visiting Texas but Smalls himself mentioned to me, recently, that he’s hoping to finally make that first visit in June.

***Also, worth noting that he has eliminated a school many thought was the biggest threat for his services – Washington.

Once the date is locked down, we’ll bring y’all the word.