Open Post | Tuesday, April 27th

Evan Stewart OVs | Still no Texas Date
– Super K

Not surprisingly, Evan Stewart is a very high priority for Texas. Stewart previously announced that he would taking an official visit to Texas but as of last night, he told me he has yet to lock a date.

And it’s beginning to look like there are less and less opportunities for a summer official.

The latest I have heard is he still has Florida scheduled for June 4-6. On the weekend of June 13-15 he will be back in Florida for the Future 50 event. On Texas big weekend, June 18-20th, Evan’s current plan is to be at UGA. And, I’m told he will squeeze a USC official visit in this June, as well.

Between Florida, UGA, and USC that will take up three of his official visits. He still has plans to take an Alabama OV during the season.

If he sticks to taking his Alabama OV that would leave one final OV for Texas, TAMU, Oregon or LSU.

I’m beginning to think Stewart is considering making his visit to Texas this summer an unofficial visit. That is conjecture at this point but with a packed summer that may end up being what happens. We shall see.

Quick Takeaways | Texas Spring Game
– CJ Vogel

The 2021 spring game is in the books and the White team came away victorious by the score of 20-12. So let’s dive into some takeaways from the game.

*** First off, I don’t think the quarterback battle is going to have an answer for a long, long time. I think with the weapons he was given, Hudson Card had a slightly more impressive day. The drops on the white team were quite a problem in the first half, but the first drive of the second half was all I needed to see to know Hudson was special.

With that said, I think we talk about Casey Thompson’s day a lot differently if Joshua Moore catches that ball in the end zone on the fist drive.

*** On the topic of drops. Maaaaannnnnnn… That was a tough showing by the Texas wide receivers corps. Drops were far too abundant.

*** I thought the biggest winner of today was Gabriel Watson. I know he isn’t in the battle for the running back position or will he be receiving too many carries this year. But I thought he was significantly more impressive than Daniel Young.

*** One note I made on twitter and with the other TFB fellas was that the offensive line, though they had their issues, did not have a holding call in the entire first half. I thought that was noteworthy and impressive.

*** The running game was very impressive in my opinion. There were holes all over the field and the backs really benefitted. Bijan’s cut on the first touchdown of the day was incredible.

*** I thought Hudson Card was way too antsy in the pocket today. I know his offensive line wasn’t great, but he’s gotta trust it more moving forward.

*** I thought Troy Omeire and Jordan Whittington were far too quiet in the first half of today’s game. These two are supposed to be the two best receivers available heading into today and it took a little too long for them to get into the mix.

*** Vernon Broughton made a lot of impactful plays with the twos. Good to see there.

*** How about that pick-six by D’Shawn Jamison! DB’s are making plays again. Jamison basically ran the route for the receiver during that play and it worked out very well for him. Thompson can’t make that throw in that situation of the first half.

*** Cameron Dicker from 58?!?!?!?!?!? Sheeesh that was impressive. He had himself a day.

*** The Kai Money show was in session again today. I, personally, don’t really care for the 83-show, but he made some impressive catches and even had a very nice throw on the double-pass play.

*** Marcus Washington needs to take advantage of his opportunities. He had some nice snags, but the first drop he had is exactly the type of play that is preventing him from really cracking the rotation.

*** The Luke Brockermeyer hype didn’t live up to expectations. Marcus Tillman still has some room to grow as well.

*** I liked the play from JD Coffey and Jerrin Thompson. The two young fellas are very talented and over the next couple of years, I expect Texas fans to grow a very strong affinity to them both.

Update | Devon Campbell Weekend Visit
– CJ Vogel

Last week I reported that 5-star offensive lineman Devon Campbell was scheduled to make it to Austin to watch the spring game.

Well, that was contingent on the weather for his regional track meet where he was competing in the shot put.

The weather last Friday did not cooperate and Campbell was unable to make the trip south to Austin on Saturday for the game.

It would have been Campbell’s second visit to campus in the last three weeks, though unfortunately, that return visit will have to wait until another time.

Malcolm Epps Transferring
– Super K

You’ll recall back in September of 2020 we mentioned that Malcolm Epps was considering transferring (link):

I am told that Malcolm Epps is seriously considering a possible transfer. Source said it isn’t a done deal but said it’s currently looking more likely than not.

In other words, Epps has flirted with the idea of transferring for quite some time.

It appears he’s decided to officially now take that step. Today he announced his intentions to enter the transfer portal.

Keep an eye on USC as a possible landing spot.

How Good is Xavier Worthy? Rival Take
– Super K

I don’t know how good Xavier Worthy will be right away. You rarely know how quickly a young man is going to adjust to the next level.

But I can tell you that sources close to the program north of the Red River think Texas got a nasty wide receiver in Xavier Worthy. They liked Worthy during the process but had some other reason (they had their guys) they didn’t pursue him.

It’s just their opinion but I feel like it’s a little different when the rival program feels like their rival got a baller. It was the same feeling I got when I heard Texas sources say Caleb Williams was going to be a stud. It would appear they were right. And, my suspicion, given OU’s track record with receivers, is they are going to be right about Worthy.

Texas Adds Former Alabama LB Ben Davis
– CJ Vogel


Texas adds another linebacker via the portal, this time it is former five-star and Alabama linebacker Ben Davis.

Davis redshirted his freshman season in 2016 and had been a spotty contributor for the Crimson Tide in the next four seasons. Last year, he appeared in 10 games included “extensive minutes” in the SEC Championship Game according to the Alabama Football page.

Texas gets more depth at the linebacker position.

Trending | 2022 Carthage LB Kip Lewis
– CJ Vogel

2022 Carthage LB Kip Lewis was in Norman this weekend for the Sooners’ spring game.

I was able to connect with him to see how things went this weekend this afternoon.

He tweeted earlier in the day that he had a big announcement coming soon. He confirmed with me in his conversation that it is in fact a commitment and it should go live either Friday or Saturday.

The writing on the wall is rather clear here. A commitment following a weekend visit to Norman should paint the picture of where things are headed in this recruitment.