Open Post | Weekend, May 10th – 12th

Bru McCoy Update
– Will Baizer

Anwar Richardson of OrangeBloods put out a report that Bru McCoy’s waiver to play immediately has not been submitted and will be submitted this week. After speaking to a few people, I can confirm this is true.

It was supposed to be submitted a while ago, but Texas is in charge of when this gets submitted and how. They are taking the extra time with the McCoy’s and their lawyer to refine the language and arguments in their case.

The waiver request will be reviewed by a council in the NCAA and Texas is expecting a response back in late May if things go according to schedule.

While parties involved are skeptical, there is a lot of reason for optimism here. First reason being the lawyer they are using is supposedly top-notch and has made a career for himself fighting the NCAA.

Secondly, while I cannot go into the specifics, the legal reasoning behind the waiver is solid and the precedents are there.

It has been reiterated to me time and again that the decision to do this was that of Bru McCoy. He is (relatively) happy at Texas (how happy can you be getting up at 4 in the morning to go sprinting). He sought out a new environment and is very happy with his decision to flip to Texas regardless of the outcome.

Defensive Line Trending | Princely, Alfred Collins & Broughton
Super K

***This one keeps changing. Last time I reported on 2020 DL Princely Umanmielen I felt Texas was trending but OU and TAMU were the biggest threats.

According to my sources in the Manor area, it sounds like Texas and LSU are starting to separate themselves at the top.

I’ll admit, I think this one has some twist and turns left in it but what is noteworthy to me is no matter what schools seem to trend up for Princely, Texas remains the lone constant.

***Alfred Collins is a legacy and Texas has, in my estimation, always held the top spot. I plan on getting over to see Collins when they resume practice next week but the latest I’ve heard is Texas continues to lead and the last time I spoke with Collins he said he’s eying a fall decision.

Again, nothing has changed here for me yet.

***As I have mentioned on the Donor Board, I like the move made with Vernon Broughton and his family this past weekend.

I want to say Texas is trending and I very much think they are but I’m not going to feel comfortable until I get a report after the LSU official visit.

I had hoped to see Broughton yesterday and get his take but the weather kept them off the field.

***Right now for all three of the above, things are trending in the right direction for the Burnt Orange. OG and co. just need to keep chopping wood.

Notebook | OL Reactions from the past weekend
– CJ Vogel

Obviously this past weekend was one of the biggest weekends of the 2020 recruiting cycle for the Texas staff. A number of commits joined several top targets in Austin for what was supposed to be a weekend full of Austin’s finest events.

Unfortunately, heavy downpours Friday night cancelled those plans.

We have some reactions and tidbits from the weekend from specifically the most

Chad Lindberg – (Top Target)

“The visit was an unforgettable time that was both informative and enjoyable.”

  • Lindberg said the weather was real bad Friday night during dinner which was the back-up plan for JMBLYA being cancelled that evening.
  • With the skies opening up on Saturday, Chad said he was able to make it out to the “make up JMBLYA concert” in the afternoon which is a good sign for making the most of the wet weekend.

Jake Majors – (Commit)

  • Jake’s mother, Traci, was very active on Twitter posting about the weekend and how much the family enjoyed the visit. Safe to say she and Jake are completely onboard with the #cloUT2020 class.

Logan Parr – (Commit)

“It was a great time that I was able to spend with y family and some of my favorite people.”

  • Logan was one of the visitors to make it out to Tom Herman’s crib Saturday for the weekend. Some of his HS buddies had some fun with the picture of him he posted in Herman’s Lamborghini.

Jaylen Garth – (Commit)

How does that sound? The Great Wall of Austin

With the offensive line group sitting nice and pretty so far in the 2020 cycle, it will be interesting to see who joins the three committed guys. Lindberg is obviously a top candidate, and North Shore OL Damieon George is in the discussion for joining the class as well.

Chris Steele | Schools Being Considered | Sourced
– Super K

As you know by now, Florida defensive back, Chris Steele has entered his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal.

I have been told via a couple separate sources that Steele is currently interested in four schools: Oregon, Oklahoma, USC and Texas.

Oregon and Oklahoma were two schools that were in the running for Chris’ services until very late in his recruitment.

Sources on the Texas side tell me that so far, Texas is not in pursuit of Chris.

Thirsty Thursday | Darius’ Texas Top 25 In 2020 | TE Targets & More
– Darius Terrell

Welcome back to another edition of Thirsty Thursdays! As always, I’m here to try to help quench your thirst for Longhorn Football in the drought of the offseason, along with other topics of interest in Longhorn sports this week. I hope that you enjoy.

With the college spring practices coming to a conclusion a few weeks ago, spring practices began going on at the 5A-6A level throughout the state of Texas. I’ve decided that now would be a great time to reveal my personal list of the top 25 players that the state has to offer in the 2020 class. We will also look at where each of these players currently are in their respective recruitments and where Texas fits into the mix for them.

*This is my personal list and these are strictly my opinions*

Some Quick Thoughts

Man, this thing ended up taking much longer than I originally anticipated when I sat down last weekend to start forming a list. Whew. I have to tip my cap to the guys that do their own lists and stretch them out over nearly 100 players. I guess they may have a little more time on their hands than I do, but still, I couldn’t imagine.

Alright, so let’s talk about what I look for when I’m ranking these guys. Tape (not to be confused with highlights) is the number one thing for me. I don’t care about where guys are rated on other sites. If I think a guy can play, I’m going to rank him where I feel he belongs. Size matters more at some positions for myself than others. I have had the opportunity to see roughly 80% of these guys in person at some point over the past 7-8 months. I take into account competition level, as well as what type of system the player is currently in and how it may positively or negatively affect them.

In the 2020 class, I currently have three players that I would rate as 5-Star players: North Shore Running Back Zachary Evans, Duncanville Quarterback Ja’Quinden Jackson, and Denton Ryan do-it-all Athlete Drew Sanders. The next three players, Cy Ridge Defensive End Vernon Broughton, Tomball Wide Receiver Demond Demas, and Temple Wide Receiver Quentin Johnston are borderline 5-star guys for me.

Annually, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and East Texas are represented heavily on the recruiting charts and my list is no different. By the numbers:

DFW Area – 11 players in Top 25

Houston Area – 8 players in Top 25

East Texas – 3 players in Top 25

Central Texas – 2 players in Top 25

West Texas – 1 player in Top 25

Cen-Tex guys like Cibolo Steele Cornerback Jaylon Jones and San Antonio (O’Connor) Offensive Lineman Logan Parr just missed making the 25-player cutoff.

In what has become a trend over the past decade, the state is bursting at the seams with quality talent at Defensive Back. Some talented Cornerbacks did not make the first edition of my list for a variety of reasons. Some players that are highly rated by every service, do not appear on the first edition of this list. Measurables are great, making plays on the football is even better. The three Safeties are talented and all belong in the same tier, in my opinion.

All of the superlatives used to describe the Defensive Back talent can also be used to describe the abundance of Wide Receiver talent that the state now produces annually. Four Wide Receivers make appearances in my top fifteen players, six in my top nineteen, and eight total that could line up at the position in college. Sheesh. I have Temple’s Quentin Johnston (except ESPN, they get it) and Henderson’s Caleb Medford rated much, much higher than anyone else or any recruiting service. I’m calling my shot on those two. Remember that when you look at these lists and other rankings next fall.

In many ways, Vernon Broughton is this year’s DeMarvin Leal in terms of importance for Texas, even if he isn’t quite the prospect that Leal was … yet. There continues to be a bit of a drought in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball as far as elite talent goes, but this group has some excellent depth. Other Defensive Linemen such as Manor’s Princely Umanmielen, Shadow Creek’s Alec Bryant, and Bastrop’s Alfred Collins all would have fallen in the 25-40 range if my list stretched that far. I regret not being able to find a spot for Highland Park’s Prince Dorbah right now, because I think he has a chance to be a great pass rusher, but his success at the next level is going to depend so much on the scheme that he decides to play in and the creative ability of the Defensive Coordinator.

Helloooooo, Running Backs! Texas needs to sign at least two in 2020. The good news: There are five running backs that are among the top 25 players in the state, in my opinion. The bad news: One is committed to Oklahoma, one has already eliminated Texas, Texas isn’t paying much attention to one, and one is likely heading to his father’s alma mater or Stanford. That leaves Zach Evans. May the force be with you, Stan Drayton.

I know that someone is going to ask about my Quarterback order. Any of the three guys that you see listed below could finish as the top guy on my final edition of this. Longview’s Haynes King and Lake Travis’ Hudson Card have a lot of similarities in their size and game. King has run .30 faster than Card at both camps that do the combine testing, which helped tipped the scales in his favor on this first edition. I fully acknowledge that Card is a viable threat on the ground and can be seen making plenty of plays with his legs on tape. Jackson is carved out of granite and is a much better passer than some seem to want to give him credit for.

This list is fluid and will be updated before the start of next season (prior to Zero Week), at the halfway point of next season (Week 6-7), and will have a final ranking at the conclusion of the 2019 football season in December (following the State Championships).

I have already begun working on my list for 2021 and I hope to have it ready in time for next week’s Thirsty Thursday. Thanks for reading!

Feel free to drop any questions or opinions of your own at the conclusion of the piece and we can start a dialogue! I encourage it.


DT’s Texas Top 25

1. Zach Evans RB 6’0 200 Houston (North Shore)

Analysis: I’m not sure that I can say anything more than what has already been said about Evans by everyone that follows recruiting. He’s the best Running Back prospect that the state of Texas has produced since Adrian Peterson. Nevertheless, Evans is not untouchable atop this list.

Recruitment Status: Evans posted on his Twitter account that he would be announcing a top 5 soon. Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M are expected to be included in that list whenever he releases it. I do not believe that Texas leads. I fully expect for this to be a battle all the way to the early signing day, with Evans having equal odds at landing at all four of the aforementioned programs.


2. Drew Sanders LB/ATH 6’4 223 Denton (Ryan)

Analysis: Over the course of his 3-year high school career, Sanders has played Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Tight End on offense. He can excel at any of those positions without a doubt for his team (he literally does it all in his highlights). However, the defensive side of the ball is where I feel Sanders has a chance to truly be special. Outside of the Arizona Cardinals’ Jordan Hicks and Baltimore Ravens former All-Pro Zach Orr, both of whom I was fortunate enough to play with/against, he is the best linebacker that I have seen in coverage at any level. Sanders switching his commitment to Alabama to focus on playing Linebacker was the best business decision that he and his family could have made. I think he’s a future 1st Round draft pick if he stays healthy. He’s that talented.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Alabama (Solid)


3. Ja’Quinden Jackson QB/ATH 6’2 220 Duncanville (Duncanville)

Analysis: Jackson is a man amongst boys at the High School level. I view Jackson as a bigger, stronger version of Jerrod Heard when he was a highly-touted Quarterback recruit coming out of Denton Guyer. He has the strongest arm in the class, that was apparent with all of the other top QB’s in attendance at The Opening earlier this spring. On the path to leading Duncanville to an appearance in the 6A Division I Championship Game, Jackson had to make plays happen for his team both with his legs and with his arm, and he was able to do so every time that his team needed him.

Recruitment Status: Jackson doesn’t talk much, but when he has opened up publically, two schools have been a constant for him: Texas and Oklahoma. I don’t have a great feel for what Jackson wants to do exactly, but I doubt that he strays too far from home. If Texas doesn’t land Jackson, they will likely be facing him.


4. Vernon Broughton DL 6’6 275 Houston (Cy Ridge)

Analysis: Broughton’s tape shows a player that is a disruptive presence along the defensive front, something that the state of Texas hasn’t been producing often enough in recent years. I am then reminded that this is a kid that has been playing Basketball for most of his life and he is still in the infancy stage of learning the proper technique and details that go into the position. A prospect that is going to easily grow to over 300lbs in college, Broughton is as big of a must-get for Texas as any player in the class.

Recruitment Status: Broughton is essentially down to four schools, Texas, LSU, Texas A&M, and Alabama. He recently took an official visit to Texas and the Longhorns are quietly optimistic that they will land the big man’s signature. He still has official visits left to take to all of his SEC finalists, which hinders my optimism a bit.


5. Demond Demas WR 6’4 205 Tomball (Tomball)

Analysis: Demas is a name that has been talked about since his Freshman year when he was making plays on North Forest’s varsity. Demas is a tall and rangy Receiver with an enormous catch radius. He also has the loose hips, quick feet, and top-end speed to turn first downs into touchdowns after the catch, which is rare for a player with his size.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Texas A&M (Solid). I personally don’t see it happening between Demas and Texas, if Demas does eventually flip, I’d bet it’s to Alabama.

Highlights: (Game Clips start at 1:00)

6. Quentin Johnston WR 6’4 180 Temple (Temple)

Analysis: I am in love with Johnston’s ability on tape. He’s rated as a 3-star recruit on all of the recruiting publications, which is utter nonsense. I first noticed him last November, when I was taking a look a Jared Wiley’s Senior highlights and a #1 was on the end of every pass making everyone look silly. An elite athlete, Johnston was a medalist last year as a Sophomore at the UIL State Championships in the High Jump. He blows by defenders effortlessly on tape and shows impressive top-end speed to boot. He has a frame that is going to easily gain weight the next level. He may end up higher on this list when it is all said and done.

Recruitment Status: Johnston does not talk much publically at all and is the rare kid in today’s age of recruiting that doesn’t seem to want any attention or spotlight. He is a local product and has been on the Texas campus at least twice in 2019. Attempting to read the tea leaves, Texas is in the mix near the top for the talented pass catcher.


7. Jase McClellan RB 5’10 200 Aledo (Aledo)

Analysis: McClellan is yet another player in this top ten that has been a star since his Freshman year. I’ve been impressed with how he’s added weight over the years without losing anything in the way of his quickness. He has terrific feet, balance, and vision. McClellan is also more than capable as an option catching the ball out of the backfield. One of the more prolific rushers in Texas High School history, I do worry a little bit about the workload that he will have already taken on before he sets foot on a college campus.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Oklahoma (Solid)


8. Nathan Anderson OT 6’5 260 Frisco (Reedy)

Analysis: Oh, my goodness. Anderson is a former Tight End (sound familiar?) who has experienced quite a growth spurt in the past calendar year. His lateral quickness is elite, as are his feet, and motor. Anderson has a body that will allow for a S&C Coach to add weight to his frame the right way. He is the top OL prospect in 2020 from my perspective. I think that Texas is going to really regret this one a few years from now.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Oklahoma (Solid)


9. Haynes King QB 6’2 180 Longview (Longview)

Analysis: King is a three-sport star that led his Longview team to a 6A Division II Championship on the football field this past season. My first time seeing him in action was at the Under Armour All-American camp. King blew the doors off of the place. He was impressive throwing the football and then ran in the 4.5 range in the 40-yard dash during testing, earning an invite to the UAA Game next January. When I went to find his film, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it matched what I thought I was looking at in Dallas. I think that this young man is a future star.

Recruitment Status: King is likely SEC-bound, with LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee, among others expected to factor heavily into his decision.


10. Chad Lindberg OL 6’6 325 League City (Clear Creek)

Analysis: Lindberg is a tank that is built proportionately, which isn’t always the case, especially with HS Linemen. He is an athletic knee-bender, with excellent power. Once he locks to an opponent on at the HS level, it is “curtains” for them. His feet aren’t the lightest, but I think they’re good enough to stay at Tackle on the right side, just like his school currently plays him.

Recruitment Status: Lindberg officially visited Texas last weekend and the Longhorns are the favorite to land him. He is still strongly considering other schools like Stanford, Georgia, and LSU. Those places will receive visits (or return visits) before he makes a final decision.


11. Troy Omeire WR 6’4 217 Houston (Fort Bend Austin)

Analysis: Omeire checks all of the boxes physically and athletically. He is the video game prototype for what a Wide Receiver’s body is supposed to look like. His school doesn’t move him around much and he is still learning as far as the nuance of the position goes, but he is an explosive athlete for his size with as much potential as any Receiver in the class. He reminds me a little bit of current Texas WR Brennan Eagles.

Recruitment Status: This recruitment is down to two schools, Texas and Texas A&M. Omeire is expected to make a decision this summer. 50-50.


12. Hudson Card QB 6’2 180 Austin (Lake Travis)

Analysis: Card is an excellent athlete with every tool that coaches look for when evaluating Quarterbacks. In fact, Card is so athletic that he started at WR for Lake Travis as a Sophomore. As a Junior, Card moved back to QB and put up great statistics on the season, but struggled in a couple of games against his team’s toughest competition. When he has time, he can spin it with the best of them. I’m looking for him to continue to grow as he continues to gain experience. Very high upside.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Texas (Solid)


13. Bryson Washington S 6’2 195 Houston (C.E. King)

Analysis: Long and rangy, Washington roams the secondary with an imposing presence that reminds me a little bit of DeMarvion Overshown. He is a playmaker when the ball is in the air and he doesn’t mind punishing opposing ball carriers or would-be Receivers that enter his area. He also has shown some return ability.

Recruitment Status: Washington is down to Oklahoma and Texas. Washington has already officially visited the Sooners and will visit Texas in June before making his decision.


14. Xavion Alford S 6’0 185 Pearland (Shadow Creek)

Analysis: I love Defensive Backs that have a nose for the football and Alford meets the criteria. On top of having the ability to make plays on the ball, he is also physical in run support and plays with a swagger. Alford has the ability to play either Safety position.

Recruitment Status: Alford recently dropped a top-10 on Twitter and Texas made the cut. Kareem had a piece on Alford last week, where he indicated that Texas is in a good spot here.


15. Caleb Medford WR 6’2 185 Henderson (Henderson)

Analysis: His highlights blew me away. Medford is severely underrated on all of the rankings publications. He’s flying under the radar out in East Texas, but that will be changing if I can help it. He is quite the acrobat in the air and he is dynamite with the ball in his hands, accelerating from 0 to 60 in a hurry. He makes it look easy at his current level, without having much experience at any one position. TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson is sneaky with these finds. I’ll have more on Medford next week.

Recruitment Status: Committed to TCU (Solid)


16. Kitan Crawford ATH 5’11 185 Tyler (John Tyler)

Analysis: We love Crawford here at TFB. For my money, he’s the top Cornerback prospect in the state for 2020, although his HS team uses him on offense out of necessity. Crawford has the hips, feet, and competitive nature to be able to thrive in the nickel or outside on an island. He also happens to have legitimate 10.6 FAT 100m speed. Stud.

Recruitment Status: Crawford recently released a top three of Texas, Baylor, and Tennessee. Texas is in a good spot in this one.


17. Chris Thompson, Jr. S 6’2 195 Duncanville (Duncanville)

Analysis: I’ve been watching Thompson play since he was in the Eighth grade. His size and athleticism have never been in question and he has become increasingly physical as he’s gotten older. He’ll knock your block off. Thompson is terrific pursuing the football sideline-to-sideline. He has a long, rangy build and I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually grew into an extremely athletic Linebacker in college weighing in the 220lb range.

Recruitment Status: Thompson has visited everywhere this spring. He recently took an official to Texas over the weekend and the Longhorns have long been considered the favorite in his recruitment.


18. Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR 6’0 195 Rockwall (Rockwall)

Analysis: Smith-Njigba is an ultra-productive player (over 1800 yards, 27 TD’s as a Junior) that gets the most out of his natural abilities. He is a very skilled, technical route runner that understands what he is doing better than some collegiate guys that I see. Smith-Njigba isn’t the biggest, fastest, or flashiest, but he may be the most consistent WR in the class.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Ohio State (Solid)


19. Marvin Mims, Jr. WR 5’11 165 Frisco (Lone Star)

Analysis: Mims is a smooth operator on the football field. He had the best day of all of the WRs in attendance at the Under Armour All-American Camp that we attended. Mims has the versatility and athleticism to play both inside and outside, which increases his value.

Recruitment Status: Texas never really got involved with Mims. Expect for Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and LSU to be the main players here.


20. Kevontre Bradford RB 6’0 205 Lancaster (Lancaster)

Analysis: Bradford is a physical specimen when you see him in person, every bit as impressive as a guy like Zach Evans. He has excellent straight-line speed, being a former standout track sprinter. Bradford was un-coverable at the UAA Camp earlier this spring out of the backfield, even though he isn’t asked to catch the football much with his school’s abundance of offensive talent. I really like this guy, he deserves much more attention that he’s been getting from the recruiting services.

Recruitment Status: Bradford isn’t in any rush to make a decision, but after speaking with him earlier in the spring, I came away feeling like Baylor currently leads. He has spoken to Stan Drayton this spring, but Texas isn’t overly involved with Bradford as things currently stand.


21. Seth McGowan RB 5’11 205 Mesquite (Poteet)

Analysis: McGowan is a north-south runner that racks up yardage with little wasted motion. He’s got some twitch to his game and arm tackles will never bring him down. He brings some intangibles to the table that are rare to see in a HS kid.

Recruitment Status: McGowan liked Texas early in the process, but eliminated the Longhorns this spring. McGowan has a final 4 that consists of Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Georgia and USC.


22. Jalin Conyers ATH 6’5 215 Gruver (Gruver)

Analysis: Conyers is a small-school product that will likely need some time to adjust at the next level. Conyers is a terrific athlete for his size and is a fluid mover that projects as a Wide Receiver or very athletic Tight End in college. He is also a standout on the basketball court and state qualifier in the Triple Jump.

Recruitment Status: Conyers’ recruitment is just getting started. His offer list exploded this spring and he has been making his rounds across the state taking visits. He will hit some of his out-of-state destinations this summer. Texas has offered and is in the mix for an official visit in the fall.


23. Corey Flagg, Jr. LB 5’11 210 Houston (North Shore)

Analysis: My eyes tell me that Flagg is the second-best LB prospect in the class. He was all over the place in the State Championship game. He’s not tall and he won’t test as well as others at the camps, but Flagg simply has a nose for the football and instincts that are vital to survive at the position. The NFL draft just saw two Linebackers that are under 6-feet tall go in the top-10. I’m not saying that Flagg will end up like those two, but he is going to be very productive wherever he winds up in college. I’m a fan.

Recruitment Status: Flagg has seen his offer list increase substantially this spring. Reading the tea leaves, I believe that Oklahoma State currently leads. The hometown school, Houston, wants him badly. If the Longhorns were to eventually decide to get involved, they would likely be a major player for Flagg.


24. Jake Majors OL 6’3 285 Prosper (Prosper)

Analysis: His highlights are six minutes of fun and fury. Majors plays Tackle for Prosper, but is expected to kick inside at the next level due to a lack of arm length as The Opening in Dallas confirmed. He will need time to get stronger and reshape his body, but he can be a tone-setter for an entire OL unit with his tenacity and attitude. He runs his feet on contact as well as anyone in the class and is the top interior OL prospect in-state this year.

Recruitment Status: Committed to Texas (Solid)


25. E.J. Smith RB/WR 5’11 200 Dallas (Jesuit)

Analysis: Smith, the son of the NFL’s All-Time Leading Rusher, is a standout at Wide Receiver and Running Back for his high school team. Smith is a smooth route-runner with natural hands, who also displays excellent balance and patience as a runner. If he were a little faster, he’d rank as a top-10 player in the class.

Recruitment Status: Smith has a long list of suitors and is yet to narrow his options down. Texas recently offered and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Longhorns get a visit, but Florida and Stanford are considered the favorites to land his services.


Tight End = Big Priority in 2021

While Texas may not currently be in the mix for many Tight End prospects in the 2020 class (the state isn’t producing much in that department this year), they took steps over the weekend to start building relationships at the position for 2021.

Texas extended an offer to local 2021 TE/H-Back Lake McRee out of Lake Travis, a player that I have talked about previously when looking ahead to 2021, a few weeks ago. Texas is expected to be a major player in McRee’s recruitment.

McRee’s Sophomore Clips: 

Over the weekend, Texas extended offers to two out-of-state Tight End prospects that already hold offers from many of the top programs across the nation:

Cane Berrong is a 6’4, 230lb TE from Hart County, Georgia, who is already being considered by some to be the #1 overall Tight End in the 2021 class. He’s in the heart of SEC country and will likely be a tough pull for the Longhorns.

Berrong’s Sophomore Clips:

Maliki Matavao is a 6’6, 245lb TE from Desert Pines High in Henderson, Nevada. Same school as 2020 5-Star TE Darnell Washington. With his current size as a 15/16-year-old, Matavao is a candidate to spin down and become an Offensive Tackle at the next level, in my opinion.

Matavao’s Sophomore Clips: 

Texas offers 2021 Ohio ATH

Reid Carrico is a 6’2 215lb ATH from Ironton, Ohio. Carrico is impressive playing both Running Back and Linebacker in his highlights. I could easily see him being recruited to tote the rock by many top programs at the next level.

With that being said, my understanding is that Texas is offering and going to recruit Carrico to play on the defensive side of the ball. His speed appears to be his best asset and his physicality both as a runner and defender stand out on tape. With the options being somewhat limited in-state this year, Texas continues to broaden their scope in attempts to find “Texas-caliber” players at the position.

I have a message out to Carrico in an attempt to connect with him soon.

Sophomore Highlights: 

Texas extends early offer to 2022 DFW RB

On Monday, Texas made the move to offer 2022 FW Nolan Catholic Running Back Emeka Megwa. Megwa is listed at 6’0 210lbs and I missed him when I was doing some early evaluation of standouts in the 2022 class.

To my knowledge, Megwa is only the second player in the loaded 2022 in-state class to receive an offer from the Longhorns. Florida extended an offer to the Fort Worth standout last September, only a few games into his Freshman season. In the past week, Megwa has seen offers come in from Arkansas, Texas Tech, LSU, Texas, Nebraska, and Ohio State. I think it’s safe to say that word has gotten out about him.

Freshman Highlights:

State Championship Track & Field Participants of Interest *Reminder*

For those that may have missed this information last week, the UIL Track & Field State Championships will be held on the University of Texas campus, at Mike A. Myers Stadium this weekend (May 10-11).

For those unaware, many of the state’s top football recruits actively compete on the track circuit and some are even talented enough to qualify for the state finals. Texas Head Coach Tom Herman has mentioned on multiple occasions how he and the Texas staff value track times when evaluating prospects and the emphasis that they put on prospective student-athletes participating in the sport. It can be an excellent indicator of one’s functional explosiveness.

Below is a list of names to watch and the event that they’ll be participating in:

4x100M Relay

3A Rockdale (2021 RB Cam’Ron Valdez)

4A Melissa (Texas WR signee Kennedy Lewis)

4A Carthage (2020 WR Kelvontay Dixon)

5A FB Marshall (2020 RB Devon Achane and 2020 QB Malik Hornsby)

5A Lancaster (2021 WR Ketron Jackson)

5A John Tyler (2020 CB Kitan Crawford)

5A Aledo (2020 RB Jase McClellan and 2021 WR JoJo Earle)

5A Denton Ryan (2021 ATH Billy Bowman)

6A Garland Lakeview Centennial (2021 RB Camar Wheaton)

6A Mansfield Summit (2021 CB Jalon Rock)

100M Dash

4A Carthage (2020 WR Kelvontay Dixon, 10.71)

6A Plano East (Texas DB signee Tyler Owens, 10.35)

200M Dash

5A FB Marshall (2020 Devon Achane)

4x200M Relay

4A Melissa (Texas WR signee Kennedy Lewis)

5A FB Marshall (2020 RB Devon Achane)

5A Lancaster (2021 WR Ketron Jackson)

6A Mansfield Summit (2021 CB Jalon Rock)

6A Cibolo Steele (2020 CB Jaylon Jones)

4x400M Relay

4A Carthage (2020 WR Kelvontay Dixon)


6A Katy Taylor (2021 OL Bryce Foster, 185-03’)

Shot Put

6A Katy Taylor (2021 OL Bryce Foster, #1 mark in state 63-00.25’)

High Jump

6A Denton Guyer (2021 QB Eli Stowers, 6’10)

Triple Jump

2A Gruver (2020 ATH Jalin Conyers)

4A Carthage (Kelvontay Dixon) (Has top mark in 4A, 46’9)

**Also, he’s not a football recruit, but if you haven’t seen Strake Jesuit’s Matthew Boling run you are doing yourself a disservice. I strongly encourage you to get out to the track if you live near the Austin area or have a passion for the sport. He will be competing in the 100M, 4×100, 4×400, and Long Jump over the weekend. Mr. Boling may be representing our country as a teenager in the Olympics next year, he’s that special of an athlete.