Open Post | Weekend, May 14th – 16th

Texas Firmly in the Mix for 2022 Frisco OL Cole Hutson
– CJ Vogel

Last week I stopped by Frisco to catch up with 2022 Frisco OL Cole Hutson.

Hutson has been a busy man over the last couple of weeks with unofficial visits and self guided tours to Oklahoma for their Spring game, Texas A&M and Texas. With June coming in quick, I wanted to get a sense of where things were with Hutson leading up to his three scheduled official visits for the month.

Hutson told me he has three official visits locked in – Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M:

  • June 11-13 – Texas
  • June 18-20 – Oklahoma
  • June 25-27 – Texas A&M

“I am really excited to get out there and see campuses,” Hutson said. “Especially to see coaches face to face. That’s really my big thing, to see them and feel like it is home.”

Visits are going to be a big part of this recruitment. Luckily, Texas has already received an unofficial from about a month ago when Hutson made the trip south to see Austin and the campus.

As I noted last week, Hutson is friends with Jake Majors and has been in communication with him about the new staff’s coaching style and what the overall life is like in Austin. Both topics received pretty high praises from the Frisco High team captain.

“It is really cool to see the direction of the program and where it is going to go,” Hutson said. “I really like what Coach Sark and Coach Flood are going to be bringing to the table, especially since they came from such a high-powered school that won the National Championship. They’ve done everything at such a high level, it’s astonishing to see.”

I get the sense Coach Flood is really after Hutson here. The communication levels are very high as well.

“I talk to Coach Flood on the daily,” Hutson said. “I really like him and I really like his staff that he has built up. I think he is going in the right direction with that. Especially with his game plan, I really like the way he coaches as well.”

Towards the end of the month, I would expect to see Hutson narrow down his list to about four or five schools. I have no reason to believe the three schools that already have OV’s locked in will make the cut.

Seeing and meeting coaches in person is going to go a long way in this recruitment. Hutson is a very personable guy and easy to get along with. Whichever staff is able to connect with him the most will have the edge in my opinion.

With that said, I wouldn’t expect a decision until around August or a few weeks into the season.

There are some factors that are pulling in Texas’ favor here. The relationship with several players on the team is a plus, as well as the education side of things. Hutson told me he hopes to study business finance and has been doing his home work on the business schools of his prospective colleges. Said he is very impressed with McCombs.

Regardless, this one will likely last until the season if I had to make a guess.

2023 Out of State 5-Star DE Has Sights Set on June Visit
– CJ Vogel

I traded messages yesterday with recent Texas offer 2023 Jayden Wayne of Tacoma, Washington.

Wayne told me he had been in communication with the old staff and was rather familiar with Texas. And while the new staff just offered earlier this week, there didn’t appear to be too much of a drop off in interest.

In fact, Wayne told me he hopes to visit Austin sometime this June. The weekend of June 25-27 is the one Wayne believes to be the target on the calendar for Wayne, though he is waiting to confirm 100%.

Being a native of Washington, Wayne told me he is more than familiar with defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski and has been in contact with him dating back to his time with the Huskies.

Update | Palaie Gaoteote
– Charlie S

Just touched base with K who wanted to pass along a note on Texas and USC LB transfer target Palaie Gaoteote.

*** Source tells K that Gaoteote has informed the staff at Texas that he will not be heading to Austin.

If you recall, yesterday, K provided this update:

‘***We also recently noted that our sources indicated Palaie Gaoteote is likely to end up at Texas. However, in the post we noted that Ohio State would likely land Henry To’oto’o which would ensure they wouldn’t pursue Palaie. Well, Nick Saban did his Nick Saban things and landed Henry despite what Henry told people around him his plans were.

***I note that because I’m not sure if Ohio State will track back and pursue Palaie now and if that will change the likelihood of Texas landing the USC transfer linebacker. As of now, we are sticking with our position that Texas leads. But what Ohio State decides to do and whether that will matter to Palaie at this point is something we are watching.

Sounds like Ohio State did throw their hat in the ring and it changed the direction that Gaoteote was taking.

I Told You | DeAnthony Gatson
– Super K

A little over a week ago, I mentioned a 2022 running back name to watch who would likely be taking an official visit for the first week of June. The relevant part said (here):

But I’m told an in-state back who could be making it in for an official visit before Jones is Newton running back, De’Anthony Gatson.

I’m still familiarizing myself with Gatson and we will likely get out to see him soon so I don’t have a ton to tell you about him right now other than I’m told he’s another target for that second running back slot.

Well, it appears Texas did offer Gatson just yesterday.

Again, this is where Texas needs to be right now in my opinion – looking for talented guys with upside regardless of their stars. You can shoot for the big names but you don’t want to hold on so long that you miss guys like Boardingham or Gatson or whoever.

I can tell you that behind the scenes Texas had made a move for Raleek Brown and it sounds like Brown was actually considering taking a visit. But I’m told that is no longer likely and I’m wondering if they went ahead with the Gatson offer as a result.

Again, doing a nice job here in my opinion of trying to build talent. Going for the big shots but not lingering too long. There is plenty of talent in Texas’ major recruiting areas to build this thing the right way.

WR Kennedy Lewis Transfers to UTSA
– CJ Vogel

Former Texas WR Kennedy Lewis has announced his transfer to UTSA via Twitter.

Lewis was not with the team this past season and had not rejoined following the conclusion of the bowl season.

During his time with Texas, Lewis recorded just one catch for 37 yards.