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Coaching Search | Notes | December 9th
– Super K

A few quick things here…

***I have checked on the Graham Harrell situation and I’ve got nothing from the Texas side. USC side is saying they believe he stays. But, as I noted over the weekend, I think most of the people in the building are basing that on Harrell’s demeanor and enthusiasm in continue to do his job.

But he’s a professional. He’s going to continue to do his job.

***I’ve heard through the grapevine that Herman is heading to see a new candidate (don’t know if it’s OC or DC) today. Don’t quote me on that just yet. I’m still trying to figure out if he’s traveling today and meeting tomorrow or meeting today. I don’t get the sense that the meeting will happen in Austin this time. But I’m hoping to know more later today.

***So far, we’ve been hearing that the new DC would come in and interview the current staff members to determine who would stay and who would go. Based on that, everyone I spoke to simply said, everyone would be out.

I heard over the weekend that one defensive staff member has been told he is safe. I do believe said staff member was told that. I don’t know if I believe he’s actually safe. I still believe that decision can’t be made until the DC is in place because it will be part of the DC negotiation.

***Also, I now think there are more guys on the offensive side that are not safe. I won’t be surprised to see more happen after the first signing period.

***Earlier this weekend Eric Nahlin from Inside Texas posted the following…

I tend to very much agree with Eric’s position on Ash. I have also heard that the general feeling inside the building is Ash will be the new DC. I also spoke with a friend from another Big 12 program who said that the word in the coaching circles is that Ash will be the new DC.

But like Eric, I just don’t believe that will ultimately happen. One source said, Texas will shoot for the stars so that the worst they can do is land on the moon. In other words, Ash isn’t the ceiling.

I’m expecting at least two to three more DC interviews and even if Herman prefers Ash, I still believe CDC will have the final stay. And I’m not convinced at all that Herman will prefer Ash once he speaks to some of the top notch guys in the business, assuming they want to make the move to Texas.

I’ll concede that some of that is what I’d call an educated opinion. I just don’t think anyone, including the people closest to Herman, can say it’s Ash for certain…even though there are plenty of people who hold that belief and are saying that.

***You may noticed that this past weekend, Virginia Tech announced a new defensive coordinator…

This is noteworthy because the assumption by many was that Barry Odom would rejoin Fuente and be the next DC at Virginia Tech.

I noted last week that I’d heard Texas had reached out to Odom’s DC, Ryan Walters. I had also spoke to a source very close to Odom. Source said they have a hard time seeing Barry at Texas.

I haven’t heard any different but the Virginia Tech hire was still intriguing because unless Odom plans on sitting out next year, he’s going to be a DC somewhere.

Which leads me to Alabama. I know the Alabama fan base isn’t happy with this year’s defense. Alabama’s young DC, Pete Golding who was targeted by the Sooners last year to replace Mike Stoops. In fact, he was the first name we heard and we believed he was actually Riley’s first choice.

Saban managed to keep Golding by promoting him to DC. I did a fair bit of research on Golding at that time and was extremely impressed.

Now then, if Odom wants another shot at being a head coach, I think his best route is becoming a DC under Saban. He and Saban both have the same agent and as Charlie speculated to me last week, getting Odom would be such a Saban move.

Saban isn’t happy with his defense this year and perhaps he’s looking to bring someone like Odom in. I’ve been told Saban really likes Golding and sees him as an incredibly bright young coach (everyone I’ve spoken to about Golding said the same – people described him as the Lincoln Riley of defense). So perhaps there is nothing to this.

Granted this is mostly speculative but I know Golding’s name has been mentioned in the Texas DC search and so I wonder if perhaps there is a path here.

Golding was the DC at UTSA for a couple of years under Frank Wilson.

Recruiting Updates | Linebackers | Burns, Ford & Cooper
– Super K

***Texas did an in-home with 2020 IMG Academy and TX native LB, Jaqwondis Burns, this past weekend.

As I mentioned last week, Burns has a final official visit scheduled for Minnesota but my sense has been that he will end up at Texas.

Unless Minnesota does something amazing this upcoming weekend or a new SEC competitor enters the picture late, I still maintain he ends up at Texas.

***I did ask around to see if Texas would take another linebacker and was told it will depend on who that is…

***A guy to keep an eye on is 2020 Utah LB commit, Jaylan Ford out of Frisco, TX (Lone Star).

I believe Texas is going to push for a flip here. I imagine it’ll stay rather quiet as he is currently committed but I’ll see what we can get.

***Another guy to keep an eye on is former OU LB commit, Edgerrin Cooper (Covington, LA).

I’ve heard Texas may make a run at Cooper. He is a talented prospect. The Sooners were in on him early so we’ve been following him for a while.

He recently decommitted from Oklahoma but we believe this was a situation where OU had another target and were concerned that they may lose Edgerrin to LSU at the last minute and decided not to risk losing both Edgerrin and their other target.

If Texas can step in and steal Cooper, it’d be a nice pick up for the new DC.

OC & DC | Update | 2nd Batch
– Super K

***So, on the DC front, I mentioned that Texas had reached out to Ryan Walters. I also noted that my source close to Odom mentioned he didn’t see Barry ending up at Texas.

***I checked with said source a few minutes ago and he’s softened that position saying simply, Odom has a lot of options. And, he left it at that.

***Another interesting note is I’m told that Walters is a very real candidate for Texas but not likely as a DC.

***Also, recall what I noted this morning about a certain defensive coach currently on staff believing they are safe. That staff member is Oscar Giles.

If Odom does end up at Texas, that last note makes a lot of sense. Why? Because Brick Haley was Barry Odom’s DL coach and it’s not likely Texas would bring him back.

***My initial report (posted on December on 3rd) on Walters and Odom was, in part, as follows…

“One of the names I heard Texas reached out to was Missouri DC, Ryan Walters. Walters handled the defense under Barry Odom at Missouri.

I don’t know if they’ve reached out to Barry yet, but I imagine they will. I’ve got a connect to Odom, so I’m going to see if I can find something out there. Odom has always had great defenses and even at Missouri this year he and Walters fielded a top 20 defense.

I think Walters would be a good addition either way. You can hire a DC and bring him in as a secondary coach. He’s a young minority secondary coach who has himself run a great defense. So, he’d bring a lot to the room.”

***I was told by a source close to Walters that Walters is likely to know where he is headed by the middle of this week. I don’t know if that means he’s waiting on Texas to make a decision or they are waiting on him. And I don’t know if his fate as it relates to Texas is completely tied to Odom or could he, for example, end up being a cornerbacks coach in a Chris Ash defense? I don’t know.

***Either way, the forgoing makes me believe that Odom may be more in play than I suspected.

***On the OC front, I was asked if the previous post what my gut tells me on Graham Harrell…

***I have heard through the grapevine, and forgive me because it’s like third hand information in this case, that Texas could announce a new OC in the next day or two. That’s not something I have been able to confirm but I mention it here because to answer the question about which way I’m leaning…I’m cautiously optimistic that Texas can land Harrell.

***If tomorrow passes with no announcement then I think Wednesday is probably the last day and it’ll be about time to move on.

Again, apologies if these continuous updates feel a little all over the place and sometimes contradictory. We’ve just found that it’s better to give you as much as we can about what we are hearing as we are hearing it as opposed to waiting on double and triple confirmation.

2021 WR Mario Williams Names Texas in Top 5
– CJ Vogel

There are still a couple names needing to be added to the class of 2020, but a very important prospect for the 2021 class is Plant City, Florida, wide receiver Mario Williams.

The borderline 5-star receiver released his top five earlier Monday afternoon, with Texas making the cut.

Super K has mentioned Williams in the past right before the Red River Rivalry:

There is a chance he and his friend, Mario Williams (Plant City), who is also from the Tampa area will make it for the Red River Rivalry.

Mario is a dangerous player as well. Both are fast but Mario is a smaller more sudden player with speed. A friend of mine saw him live and said he’s basically Hollywood Brown.

Both Hall and Williams want to play together. In fact, I’ve been told they want to commit on the same day, as well.

Both are high on Oklahoma. In fact, OU probably leads for both. Texas has been working to make a run at them. The Texas staff knows, these are the kind of guys that make an offense hum and you certainly don’t want to have to play against them.

Right now Oklahoma feels confident about where they stand with both of them, but it is a real good sign interest in Texas is still high with the coaching turnover and uncertainty at the offensive coordinator position as well.

Bryan Carrington has been active on Twitter with Williams, retweeting several tweets hinting at Williams’ recruitment.

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