Open Post | Tuesday, August 31st

Texas Commit Connor Robertson Goes In-Depth on Commitment
– CJ Vogel

Was able to catch up with Austin Westlake OL Connor Robertson recently to discuss his commitment to Texas and the future of the class.

Robertson visited Texas most recently during the pool party during the first of the month. Like with Cole Hutson, Robertson said he is all aboard the recruiting train and pitching to uncommitted prospects why Texas is the right choice.

“I think the number one goal is to recruit kids and have a good time,” Robertson said. “It is always good to be back. I was here earlier this week with my family. So it is good to be back.”

Robertson said he was able to meet Arlington Bowie five star offensive lineman Devon Campbell during the weekend trip. With Campbell being the only other OL in attendance, Robertson and Hutson were able to devote their attention to the talented OL for most of the afternoon.

In his pitch to Campbell, Robertson told me he tries not to pressure anyone to make their decision to commit. Though he does run over the reasons why he ultimately picked Texas and expands on the strengths of the university whenever he can.

“The main thing I bring across to them is why I committed and what was going on in my head to pick UT over any other school,” Robertson said. “I try to get every positive about UT across to them.”

As for the move to the SEC, it was on the mind of Robertson during the visit and he spoke with us afterwards about his excitement for the move to the new conference.

“I am really in favor it,” Robertson said in regards to Texas moving to the SEC. “I think it is a really, really good thing for the football program and the other athletic programs, baseball included… Really the competition is unmatched.”

As for the upcoming season, Robertson said that he hopes to attend every Texas home game this season. A statement that was echoed by Frisco OL Cole Hutson as well.

On the early enrollment topic, Robertson said he is unsure, but is leaning towards staying at Westlake for the duration of the school year. Regardless, he is so close to campus, he can make it down to the facilities at any time basically.

2023 Westlake OL TJ Shanahan Talks Recruiting, Move to Texas
– CJ Vogel

There is a new name in the 2023 class to be aware of on the offensive line and it is Austin Westlake’s TJ Shanahan.

Shanahan recently moved to the Austin suburb just a handful of weeks ago from Florida and suited up for the defending state champions for the first time on Friday. Off of my first encounter with Shanahan, my biggest takeaway is that he is a dude.

Recruiting has already started for the 4-star offensive lineman. He went in-depth about the process so far following Westlake’s 54-13 blowout win over Temple.

With September 1 a few sleeps away, Shanahan says he plans on hearing from a great number of schools from around the country. He mentioned – Notre Dame, USC, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Ohio State and Texas.

Over the summer, Shanahan said he visited close to 20 schools and has a good idea of campuses standing out. Shanahan visited Texas back on June 22. The staff was very quick to get in contact with him once he transferred to Austin as well.

“I actually was on the phone with Coach Sarkisian and Coach Flood like three minutes after I announced that I was coming to Austin,” Shanahan said. “I think Texas is a great school. I think Coach Sarkisian, Coach Flood and Coach Banks are building a great program there and I am really excited to watch them this season.”

Shanahan, who is 20 minutes or so from campus, says he has yet to return to campus since the initial visit in June. He mentioned hoping to visit for a game this fall and can easily make it to campus for a weekday trip if needed.

“I am definitely going to get up to 2-3 games and see how they do from here.”

Other games Shanahan has circled on his calendar that he hopes to attend include Alabama-Texas A&M in College Station and Florida-LSU in Baton Rouge. Oklahoma and Ohio State were two other schools that Shanahan mentioned as places he may visit for a game this year as well.

Right now, things are real early. Shanahan grew up a fan of LSU and Ohio State, and obviously coming from Florida he is fond of what the Gators have and currently are doing in the state. The move to Austin certainly helps Texas’ chances and playing next to Texas commit Connor Robertson is a big plus.

Shanahan mentioned after the game that Robertson has been jokingly bringing up the Longhorns pretty often since he arrived in Austin.

Shanahan’s dad was an offensive lineman for Arizona back in his day, though TJ mentioned it won’t play too much of a factor into his recruitment moving forward.

During the game, Shanahan was plugged into the right guard position for Westlake. I think that is where he plays at the next level. Some of his pulls and anytime he reached the next level, it was a violent collision. Impressive lineman who can move very well.

Being in Texas’ backyard will really help this recruitment, but Shanahan was quick to mention out of state programs he is already fond of.

Texas Releases Week One Depth Chart
CJ Vogel

The official depth chart for the season opener has been released.

Take a look for yourself.

I included some notable roster spots in the tweet itself. Anything on the depth chart stand out to you?

Texas Makes Top 5 for Five Star Omari Abor
– CJ Vogel

Texas has made the cut for 2022 five star defensive end Omari Abor.

Abor visited the Longhorns in the brief contact period on July 31.

For a while it appeared the Sooners were going to be big time contenders in this recruitment, though Abor made it clear they were no longer in consideration. That opened the gap for Texas to enter the top five and potentially earn an official visit.

Abor has taken three of his official visits, visiting Alabama, LSU and Ohio State in June. My guess would be he takes the remaining two to Texas and A&M this fall.

My bet at the moment still resides on Ohio State, but Texas is making a push following his visit in July.