Open Post | Tuesday, July 28th

Team | Quick-Hitters | Foster, Owens and Black
– Super K

***First, I am told that Foster and Tyler Owens were both approached about the possibility of moving to LB.

It appears the decision has been made that they will both stay at safety, for now.

***Also, in my post regarding the wide receivers, I was asked about Tarik Black. The reason there hasn’t been much word on him just yet is because, as I am told, he has been dealing with an injury.

Black began his first work out with the team yesterday. So hopefully we will hear more about him in the coming week or so.

Quick Hitter | Tony Fields Top Three
– Charlie S

Arizona grad transfer linebacker Tony Fields dropped his top three last night and, as we mentioned was likely to happen, Texas was included along with Minnesota and West Virginia.

For those of you who Twitter, he also posted a poll in which he is seeking opinions on where he will end up.

Again, Fields is an attractive option for Texas at a position of need for the 2020 season and it sounds like they are in pretty good shape here at the moment.

Per a source close to him, Texas is the favorite.

We will continue to dig here and update when we are able to.

Trending | Wide Receiver Ketron Jackson
– Andrew King

Royce City (TX) wide receiver Ketron Jackson has been a top target for coach Andre Coleman and Texas for awhile. Texas hasn’t been considered to be near the very top on Jackson’s list due to a late offer and COVID-19 restricting visits. Though it seems things are starting to go Texas’ way in this recruitment.

Jackson took a visit to Austin over the weekend to get a look at Texas “from the outside” as it’s the best recruits can get right now. I spoke with him following the visit and he told me “It was great got to see campus from the outside, ate great bbq and saw a Mountain View.” While he couldn’t talk to coaches or take a look inside any of the facilities, Jackson was in Austin to see the university for himself.

To me, that in itself shows Jackson has real interest in Texas. Arkansas and TCU have been considered the favorites in this one for awhile. Due to longer relationships with certain coaches and Jackson really likes the college-town feel in Fayetteville.

Jackson did tell me that he has built a great relationship with Texas wide receivers coach Andre Coleman. Telling me “I can tell already he’s a great coach.” He’s also talked to junior wide receiver Brennan Eagles, “who told me how good of a person coach is too.” The message from Coleman is simple, development as a football player and working on financial things in regards to building his brand as an athlete as NIL begins to heat up in college athletics.

A decision isn’t coming in the near future for Jackson, as he wants to take official visits to Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Oregon State.

When I asked where Texas stands in regards to the favorites like Arkansas and TCU, he told me “Texas is up in the mix following the visit and that being my dream school.” The good ole dream school label.

Jackson released a Top seven nearly two months ago.


I definitely won’t call Texas the odds on favorite for Ketron Jackson right now. But I also can say I haven’t thought Texas was closer to the top than they are right now. The visit to Austin shows real interest in my mind, especially when 99% of recruits aren’t going to any schools right now. And I wasn’t going to talk about Texas being his so called “dream school” until he said it.

Andre Coleman is doing a good job in this one. Another thing that I think means a lot to Jackson is hearing from a player like Brennan Eagles about how good of a person Coleman is.

Texas needs to keep chipping away here. The official visit to Texas could very well be the make or break moment when that time comes.