Open Post | Tuesday, December 3rd

Defensive Staff Changes Note | Sourced
– Super K

As you know by now, Todd Orlando has been relieved of his duties as a DC at Texas.

***Some of you asked about this possibility earlier this week and I noted that I had only heard it as a possibility through a source channel I didn’t feel comfortable enough using for a report.

***It appears that person was indeed correct. So, I’ll tell you the rest of what I was told and you can take it for what it’s worth. I was told by said source that the whole defensive staff will be out.

***Also, Anwar Richardson is reporting that Chris Ash is the top candidate to replace Orlando…

***Here is what is interesting about that. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had heard they were targeting big name position coaches. One of those names was that of Ohio State defensive line coach, Larry Johnson…

***The idea that Johnson would leave to Ohio State just didn’t seem plausible. But if Ash is indeed the hire then Larry Johnson to Texas would make a lot more sense as they both coached together at Ohio State 2014 and 2015.

***I’ll also offer a bit of speculation. I have heard that former Ohio State cornerbacks coach, Kerry Coombs is not particularly high on his move to the NFL and may be looking for a return to college. Again, just speculation, but it would make a lot of sense to see him return to get the boys back together at Texas. That would be one heck of a hire.

***Coombs also coached special teams at Ohio State…

Coaching Changes | Sourced Notes | December 2nd
– Super K

***Based on what I heard yesterday, it sounds like Herman will make a DC hire and allow the DC to interview or make decisions on who he’d like to keep from the current defensive staff.

***Also told, CDC has basically given Herman a blank check in his hires. So, Herman is going to shoot for the stars.

***I do not believe it is at all a foregone conclusion that Chris Ash will be the next DC. In fact, I was told that with that blank check Herman is looking at major program defensive coordinators. I’m talking Alabama, Georgia, Washington, Utah, etc.

I don’t get the sense that a decision about who the DC will be has been made at all.

***I don’t know who Herman can land or who he will decide on and I’m not saying Ash isn’t a candidate. Again, I don’t believe Herman has made that decision and I don’t think he will until he’s taken a thorough look at who is out there. And, money won’t be an issue.

Despite the loss of 2020 Utah DE Van Fillinger, the current recruiting classes for the Texas Longhorns have been holding rather firm so far as a result of numerous coaching changes.

2020 DL Target Alfred Collins

Collins told Charlie that the coaching changes hasn’t really altered his thinking. We aren’t sure whether that’s good or bad, but Texas will still be in consideration regardless of who is the new DC hire.

2020 WR Troy Omeire

2020 OL Jake Majors

2021 OLB Derrick Harris Jr.

Harris was on campus this weekend for the Texas Tech game with his father. He said the visit “went well” however he got no sense of coaching changes were coming.

As a result of the change at defensive coordinator, Harris said “Everything will get back in its place. Hopefully they find a good DC and everything will be alright.”

Harris added that Orlando was a key reason for his early commitment, but is still firm at the moment.

2021 QB Jalen Milroe

“Still 100% committed.”

2020 S Xavion Alford

2021 OL Hayden Conner

Told me he is still firm.

2020 DL Vernon Broughton

2020 WR Dajon Harrison

2020 CB Kitan Crawford

2020 ATH Jaden Hullaby

2020 OL Andrej Karic

TFB Texas | Herman’s Bloody Sunday
– Gabriel

I wanted to continue the ‘Gabesplaining Herman’ post, so I decided to add more thoughts regarding Herman’s bloody Sunday firings of damn near his whole staff. If that isn’t a condemnation of what was, I don’t know what is. Now, Herman isn’t going to fire himself. That is obvious, though the firings send a strong signal that while he won’t fire himself, he will fire the ego that got him to this point. That’s the next best thing and the only chance to rebirth the promise he brought to Texas in the first place. Of all the developments during Herman’s tenure, this has me most intrigued because there is a real opportunity to iron out the vision that will be Texas football going forward. Below, I provide some random thoughts on that.


4-Man Front Brigade – I make fun of this idea and it’s one I agree with. What can I say, I like to have fun. Furthermore, I don’t care if Texas hires an even front coach or another odd front coach. Adding to that, the guy Herman fired was the least of my worries heading into next season. What I think happens is Herman looks for a guy that runs a more structured and ‘boring’ defense to unleash the hottest commodity Texas typically possesses, speed. What Herman needs to find is a guy who favors a more structured approach, keeps alignment and assignment principles extremely (emphasis) simple, and lets guys attack. You know now, sort of like the guy north of the Red River. I won’t mention names beyond those you’ve been hearing about, but I will say, there’s plenty of coaching talent out there and if, say, Herman wants a 4-2-5, there are options. What’s more important is the talent on the roster and I will be addressing more of the odd-even front debate in the future. For now, Texas is plenty talented on defense and could use better recruiting at the inside linebacker and defensive line positions going forward.


This is my wheelhouse, as it’s the side of the ball I study most. Will Tom rebuke his philosophy in its entirety? I wonder this and it’s why I have difficulty seeing him hire an Air Raid coach. Tom’s approach is based on efficiency metrics, why his offenses aim to get two first downs then punt more often than not because field position is a precious commodity to Tom. My issue with that is, it’s more dependent on running the ball well and a defense that prevents explosives and gets stops on the other team’s side of the field. When that doesn’t happen, Texas finds itself in a situation where it must score points to keep up anyway. So, what gives? Tom simply has to reorder priorities is all. We’ve now seen our nemesis win the conference multiple times without a good defense. That’s what’s called ‘working’. It’s up to Tom to keep pace while hiring a good steward for the defensive side of the ball.


One thing that bothers me is that fans and to an unknowable extent, Tom, look outside the conference for answers. The last time I checked, there are effective coaches within Big 12 ranks that would love a raise and the opportunity to coach in Austin. Does that make them the best candidates, no, but should it make them candidates to begin with, yes! For example, the Iowa State coordinator’s work has been exceptional. There’s also the Baylor defensive coordinator, another fine job building a high-functioning defense from scratch. Of course, Rhule had much to do with that. On the other side of the ball, there’s TCU’s offensive coordinator, the guy that didn’t come when Charlie asked, Cumbie. Why is no one mentioning his name anymore? Any coach hired from outside the league will have to adjust without experience. What I mean by that is, they will not have actually coached against it yet, and ‘it’ is Big 12 Offense. You’ve seen coordinator after coordinator, all good coaches, get chewed up and spit out over the course of 10 years. The next guy’s gotta come ready and able to deploy effective countermeasures against the variety of high-powered spread offenses in the league. Will the next outsider be able to do that? Let me reiterate. Most of coaching success is personnel-driven, that’s why I’m not too worried about the defense next season. The issue on both sides of the ball is, you don’t make hires with a vision for one season. It’s how they’re able to develop a system that keeps a steady stream of adaptable and mature athletes on the roster that counts. Tom’s biggest contribution going forward will be that, understanding the new hires’ needs and closing of signing day. Get your coffee ready

De’Gabriel Floyd Medically Retires from Football
– CJ Vogel

Freshman linebacker De’Gabriel Floyd announced via Twitter his football days are over. Floyd put out a tweet late Monday afternoon declaring his football career finished before it ever really got started due to a battle with spinal stenosis.

The highly touted linebacker from Westlake Village, California was declared out for the year last January after a physical with team doctors caught issues with vertebrae in his back.

Floyd was a member of the 2019 recruiting class that had received a No. 3 national ranking with many eyes eager to see the native Californian roam the field in burnt orange.

Texas, who was already thin at the linebacking position, will be tasked with filling an even deeper vacancy.

It’s tough news obviously, Floyd was one hell of a player which made the decision all the more tough for him I assume. Quite sad we never got to see him on display at DKR.