Open Post | Tuesday, June 4th

Friday Notebook | Blidi, Roaring and More
– Super K

***I know many of you are a little tired of discussing the Zach Evans news but as this is a recruiting site, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make this note.

I did check in with a source over at North Shore and asked their opinion on whether they feel Texas has a chance to get back in this. This is just one person’s opinion but it is someone close to Evans who said, “I don’t think so. I think he wants to get out of the state”.

So, that justification is noteworthy because it perhaps explains the omission of both Texas and Texas A&M.

***With Evans not currently in the picture, I think it’s safe to say this will affect things with his teammate, 2020 OL Damieon George. Both have been adamant that they want to play together.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago when I spoke with George, he seemed to be down to Alabama, LSU and Texas.

With the class coach Hand is building, this, in my estimation, really has little to no impact on the class.

***A noteworthy visitor who will be in Austin early next week for camp is 2020 DE Philip Blidi (Portales, NM).

Like most New Mexico kids, Blidi is currently an underrated prospect but it seems Texas has taken a liking to him and it’s not hard to see why. Listed at a well put together, 6’4 245 lbs and, man, when he closes on a QB, it’s fast and tight. He pops up high out of stance so you don’t get to see just how much fire there is in his get off but he’s using his hands to make easy work out of offensive linemen.

Blidi tells me he will be in Austin on June 3rd and 4th for an unofficial visit and while he’s there he plans to camp.

I’m told Texas is indeed very intrigued by him and I would imagine that if he camps well an offer will be on the table.

***Let me add one last thing as this Bru McCoy saga comes (hopefully today) to a close. I personally liked seeing the Texas players take to twitter.

People who know me would be a bit surprised by that take. I’m much more of a get to work and keep your mouth shut guy.

But what I liked is that for me it reminded me of what these young Texas players are like, how they’ve been molded into really tough competitors, how passionate they are and how they took all that and…

Beat the dog out of UGA.

Some people might have forgotten and I’m sure Georgia would like to forget. But I watched that game and I don’t care what the score was, Georgia faced a team that physically beat them up. Texas was vicious, relentless and violent. Georgia tried to fight valiantly but they were forced to tap.

One of Herman’s foundational principles is developing physicality and toughness. Everybody says they want that but very few teams are that.

I’ve noticed since Herman got there, as he’s worked to revamp the roster, they are a tough team to beat. They don’t get blown out and they don’t go quietly into the night.

So, I liked that little bit of roaring and chest beating from the Texas players. Now, get back to work.

Quick-Hitters | Jackson, Broughton, and Wilson
– Super K

***I’m told Johnny Wilson stayed in Austin until Monday.

I haven’t connected with Wilson yet but sources indicate the visit went well. One source said they believe it’s going to come down to Texas and Oregon.

***Also, spoke to a source on the Arkansas side who tells me that things went well for Arkansas and Broughton this week.

I know there have been some rumors out there that he may have silently committed but I have not heard that.

I can tell you that Vernon has told me he isn’t looking at which schools produce the most NFL talent or anything of the short. He said that he would go to a division two school if he believed they recruited him hardest. I certainly wouldn’t take that literally but what I would take from that is the importance of relationships in this recruitment. So, discounting a school like Arkansas because of their lack of recent success, wouldn’t be wise.

Updates | Eaton Visit & Offers
– Super K

***Kelee Ringo announced this morning that he is going to be putting out his top schools soon.

We expect Texas to be in it. The staff is trying to get Ringo out for the pool party later this month. Don’t have confirmation from him just yet on whether that will happen.

***Also, Josh Eaton announced he will make a return trip to Texas on June 4th (today).

Good to have him back on campus but again, not expecting an announcement anytime soon.

***Texas dropped a few offers this weekend. A couple of 2020 offers to St. Louis players went out.

– Texas offered 2020 DE, Noah Arinze. Arinze recently dropped a top ten but he’s told me recently that he doesn’t plan on announcing a decision till the fall. So, there is plenty of time for Texas to get in the picture. Right now, teams to watch are Missouri, Illinois, Iowa State, Kansas and OU.

He said he is working on his schedule and hoping to get down to Texas this summer.

– Also out of St. Louis, Texas offered 2020 LB, Antonio Doyle Jr. I haven’t asked Doyle about the offer yet.

We’ve been covering Doyle for a while on the OU side. They offered him back in the winter time.

I can tell you that Texas needs to get moving here as Doyle already has three of his official visits locked in: Missouri, Texas A&M and OU.

If Texas can get him down this summer, I think they can seal up one of his last two OV spots.

– This is one that you have to like to see. Texas realizing they need to get these offers out earlier. Texas offers 2021 in-state DB, Latrell McCutchin…

McCutchin already holds offers from Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and others. He will be one of the more highly coveted CBs in the 2021 class.

Shh Alert! | Momentum Building?
– CJ Vogel

As we all know, Duncanville QB Ja’Quinden Jackson committed to the Longhorns’ class Monday evening.

Bryan Carrington was very cryptic in his ‘Shh’ tweet that indicates a commitment is coming.

Carrington Tweeted this right as JQJ announced his commitment. Obviously the first one being in favor of Jackson, and the second one being on the phone with him at the end of his commitment video.

Quick Hitter | Lathan Ransom
– Charlie S

Yesterday afternoon, 2020 DB and recent unofficial visitor Lathan Ransom sent out this tweet…

We expect this to be a top schools list and we also expect Texas to be on the list.

We will have more on Ransom following his visit in the near future.