Open Post | Tuesday, October 29th

Instant Reaction | TCU
– D.T.

*** The Longhorns (5-2, 3-1) remained ranked #15 in the polls heading into their road match-up with conference foe TCU (3-3, 1-2), yet Texas entered the game as a very slight favorite.

*** How about the Texas Defense getting an early 3rd-and-1 stop on the opening drive of the game?

*** Jalen Green and D’Shawn Jamison got the starts at Corner.

*** John Burt got the start in the place of Brennan Eagles, who missed some practice time this week due to some personal reasons.

*** After Texas picked up a dreaded holding penalty (Junior Angilau) on their opening offensive series, I figured they would stall out. Instead, on the next play, Sam Ehlinger unleashed a 20-yard strike to Devin Duvernay. The play calling was aggressive early.

*** Sam called an audible on the opening drive of the series. That’s the first time I believe that I’ve seen him do that in his career. It shows the level of comfort that he has in the offensive system, as well as the confidence that the coaching staff has in him, to give him that type of freedom.

*** Well, butter my backside and call me a biscuit. Tom Herman took the points instead of going for it on 4th down for a second time to start the game for Texas. Cameron Dicker puts the Horns up early, 3-0.

*** The Texas Offensive Line owned the point of attack on the opening drive of the game. Samuel Cosmi looks back to being himself after struggling last week with a leg injury.

*** TCU is playing with a true freshman QB in Max Duggan and he made his first mistake early on a poor decision that results in Brandon Jones’ 2nd interception of the season.

*** I loved seeing Tyler Owens clean up Jalen Reagor after the interception. I didn’t mind the penalty at all, but it did result in about a 40-yard difference in field position. I thought that the call was soft.

*** Jake Smith has to catch that ball down the seam. Ehlinger placed it perfectly. We’ve seen a few balls go off the talented Freshman’s hands.

*** Naturally, on the next play, Ehlinger throws an interception (4th of the year). He and Duvernay miscommunicated, which doesn’t happen often. Missed opportunity for Texas.

*** For the first time in what seems like weeks, a Texas Defensive Lineman (Malcolm Roach to be precise) got pressure on the Quarterback.

*** That drop by Jake Smith resulted in about a 10-point swing.

*** A Texas Defense that has struggled mightily of late, stopped TCU on a 3rd Down only to have it negated by what I thought was another soft call, this time Roughing the Passer on Keondre Coburn.

*** Malcolm Roach had a nice first half. 3 TFLs with 12:30 to go in the 2nd.

*** I mentioned in this week’s KYO that TCU TE Pro Wells was a player that Texas needed to be mindful of in the redzone. Montrell Estell was a step late on a ball that I thought he should have intercepted, resulting in the Frogs taking a 10-3 lead.

*** There was a play on that drive, 2nd-and-2 to be exact, where Texas lined up with on 4 players in the box (3 DL, 1 LB). Of course, TCU ran the ball and converted. What the hell is Todd Orlando doing???

*** Another hold against Texas to start a drive.

*** Sam Ehlinger has had some great protection early in this game, Texas went back to the Seam route, this time with Devin Duvernay, and it resulted in a 47-yard TD. Great release by Duvernay, great ball by Ehlinger.

*** Byron Vaughns made a touchdown-saving tackle on Jalen Reagor on the ensuing Kickoff Return and it resulted in a forced fumble. Huge play.

*** It wouldn’t matter as Texas squandered a tremendous opportunity. Cameron Dicker missed a 26-yard kick after Texas failed to get a first down following the turnover.

*** A Marquez Bimage TFL on a 3rd-and-2 and all of a sudden, the Texas Defensive Line is showing up in a big way in Fort Worth early. TCU entered the game today as one of the top rushing teams in the country.

*** Texas had a penalty on the first play of 3 of their first 4 drives.

*** Texas has now squandered an interception, a recovered fumble on a kickoff, and a shanked punt that gave them the ball in TCU territory to start a drive. 3 golden opportunities resulted in 0 points.

*** Texas missing the sack in the endzone and then allowing Duggan to scramble for a first down on 3rd-and-10 is the story of this defense this season. Yes, there were 2 missed tackles of the Quarterback on the play.

*** Todd Orlando brought the same safety blitz on a 3rd-and-6 that he constantly ran last week and it should have resulted in a TCU touchdown on a wheel route down the sideline. Fortunately for Texas, Duggan overthrew it.

*** Jake Smith dropped another punt. I’m running out of excuses for the Freshman.

*** What a throw by Sam Ehlinger on a Corner route from the opposite hash deep in his own territory on a 3rd-and-16 dime to Collin Johnson.

*** Ryan Bujcevski has quietly had a very nice season. He’s come a long way from where he started a year ago.

*** On the next play he had an opportunity to scramble but pulled up just shy of the LOS and found Devin Duvernay for 28 yards. Back-to-back big-time plays by the captain behind Center.

*** I really hope that Cade Brewer is OK. Jared Wiley came on to relieve him and picked up a great block on his first play on the edge.

*** I’ve had a blast watching Collin Johnson vs. Jeff Gladney.

*** Gladney was so caught-up in his matchup that I think he was the guy that was responsible for Keaontay Ingram when Ingram slipped out of the backfield for the 17-yard score. TCU appeared to be in Zone coverage, but Gladney followed Collin Johnson across the field on a crossing route which vacated his zone.

*** That play capped an 8-play, 83-yard drive late in the first half.

*** Sam Ehlinger was only 12/24 in the first half (50%), but he threw for 222 yards (18.5 avg) and 2 touchdowns. He also had the interception.

**** Keaontay Ingram had 60 yards on 11 carries (5.5 ypc) and 17 yards and a score through the air.

*** Devin Duvernay and Collin Johnson combined for 9 catches, 188 yards, and a score in the first half.

*** Brennan Eagles did not see the field in the first half.

*** Texas held TCU to 185 yards in the first half (92 passing, 93 rushing) and forced two turnovers.

*** Texas outsmarted itself before the half, calling a timeout on a kick from 52 yards that wasn’t even close. Of course, the kicker made it on the retry. 17-13 Texas at the half.

*** I liked the fake punt, whether the Longhorns had converted or not.

*** John Burt is a dirt-poor man’s Terrence Williams. He doesn’t trust his own hands at all.

*** Brandon Jones made quite a few open-field tackles in this one. He looked good today.

*** I’m all for alternate uniforms and shiny new things, but TCU’s uniforms kind of suck.

*** I can not believe that teams are still giving Texas the slants on 3rd downs. Devin Duvernay goes for 63 yards on a 3rd-and-7. That was Duvernay’s 4th catch of over 20 yards today. With a quarter and a half left, he’s got 7 catches for 169 yards and a score.

*** I was kind of disappointed that Duvernay didn’t kick into another gear and house that. He’s spoiled us this season.

*** Tyler Owens’ lack of ability in coverage was exposed on the deep ball to Taye Barber. He got exposed a few times. Texas’ lack of pressure from their 3-man front didn’t help the cause at all, either.

*** The fake punt cost Texas Bujcevski’s health. We’ll see Chris Naggar for the first time.

*** I thought that Sam Ehlinger could have run for the first down on his 2nd interception of the game. He stepped up in the pocket and no one was there, but he stared down Jake Smith and made his second crucial mistake of the game. Smith also did a poor job of working back to the ball.

*** To the surprise of no one at all besides the Texas Defense, TCU goes deep on the next play and Jalen Reagor blows right by D’Shawn Jamison for a 44-yard score. 27-20 TCU.

*** Texas’ run game disappeared in the Second half. The Offensive Line was no longer winning at the point of attack.

*** TCU drops eight men in coverage and the 3-down front that they had rushing ran a stunt and Texas five Offensive Linemen couldn’t handle it.

*** Texas brings a blitz and the TCU OL has a brain fart. This is the only reason that Texas gets their first sack of the game. Juwan Mitchell.

*** Texas had 16 yards rushing in the 3rd quarter.

*** 3 interceptions for Sam Ehlinger, two in the third quarter. Ehlinger had thrown 3 interceptions all season heading into this matchup.

*** Texas Wide Receivers had a hard time getting separation in the 3rd Quarter against the Horned Frogs. Still no Brennan Eagles thru three quarters.

*** Texas was also playing with three guys against eight basically when they had Reese Leitao split out on pass plays.

*** Texas will have to win in 4th quarter comeback fashion in order to beat TCU today and the blame doesn’t fall at the feet of the defense, in my opinion.

*** Joseph Ossai was slow to get up after almost every play in the 4th quarter.

*** TCU has scored 17 unanswered points and has a 10-point lead over Texas with about 11:30 to go. The folks in Vegas always know something.

*** Sam Ehlinger remembered that he’s allowed to scramble on the following drive and engineers a touchdown drive.

*** Texas couldn’t get off of the field on 3rd-and-11 and it may prove to be a deciding play in this game as TCU gets to work more clock.

*** The mobile Quarterback continues to be the Boogeyman for Texas, Defensively.

*** TCU takes a two-score lead with 1:59 left and that will about do it.

*** Texas had an opportunity today to get right back into the thick of things in the Big XII title race with Oklahoma inexplicably losing to Kansas State in a high-scoring affair.

*** Unfortunately, as well as predictably, the Longhorns failed to handle business and made yet another opposing Quarterback, this time a true freshman, look like a Heisman candidate in the second half.

*** Unpredictably, Junior QB Sam Ehlinger made a few throws that looked like Freshman Sam Ehlinger and that ended up being the difference in this game, in addition to TCU’s Defensive Line controlling the game in the second half.

*** I’m sure it will be the end of the world on social media for Texas and almost all of the attention will be focused on Texas, undoubtedly in a negative fashion. All Texas haters will be as loud as they can be, anyone that has a vested interest in what goes on in the Big XII will make it seem like Texas is the worst team on the planet.

*** I don’t have much else to say. I’m not a glass is half-empty type of guy, but I’m having hard time in finding a lot of positive in today’s game besides the defense not looking historically bad, which is an upgrade from previous weeks.

*** Texas falls to 5-3 (3-2 in conference) and they’ve got Kansas State coming up next who will have all of the confidence in the world after defeating the Sooners the week before. I’ll be interested to see which direction that this season goes.

Post TCU | Sunday Thoughts | What do you Expect?
– Super K

***I’ve seen a lot of folks really coming down hard on Todd Orlando and yesterday’s defensive performance. I can’t say that I agree.

***First, I was really impressed with how hard his guys fought. I actually though that if it turned into a close game, given some of the discontent, that you’d see some quit in those guys. That didn’t happen. Again, really impressed with the overall fight from the defense.

***I know some folks are upset with the pressure call at the end. I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m not saying it’s the right call. I’m saying that Orlando is privy to information we aren’t and he knows who and what he’s comfortable with in various situations. He was put in a situation where he was trying to make a play for the team. So, he forced a freshman quarterback to make a damn good throw. That puts the odds in his favor, in my estimation. Owens was there and the blitz forced the throw but the throw was dang near perfect.

***The defense held TCU to 13 points in the first half. The offense forced the Texas defense into bad situations, time and time again.

***The fact that there were four interceptions thrown by Texas and the fact that Texas passed 48 times against what is always a good TCU secondary and only ran 31 times (not balanced) and folks are bagging on the defense, makes it feel like this is somehow personal.

***Let’s not forget that it’s Orlando that replaced eight starters from last year. It’s Orlando that lost guys to injury. And truth be told, if we are looking back at Houston or even the last couple years, it’s Orlando that’s been the heart and soul of this team. I’m not saying the Kansas game wasn’t embarrassing. It was. But from what I could tell, if it wasn’t for Orlando’s defense saving the Texas offense in that first half of the Oklahoma game, that game would’ve been a blow out.

***I’m not arguing that Orlando is the answer for a national championship or conference championship run. I’m saying, I don’t think replacing him is either.

***When Tom Herman was hired, there was still instability at the AD position. There is still a lot of football left in the season but what Texas wants and expects is a team that competes for championships.

***And it can’t be only when Texas has a senior quarterback, a veteran offensive line and a veteran defense. I hear people say, next year is the year. If what this staff is going to give Texas is a chance to make a big run every four years then something is wrong.

***OU got spanked yesterday but if you think OU isn’t in a rebuilding year this year, think again. You don’t hear a lot of talk about their injuries or their youth. But their reality is, they have lost their best DB (and they didn’t have great talent at the position to begin with) to injury. The have lost two starting linebackers to injury. And they’ve been without their star TE. They’ve been playing two RS freshman at safety all year…two safeties that Texas didn’t recruit. They’ve been playing a true freshman cornerback in heavy rotation including most yesterday’s game. They’re played second year guys at every position on the defensive front minus the nose guard. They replaced 4 of their 5 offensive linemen. And the only starter they have on defense that Texas really recruited is Ronnie Perkins. You can argue Texas wanted DaShaun White but by the time Texas had finally made the decision to stop putting him on hold, OU had already been recruiting him for a long time.

***TCU is playing with a secondary full of guys people had never heard of in high school. They found their star CB, Jeff Gladney at a satellite camp in Kilgore. The kid ran a 4.4. He was a 3-star WR. When Gary saw him run he basically asked if the kid could play cornerback. Julius Lewis was a 2-star ATH out of Mansfield. They were playing with a true freshman quarterback vs. Sam Ehlinger, a veteran. And call me uninformed but I only recognize like one or two names on their starting offensive line from high school recruiting. But I’m sure you can take a guess at one kind of ratings these players had.

***My point isn’t to make you lose hope. My point is that the standard at Texas might need to be higher. After all, Texas is a blue blood program.

The standard needs to be higher than “we’re back” after a 4-loss season. OU fans are burning down our OU donor board because of yesterday’s loss. They are dang near inconsolable and in their case, quite frankly, it’s a little bit of delusion to think that Grinch was going to take the same players from Mike’s atrocious defenses and not have some rough games. But it tells you what they expect. They expect an elite offensive line despite losing four starters to the NFL draft. They expect a quick turn around on defense despite their youth, injuries, lack of a talent and a new scheme.

***As Texas fans, what do you expect?

***Tom Herman, Matt Rhule and Lincoln Riley all took over their programs at the same time. Matt Cambell at Iowa State, was there only on year before them.

Rhule walked into a horrible situation. And, he can’t pull in the recruits Texas can.

Riley walked into a great situation but he doesn’t have an in-state recruiting base.

Matt Campbell is doing things we haven’t seen in a long time at Iowa State with even less of a recruiting base than Riley and Rhule.

Tom Herman is only in his third year but he has every advantage at his disposal.

So, again, as Texas fans, what do you expect? And is Tom Herman the guy to give it to you? Or, is it too early to tell?

Sourced | Van Fillinger & Bijan Robinson
– Super K

If you would like to read this sourced article on Texas 2020 commits Van Fillinger (DL) and Bijan Robinson (RB) please check the Donor Board.

Health Update | Return of the Secondary
– CJ Vogel

Tom Herman during the Big 12 teleconference call provided new information on a number of injured Longhorns. With a bye week ahead, Texas will have two weeks to prepare physically and mentally for Kansas State.

Jordan Whittington – sports hernia – expected back for KSU

Jeffrey McCulloch – separated shoulder – expected back for KSU

BJ Foster – knee – expected back for KSU

Demarvion Overshown – back – expected back for KSU

Caden Sterns – knee – expected back for KSU

Ryan Bujcevski – broken clavicle – is not out for the season, however will miss a good chunk of time.

Josh Thompson – foot – still OUT

Chris Brown – fractured forearm – still OUT

By the looks of things, Texas should return three or four potential starters on the defense, three of which belonging to the secondary. Finally, the secondary should look like many originially had hoped it would look like. Sterns-Foster-Jones at the safety spots and Green-Cook at corner spots. Overshown and Jamison likely getting a number of snaps as the game progresses in a number of different formations.

The return of Whittington will be interesting. Whose snaps does he take, Roschon or Keaontay’s? What will the snap count for the three of them look like moving forward?

Chris Naggar will be the guy in charge of punts moving forward with Bujcevski out.