Open Post | Weekend, December 18th – 20th

Quick-Hitter | CDC Took the Lead | Sourced
– Super K

***As you know, CDC seemed to lend his support to Tom Herman’s return for the 2021 season.

***Am told this was a decision led by CDC which wouldn’t necessarily be surprising, however…

***I’m told that not everyone agreed with the decision. In fact I’m told prominent administrators and boosters did not agree with the decision and did not want a statement put out.

***Perhaps that was the reason the statement was so ambiguous. I found it very strange that the AD would release an unclear statement and then clarify it through the media – the media (us included) who led to the public knowledge of the Urban push leading to the necessity for the statement.

***I don’t know exactly what this means but it does sound like there is some real tension and this might not be fully resolved just yet.’

Name to Know | Holy Cross OL Brian Foley
– CJ Vogel

Yesterday, we mentioned Arkansas State transfer Jarrett Horst as a guy to keep an eye on for Herb Hand and the offensive line room. Today, we have another name to get familiar with – Holy Cross OL Brian Foley.

I traded messages with Foley who told me Coach Hand was very intrigued with him as a potential addition the OL group.

“We had a really nice talk,” Foley said. “They like my versatility. I can play guard or tackle and we ran a very similar offense at Holy Cross to what they run at Texas.”

“(Coach Hand) said he loves how I finish blocks and they are looking for some senior leadership with possible departures to the draft.”

Foley, who was a three-time First Team All Patriot league, was a starter all four years at Holy Cross and will have one year of eligibility remaining. Along with Texas, Duke, Florida State, Texas Tech, Northwestern and NC State are all in on the grad transfer.

Foley is from right outside of Chicago, so Northwestern makes sense if Pat Fitzgerald makes the move to pursue him. Though, I am told Duke is a big competitor for his services as well. I would expect those two schools to accompany Texas in a potential top three.

Foley added, “Playing time and education is definitely a lot more important than location. I don’t want to come in and be a depth guy given the circumstances. I know I will have to compete, but taking a look at the depth charts will be important.”

He mentioned Coach Hand putting an emphasis on coming in and making a difference right away if he were to join the Texas team.

Sourced Coaching Note | Additional Confirmation
– Super K

Earlier this week I noted the following (here):

As you know, CDC seemed to lend his support to Tom Herman’s return for the 2021 season.

Am told this was a decision led by CDC which wouldn’t necessarily be surprising, however…

I’m told that not everyone agreed with the decision. In fact I’m told prominent administrators and boosters did not agree with the decision and did not want a statement put out.

***I was able to get additional confirmation on this. I had originally been told that the disagreement about retaining Herman extended all the way up to President Hartzell. This also has been confirmed to me by an additional source.

***Again, I don’t know how this will play out but given the differences go that high up, I suppose it will depend on how serious each camp is. Either way, I’m not ready to say this is over.

Tom Herman Comments on 2021 Class
– CJ Vogel

Texas head coach spoke with media this afternoon to discuss the first National Signing Day for the 2021 class. Texas was able to add two new commits to the class and sign all but one of the 20 members of the #trUTh21 class.

Here are some of the comments Herman shared about each commit.

WR Jaden Alexis

“Tremendous family background… One of the things that kept drawing me to him was his work ethic.”

Shared a story of Alexis wearing shoulder pads and helmets during normal workouts despite COVID-19.

LB Morice Blackwell

Herman praised Blackwell’s versatility, saying he could play every position on the defense with the exception of down lineman.

RB Jonathon Brooks

“He belongs in the elite class of running backs in 2021.”

WR Casey Cain

“Great natural body control. Really, really superb hands. Goes up and attacks the football. Doesn’t talk a whole lot. Casey’s a man of few words, but certainly lets his play do the talking.”

S JD Coffey

“Had a phenomenal senior year. Excited about his guy’s hitting potential. Every week when you watch his film it’s highlight-worthy hits… It is kind of cool when you see a DB of his build running around and hitting people as hard as he does.”

OL Hayden Conner

“It feels like we’ve been recruiting him since he was in kindergarten… You can tell the natural athletic ability is there.”

LB Terrence Cooks

“Extremely excited about his athletic ability. Could play SPUR or WILL for us in our package.

ATH Juan Davis

“We believe is one of the best players in the country at his position. Extremely versatile. Big athlete. Great movement skills.”

Grad Transfer CB Darion Dunn

“Excited and intrigued by this young man… We are definitely excited to have him for at least a year. He’ll be joining our team in January…. A match made in heaven… You can never have enough bodies in the secondary, especially playing in a nickel package pretty much the whole game.”

Yet another new member of the team joining the program in January.

OLB Derrick Harris Jr.

“Great length and athleticism off of the edge.”

TE Gunnar Helm

“He played WR as a sophomore, a little bit as a junior and his dad told me a story about John Elway suggested that he play out of a three-point stance and learn the position.”

Sure enough, Helm was named first-team All State at the position and helped Cherry Creek HS win a state championship.

CB Jamier Johnson

“Has impacted the game on both sides of the football.”

Says he will stick at CB.

OL Max Merril

“Extremely consistent in what he brings. We love his frame, love his work ethic. Love his leadership… We think the sky is the limit for him.”

DT Byron Murphy

“Plays with his hands. Great motor. Great short-space quickness.”

P Isaac Pearson

“We expect Isaac to be much of the same (as the previous ProKick members at Texas).”

Said Pearson was working in a coal mine when he was approached by ProKick to learn how to punt. Wild.

ATH JaTavion Sanders

Herman mentions Sanders will play both sides of the ball next fall.

“You’re going to run out of superlatives talking about J.T… He will play both sides of the ball here at Texas. In what capacity? We haven’t figured that out yet. We’ve got time to figure it out.”

DE Jordon Thomas

“He is fun to be around, and we feel like he can play a lot of different positions up front. He will start at defensive end, but we feel like he could play a multitude of positions up front, even fill in and the jack position as well.”

QB Charles Wright 

“Charles isn’t just a body. We expect Charles to be a starting quarterback here at Texas someday. We were really, really impressed with his quick release and his off platform throws.”

Wrapping up the rest of the 2021 Class

Herman said Texas has eight or nine scholarship spots that they can fill before the beginning of next fall.

On looking at the grad transfer market: “We’re going to have to look at every position, to be honest with you.” Herman says specifically at Offensive Line and JACK.

Herman on CDC’s statement this past weekend: “This day is about recruits, so my opinion is irrelevant. I feel very confident and thankful that Chris did what he did.”

Herman says he “can’t imagine our guys” wanting to opt out of a bowl game.

** OL Jaylen Garth was cleared for practice and has been on the field recently.