Open Post | Tuesday, August 18th

Commitment Analysis | 2022 QB Quinn Ewers
– D.T.


A few weeks after Lancaster standout WR Phaizon Wilson made the move to become the first member of the Texas 2022 class, Tom Herman and Mike Yurcich just landed the biggest recruit to sign with the Longhorns since Vince Young committed to Mack Brown in January of 2002. That’s not hyperbole, either. Carroll HS QB Quinn Ewers (Southlake, TX) is a gamechanger for the Longhorn program.

What’s Texas getting in Ewers?

Ranking: Consensus 5-Star, #1 Overall (247), #1 Overall (ESPN)

Offers:  Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Penn State, Michigan, USC, Washington, Auburn

Size: 6’3 195lbs 

Projected College Position: Quarterback

Player Comparison: Bigger, stronger version of Colt McCoy (Texas 2006-2009)

Analysis: Does he receive great coaching from former college coaches? Yes. 

Does he play in an excellent system for Quarterbacks? Yes. 

Do those facts detract from his ability at all? Absolutely not. 

Ewers is a natural. 

I’ve seen him in person twice now. As a Freshman, he was the JV Quarterback for Southlake. You heard the excitement about him from others and then you watch him play and understand why. We beat them that year, but it was a different story this past season. 

In his first year as a starter, Ewers led his school to a 13-1 record while throwing for over 4,000 yards and 45 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions (72%). He also added 568 yards and 9 scores on the ground. These numbers earned him MaxPreps National Sophomore of the Year honors in additions to the District 5-6A MVP award.

Standing around 6’3, Ewers has an athletic frame that will easily fill out in the coming years. Despite not being anywhere near his physical peak, he has tremendous arm talent that allows him to make any and every throw on the field. His understanding of touch and ability to place the ball wherever he wants is not something that can be taught. His accuracy is off-the-charts and he makes these throws from different arm angles without his feet always being correct. His release is already quick, but it will get even quicker in the coming years. Scary.

His pocket presence is something that really jumps out on tape and when you watch him play. His Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line do a great job of keeping him clean, but in the instances where the protection breaks down, Ewers is as cool of a customer as I’ve seen. He will stare down the barrel and deliver a strike. He also has the ability to maneuver in traffic and extend plays while keeping his eyes downfield, which is extremely rare for a young QB. He has a swagger about him and it translates to the field. His teammates feed off of his confidence and demeanor. The intangibles that he displays are off the charts for such a young player. 

Similar to McCoy, Ewers is not a guy that would be considered a “Dual-Threat”, but he is a better runner than he gets credit for and shows some sneaky athleticism when he decides to tuck and go or on designed runs. He runs like he doesn’t want to get hit and that’s a good thing. I witnessed on tape long touchdown runs against both South Grand Prairie and Denton Guyer for Ewers, which are two programs that don’t lack for speed or athleticism on Defense at all. He’s going to be able to keep Defenses honest at all times. 

Lastly, although I’ve never spoken to him directly, all of the reports are that he has an infectious personality and teammates gravitate towards him. He’s a leader. Based on the overwhelming social media response that his commitment has garnered from top prospects across the country from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 classes, that appears to absolutely be the truth. I’m expecting Texas to land a top 3 class in 2022 led by this guy. Texas would be smart to get one of Hudson Card or Ja’Quinden Jackson on the field in 2020, so that there can be more separation between Ewers and whoever the starter is when he arrives. 

Instant Impact Rating: 9. Ewers is the top 2022 prospect in the country and is considered by some (maybe even most?) to be the best Quarterback prospect in America regardless of classification. Ewers is the type of talent to come in and unseat the incumbent starter at any program. Worst-case, he gets reps as a Freshman and takes over in year two. 

Staff Meeting With Parents
Andrew King

Texas is still planning to play football this fall. The university has spent a lot of money to meet the proper protocols for the players and the staff. I was told the staff had a zoom call with parents last night to just provide and update on the team during these uncertain times.

The plan is still to play, and if they don’t play, I’d expect players to stay on campus as practice will likely be allowed still.

I’ve praised Tom Herman for how he’s handled things during the pandemic and through his players wanting change on campus. I plan to write an article on the importance of a great head coach in 2020, season or not, and Herman has seemed to be doing everything right that he can control right now.

There was even a tweet from a Bryon Vaughns’ mother saying that director of player development Kevin Washington spoke about equality. And he’s someone that has played a vital role in making sure these young athletes feel their voices are heard.

Texas Offers Offensive Tackle Jack Leyrer
Andrew King

Highland Park (TX) offensive tackle Jack Leyrer is a name I mentioned in mid July in regards to where Texas could head after missing on the Brockermeyer twins. Leyrer has 30+ offers with Stanford, USC, Baylor, and Vanderbilt among those in the hunt as well as multiple Ivy League schools.

Texas has entered the picture and extended an offer to Leyrer this afternoon.

Leyrer told me a few weeks ago that he hadn’t heard from Texas since March. Then Leyrer sent me a message saying that Coach Hand gave him a call. Leyrer and his family had a a zoom call set up with Hand. They went covered a lot in terms of the football program and the school itself and the family was impressed.

There have been talks Texas is looking for more tackles in the 2021 class due to stocking up on interior lineman over the last few classes. Leyrer is a guy I’m not surprised at all to see them move on.

Freshman WR Troy Omeire Suffers Partial ACL Tear
– CJ Vogel

A really, really tough break comes out of Texas camp.

Freshman WR Troy Omeire, who has been lighting up practices so far, has suffered a partial ACL tear, per a source close to K.

The injury occurred during the first scrimmage of Texas’ fall camp on Saturday morning, though at the time it did not appear to be too serious.

Head Coach Tom Herman described the injury as a “tweaked knee” that came as a result of a non-contact football move.

Word throughout camp is that Omeire was up there as the best WR, not only of the freshmen bunch, but on the entire roster and was on his path to potentially starting week one. Check out this thread of catches Omeire had made in just a week of practices.

While there isn’t an official timetable for the injury, it will likely end Omeire’s freshman campaign. This means the first time Omeire catches a pass in a Texas uni, it’ll be from someone other than Sam Ehlinger.

Weekend Mailbox | Questions Answered
– Andrew King

What were the circumstances that led to Ewers commitment out of the blue? I’m sure it’s been building behind the scenes for a while but can you provide insights as to how it went down.

Ewers has always liked Texas. Admittedly saying he grew up rooting for the Longhorns, but as did so many others that end up attending other schools. It came down to the three schools pushing the hardest for him: Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio State.

Oklahoma landing 5-star 2021 QB Caleb Williams helped the Longhorns as Ewers would’ve likely had to sit for two years had he picked OU. Distance was a factor with Ohio State. And it was more of Texas checking the boxes like Ohio State, but also giving Ewers a chance to play in front of his family and friends. His relationship with Mike Yurcich and Tom Herman and buying into their plan for him was a big step for Texas to gain Ewers commitment.

If Milroe decommits, what are our backup options at QB for 2021? Always important to have depth so we don’t have a repeat of 2017 with 2 scholarship QB’s on the roster.

I have yet to talk to Milroe regarding Ewers commitment. But it seems he isn’t afraid to compete and really likes Texas. A flip down the line wouldn’t shock me, but I’m not expecting it right now. And I’m not sure how active Texas is currently when it comes to recruiting 2021 QB’s with Milroe on board.

IF a season consisting of only the ACC (+ND), Big 12, and SEC as Power 5 conferences occurs, would you envision a change to the playoff format? For example, conference champions + 1. I’d hate to see a 3 SEC team playoff if the Big 12 champion and Clemson have a bad loss or two.

I think you could see that. But I also think if it is just the Big 12, SEC, and ACC all three conference champions will get in either way.

How do you feel about the revised schedule? Thoughts on the matchups and order?

I think Texas got a solid draw. Knew the OU game would come early since it’s an early conference game every year. If they can get past the first half, it shapes up nicely for Texas.

How is the recruitment of Andrew Mukaba, Ketron Jackson, and JJ Henry going?

Ketron Jackson- I like where Texas stands. His visit to Austin really helped the Longhorns. I think they’re ahead of TCU/Arkansas but both of those schools have been going all in for him for awhile now. That can have a big impact with some guys so we will see  

Andrew Mukuba- Plans to commit in early September. Clemson has been Texas’ toughest competition and I think Texas wins out due to connections to some other Texas 2021 commits. And the fact he hasn’t been able to visit Clemson due to COVID-19. He could still pick the Tigers but no being able to visit has helped Texas. LSU is the other one in the running with Mukuba.

JJ Henry- Pretty quiet in regards to Henry and Texas. I’ll check in with him as I know Texas has interest. Have said that recruitment could be a Texas-Texas A&M battle if they both push.

How is the tight end from AZ we recruited in the same class as Jake Smith coming along? Sorry about not remembering his name, but I have never been impressed by Cade Brewer as a complete tight end. Any chance he gets passed up this year by someone more capable?

Brayden Liebrock. One of the best pass catching tight ends Texas has landed in recent classes. The problem was he came in somewhat small. The tight end does a lot of blocking in Texas’ offense and Liebrock still only weighs 234 compared to Brewer (252), and sophomore Jared Wiley (254).

We’ll see if Liebrock gets some opportunities flexed our in the slot or what. But Jared Wiley is a guy I’d put higher expectations on over Liebrock right now.

Which RB is a better complement to Bijan – Johnson or Wheaton?

Maybe the same answer, but which RB would the Texas staff choose if it had to choose 1 – Johnson or Wheaton?

Both Camar Wheaton and LJ Johnson are GREAT players. I’m planning to do a breakdown of them this week. Both have a mix of speed and power but I’d say Johnson is more of a power guy than Wheaton. And I know Herman loves to pound the rock.

Bijan Robinson can do it all. And either Camar Wheaton or LJ Johnson would be great options to pair him with. I’d say Johnson is a better fit (slightly) in my opinion but after I dive into their film this week my answer could change. And when it comes to the Texas staff taking one over the other, I think they take the first guy. You don’t wait on guys in recruiting. 

Would an earlier commitment from Ewers may have had any kind of influence on the Brockermeyer twins or was their decision that much of a “business decision”?

It certainly wouldn’t have hurt, but I think Alabama and their offensive line pedigree would have won out either way if the Brockermeyer’s committed this summer. Texas needed it to drag out a bit.

Team Notes | Sourced | Monday, August 17th
– Super K

***As you know, Texas held a scrimmage this past weekend. The unfortunate news was the loss of Troy Omeire.

***I spoke to sources after the scrimmage and leading up to it and Omeire was making a strong case to start going into the season. Was told Coleman absolutely loved him. As I understand it, Coleman isn’t one to play politics and he doesn’t care who has seniority. The best will play and the competition will continue.

***Still, I’m told that Coleman and the offensive staff are very confident in the corp of receivers they have.

***Jake Smith is the name we hear repeatedly as a guy who has probably taken the biggest jump from last year. They’re expecting a lot from him.

***But there are a plethora of weapons. Was told Jordan Whittington had a big play down the field on Saturday. And as what source said, “If you play man against this offensive, you’re screwed”. Too many overlapping routes. “It’s too creative”.

***Source told me if last year’s offense was a seven or eight out of ten (and last year’s offense put up numbers), then this one is already “somewhere closer to a nine and it’s still early”.

***It doesn’t sound like the 1s played a ton on Saturday.

***And this is where Texas is going to need to stay healthy. The first unit offensive line sounds fine. The second unit, I’m told, is struggling. And I get the very real sense that Texas doesn’t want to test their depth this season. Doesn’t sound like the second unit could protect very well.

***Having said that, you already know the first-team defensive line is very very good. But behind them, guys like Jacoby Jones and Alfred Collins are flashing (young Alfred Collins actually had a sack on Saturday – we told you early on in HS, he was a guy you want). Second unit is: Collins, Carson, Leitao, and Jones.

***Josh Thompson was held out. I’m told he’s dealing with a minor injury. Was told he should be back today. Jalen Green seems to be pushing Jamison really hard for a starting spot.

***Two other cornerback names to continue to watch are both Kenyatta Watson and freshman, Jahdae Barron. While Watson has been taking reps with the 1s, I’m told Barron had such a good day in the scrimmage that he may see some first-team reps this week in practice.

***Overall, I’ve heard from folks who were fans of Orlando that Ash is very impressive. And I sense the players and folks observing feel this defense is going to be much better. On the defensive front, the attacking ‘hat in the crack’ style of play is both more dangerous and more enjoyable to watch and play in.

2021 QB Jalen Milroe Flips to Alabama
– CJ Vogel

2021 QB Jalen Milroe has decommitted from Texas’ 2021 class.

As we mentioned earlier this morning in our Insider Recruiting Note, the commitment of 2022 QB Quinn Ewers would bring great triumphs, but not without some blowback at the beginning.

Milroe was the first commit in the 2021 class and was instrumental in creating relationships early in the state. The Katy Tompkins quarterback was very vocal for his affinity for the Longhorns and as a result, his absence will create an evident hole at the top of the class.

While the loss of Milroe hurts the 2021 class, keep in mind why the move was made.

I will work to get an update this week on where Texas goes from here at the quarterback position for the 2021 class.