Open Post | Tuesday, November 26th

Post-Game Press Conference | Baylor
– CJ Vogel

Tom Herman took to the stand after an atrocious performance by his squad that resulted in the Bears clinching a spot in the Big 12 championship game.

– LG Parker Braun was not ejected. Braun said something to the referee which resulted in the personal foul which the the referees insisted he sit one play. Herman said he believed Braun to be ejected, as a result he was taken to the locker room.

Herman said he will be dealt with internally.

– Herman on changes on his staff: “I’ve done a poor job. The buck stops with me. We’ve got a game in six days. I’m not going to comment on anything like that until after the season.”

** Question: “Jordan Whittington just cannot go?”

Herman: “That’s correct.”

** Herman: “These guys want to win. They’re embarrassed. They want to play to their standard. There is no way that they’re going to check it in, if you will.”

***** Sam Ehlinger was asked where the Texas offense has gone: “That’s a great question. I don’t know.”

** Ehlinger: “I have full trust, love and confidence in every single coach because they are at the University of Texas.”

** Ehlinger on scoring on the final drive of the game: “I’ll never give up. I’ll never quit. When my team has the ball I’ll doe verything in my power to put the ball in the endzone.”

** Malcolm Roach on the loss: “It’s a feeling that I’ll never get used to. It’s a feeling this team will never get used to… When you win them you feel like you’re on top of the world. When you lose them you feel like you hit rock bottom because we put so much work into it.”

Instant Analysis | Post Game | Texas vs. Baylor

*** The Texas Longhorns (6-4, 4-3) had quite a task ahead of them traveling to Waco to take on a 14th-ranked Baylor (9-1, 6-1) that has Big XII title aspirations.

*** Things didn’t get off to a great start with Baylor picking up 11 yards on their first play and then a huge gain over the middle to Chris Platt. Texas forced a turnover on Platt’s big play due to Chris Brown’s hustle. D’Shawn Jamison forced the fumble.

*** No Collin Johnson or BJ Foster for Texas today. Foster has been playing injured all season.

*** What a play by Sam Ehlinger turning potential disaster into a positive play after Zach Shackelford snapped the ball before he was ready.

*** Ehlinger took quite a few big hits on Texas’ opening drive on Offense. It’ll be interesting to see if he remains to willing to tuck the ball and pay the price for gaining yardage with his legs.

*** Texas was unable to turn the turnover into points, but at least they resisted the urge to go for it on 4th down and flipped the field.

*** The announcer that made the statement “Guns up in Lubbock, and Guns out in Waco” in reference to the referee’s tight shirt has to have had no idea about what transpired in Waco a few years ago.

*** Texas moved Taquon Graham to Nose on a 3rd-and-long situation, which I found interesting. Malcolm Roach and Joseph Ossai were the other down linemen.

*** As has been the case the past two weeks, Texas and Todd Orlando adjusted after a rough early start. I have to give credit where it is due.

*** Tim Beck and Tom Herman still haven’t figured out that swing passes to Keaontay Ingram aren’t effective.

*** Chris Naggar had been doing an admirable job filling in for Ryan Bujcevski. He was due for a shank and it came at a heck of a time for Texas. His 19-yard punt gave Baylor the ball in Texas territory.

*** Texas was outgained 110-58 in the 1st quarter.

*** Texas was consistently outnumbered in the run game in the 1st quarter. After talking it over at the quarter break, Baylor dials up a Power play with two pullers and Texas is again overmatched. The result is a 28-yard touchdown run for John Lovett that he emphatically finished off by running over Brandon Jones.

*** Texas has gotten zero penetration from their front. Baylor is running the same front, but their guys are being disruptive, which allows them to do many other things defensively that Texas can’t.

*** Sam Ehlinger threw a ball to Brennan Eagles on a 3rd-and-9 that was so perfect, Eagles didn’t even see the ball and still made the grab.

*** Junior Angilau is back this week, but Texas’ OL is getting killed.

*** On the 3rd down play where he broke up the pass, Overshown was actually coming on a blitz. He saw the back leak out after showing pass pro and broke off of his path to go cover him. Very cerebral stuff from the Sophomore. That play right there shows growth.

*** It’s hard to get much going Offensively when you are consistently getting whipped at the point of attack like Texas has been the past few weeks. It’s reached an embarrassing point. Baylor is literally running the same Defense that Texas is, but there are two completely different games being played right now. The contrast is appalling.

*** Chris Brown’s physicality has been very noticeable in this ball game.

*** Baylor is without their starting Center today and Todd Orlando continues to bring pressure because he has to. Dele Adeoye gets the Longhorns a rare sack to force a 3rd and very long.

*** Keondre Coburn has been very quiet.

*** Ehlinger has made some unbelievable plays in the first half of this ball game to avoid disaster. Texas can’t do anything with Baylor up front.

*** I hate to admit it, but Parker Braun has been a little bit of a disappointment this season.

*** I was about to write that Texas was held scoreless in the first half and that Keaontay Ingram had 18 yards on 6 carries, 13 of which came on one play (speed option). That was until he broke a 68-yarder from Texas’ 1-yard line to put the Longhorns in field goal range right before the half with 4 seconds left. Talk about bizarre.

*** Sam Ehlinger was 9/13 for just 70 yards, but he was doing about all he could do. Ehlinger also had 22 yards rushing.

*** Devin Duvernay: 4 catches, 12 yards. Collin Johnson’s absence hurts Texas a ton, at the very least Ehlinger could just throw him a jump ball while under all of this pressure.

*** The Longhorns mustered only 114 yards total in the first half while allowing 3 sacks and 7 hits on Ehlinger on dropbacks prior to Ingram’s run which skewed the numbers. Ehlinger has been hit 16 times in the first half when you include his carries.

*** Cameron Dicker nails a 48-yarder and Texas goes into the half down only 7-3 and will be getting the ball to start the second half. For the second week in a row, I don’t know how Texas is in this ball game.

*** The Texas Defense was nails in the first half.

*** Jalen Green seems afraid to take his eyes off of whoever he is covering to locate the ball.

*** Texas and their discipline issues are starting to pop back up. Texas has aided Baylor on their opening drive of the second half with a facemask penalty and well as an offsides penalty.

*** Texas gets gashed over the middle of the field for a second time today. Demarvion Overshown forced Baylor’s 2nd fumble of the game, but this time Texas wasn’t fortunate enough to recover it.

*** The Bears score three plays later and with the way that this one has gone; a 14-3 lead seems insurmountable.

*** Keaontay Ingram didn’t return after his long run to end the first half.

*** Texas went to Brennan Eagles on 3rd and 4th down in one-on-one situations in the 3rd quarter and both times he failed to get any separation from Baylor’s Jameson Houston. Stars don’t matter.

*** Collin Johnson would have made those plays.

*** I don’t understand why Texas even has a Tight End on their roster at this point.

*** Discipline, discipline, discipline. 4th and 5 and Baylor goes for it. Texas jumps offsides which gave the Bears a free play to take a shot downfield. Malcolm Roach again. After what happened last week, it is clear to me that this team hasn’t learned anything.

*** Texas has been leaving their Corners on islands and they’re starting to get exposed now. Jalen Green has struggled and D’Shawn Jamison gave up the slant for a score to Denzel Mims. 21-3 Baylor.

*** Another week of no Jake Smith involvement on Offense.

*** Ehlinger SEVERELY underthrows a deep ball to a wide-open Eagles and Baylor gets their first turnover of the game. Grayland Arnold picked it off. This one is about to get ugly.

*** Sam Ehlinger has thrown 7 interceptions in the last 5 games.

*** The pass interference call on D’Shawn Jamison was BS. He couldn’t have played that any better.

*** Baylor WR Denzel Mims is putting together a highlight tape exclusively with Jalen Green on it.

*** Texas is coming unraveled. Zach Shackelford called for hitting a guy on the ground and Parker Braun says something to the refs that gets him ejected. Wow. Puts Texas in a 3rd and 34 situation and Ehlinger gets drilled for yet another sack.

*** Tom Herman didn’t address either player when they made their way to the sideline. I found that interesting.

*** Derek Kerstetter picked up an Unsportsmanlike Conduct at the end of the following drive. Players are a reflection of their coaches and we are seeing this thing come apart at the seams for the Longhorns.

*** Sam Ehlinger kept fighting until the clock read “0:00” to his credit. I don’t have an issue with Texas calling a timeout with 3 seconds left. I wish Daniel Young would always hit the hole as hard as he did on the final play of the game. Texas gets a score for cosmetic purposes, but make no mistake about it, Baylor dominated this game from beginning to end. It was never truly in question.

*** Devin Duvernay had 10 grabs for 78 yards and went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season. I was initially shocked to find out he wasn’t a Biletnikoff semifinalist, but after looking at the numbers of the guys that made it, I can’t argue with his exclusion. There are guys having some crazy statistical seasons.

*** Fact of the night: Texas is now 2-11 in ball games in which they have trailed at Halftime under Tom Herman.

*** Both teams finished with 391 total yards. Texas had 9 penalties for 104 yards. Baylor had 5 for 35.

*** Major, major changes are needed. I’m not sure how many coaches from this staff survive. I’m not sure the Head Coach will survive, despite him getting an extension earlier.

*** Even when Texas was having losing seasons under Strong, you didn’t see them losing their composure and showing a lack of class.

*** I’m expecting things to get worse before they get better for the Longhorns. You’re going to see more guys peel off from their 2020 class and it will bleed into the 2021 class as well. This is a result of Texas failing to live up to expectations for now the 10th season in a row. Last year’s Sugar Bowl seems like it happened in a different decade.

*** Any and all positive momentum is gone from this program and I’m not sure how or when it will recover. Texas now has internal issues to go along with their lack of results. Things are as bad as they’ve ever been.

*** Tom Herman is still a young Head Coach and it’s highly unlikely that he’s a finished product himself. This season is going to be looked back upon as a crucial one in his career. He can go one of two ways. He can learn from what has happened this year both on the field and within his locker room or he can deny the truth to himself and never improve, which will result in his termination from his dream position.

*** Ya’ll take it easy this weekend. Hook’Em.

Quick-Hitters from the Road | Post Baylor | Sourced & Opinions
– Super K

I am currently out of the country for Thanksgiving. Actually, excited to be visiting Jerusalem this week!

But I wanted to pass along a few quick not so holy notes/thoughts:

***The cuts to the staff will be quite deep, from what I understand. Some could go down as soon as right after the Texas Tech game. It sounds like some coaches may already know their fate but I’ve got a pretty good sense that at least three had already known they were on the red hot seat.

***I know everyone has been saying Herman is safe but color me unsurprised by the on the field performance. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what people think will or won’t happen to Herman.

***The issues CDC still has to deal with if Herman remains is a) actually finding guys who want to coach for Herman both in terms of his current status at Texas and him as a person and b) keeping offensive players that want to transfer. I do not know if a new OC will be enough. I was told by someone very well connected that for some of these offensive players the issue is Herman, himself. So, it could be a situation where if he stays, they leave.

***My opinion is quite simple. I’ve said it over and over again. CDC has to ask himself if he thinks Herman can be a championship coach. If the answer is no, raise the money and make the move.

***My hire opinion is quite simple, as well. Hire a coach from the Big 12. If Herman is going to keep his job losing 6, 4 and now 5 or 6 games in years one, two and three respectively, well, you can get that from other coaches right in this conference who don’t have the players Texas has.

***Oh one last thing, it was always my understanding that if Orlando ever left (in the past that meant of own volition) then the DC hire would be Aranda. That wouldn’t be wise IMO. Wisconsin defenses got better when Aranda left. And, remember, Chavis had good defenses at LSU. It’s one happens when you coach at a school surrounding by that much NFL talent. Aranda is one of the few DCs in the country who would come to Texas and think, where is all the talent? Just about anyone else would be like a kid in a candy store. But again, if I’m in CDC’s position, I know I need a big year next year. Stick with guys in this conference. It’s easier to project what they’ll do when they get to Texas.

Sorry for the scatter shooting. If there is anything specific you’d like us to address, please drop a line in the comments section.

Monday Press Conference | Post-Baylor
– CJ Vogel

Texas head coach Tom Herman took to the podium Monday afternoon following a disappointing performance against Baylor this past weekend. Here’s what he had to say.

Injury Report

  • Juwan Mitchell – hamstring – questionable
  • Anthony Cook – OUT
  • Cade Brewer – OUT – should be back for bowl game
  • Sam Cosmi – sprained ankle – questionable
  • Devin Duvernay – knee contusion – limited in practice
  • Jalen Green – ankle sprian
  • Keaontay Ingram – Herman said to be “improving”
  • Collin Johnson – OUT – bowl game is a possibility
  • DeMarvion Overshown – ankle sprain – limited in practice

Herman Presser

** Normally, the team goes through a light practice on Sundays, Herman said the team was given the day off with the upcoming short week.

** As a result of Parker Braun being sent to the locker room, the entire OL unit will be punished.

Worth noting that four of the five starting OL committed some type of infraction against Baylor.

**** When addressing the concerns of the game plans in recent games, Herman acknowledged players want answers in the lack of success as a result of a weak gameplan.

Herman also said he has condensed gameplans this year in an effort to ease comprehension.

****** Herman on if the staff has done a good job of developing ‘high-end’ talent: “No. We haven’t. I haven’t. The players haven’t. We’re all in this together but at the end of the day, the buck stops with me.”

** Herman was asked if had done a good enough job of showing players he cares, he responded with: “My job is to protect the culture, not feelings.”

This quote drove me through the roof. What a lack of situational awareness.

** Herman: “I’m not shaken… It’s my job to make sure that we play to the level that is expected at the university of Texas. Am I the right man to do that? I believe I am.”

Texas Tech Preview

** Texas opened as 10.5 point favorites over Texas Tech at home.

** Weather looks to be wet during the game with possibility of thunderstorms.

**  Tech has won the last two meetings in Austin.

Thinking Out Loud | Herman’s Presser
– CJ Vogel

During Monday’s press conference following the Baylor loss, reporters hounded Herman with questions regarding what he needs to do to get more out of his players. Completely fair. Completely warranted.

After all, Herman answered “No.” to if the staff had gotten enough out of the top ranked talent the program has seen come through the doors of Moncrief in the last two cycles.

Herman looked rather defeated on the podium and was much more somber than his normal bold self. It was evident, whether he admits it or not, the way this season has gone has taken a toll on him.

Last week, K posted a temperature post regarding the culture inside the program. He hinted at the militaristic style Herman uses in his program and how it’s met with a sense of resentment by players.

I have tried to figure out specifically what the source of players’ malcontent is. I’ve spoken to a lot of people and I’ve come to the conclusion that the very thing that makes them such a tough and resilient team is the very thing that has led to some players being a disgruntled.

What I gather is that Herman and company run a military type of culture, complete with ample military references in their speeches to the players. And, we all know the eating burnt toast type stories.

What I gather is that Herman’s staff is detail oriented in that they seem to think a breach of a small task leads to the breach of larger more impactful task.

Just moments later in the press conference, and without direct provocation, Herman was said this about his team in regards to their willingness to listen to coaches.

“These kids are incredible soldiers.”

Again, the military metaphors and allusions.

But what really struck a nerve with me during his press conference was when Herman was asked if had done a good enough job of showing players he cares, he responded with this:

“My job is to protect the culture, not feelings.”

Think about that.

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that Herman doesn’t truly understand the impact his relationship with players means to them. On top of what K said in the post from this morning, for many players on the fence about entering the portal, it all depends on what happens to Herman after the season. If he stays, they go, and vice versa.

From speaking to sources around the program, this behavior is nothing new either. A tidbit from a source that still stands out to me is the lack of acknowledgement Herman has inside the walls of Moncreif. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that Herman will walk past members of the team in the facility and almost act as if he didn’t see them or didn’t know them. While it may seem small, those actions go a long way with impressionable teenagers.

I understand the intention to reinstall the tough, bad boy behavior that Texas lacked under the last regime, but Longhorn nation is truly starting to see the downfalls of what happens when the team doesn’t win and the relationship with the head coach is nonexistent.

There’s reasons why current players are telling recruits to take their talents elsewhere. And it’s telling when those players are vocal about doing so in an open setting like their classroom.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising either. In posting updates on recruits over the last two or three cycles, it’s always emphasized when Herman gets specifically involved in a recruitment. Why would a player want to be their body on the line when the head coach is basically a stranger?

We all know changes are coming to the staff. But the most important change needs to come from Herman in the manner of how he creates and maintains open lines of communication with his team.

As of right now, just because he hosts a Family Friday event before gameday, it feels like he thinks he’s doing enough.