Open Post | Tuesday, October 12th

Five Quick Thoughts | Texas vs. OU 2021
– CJ Vogel

It was a crazy game in Dallas this weekend, time to dive into what stood out the most to me about the weekend.


I think DT hit in on the head in the instant reaction yesterday, but man what a disaster of a unit this defensive line has turned into. Yes, Pete Kwiatkowski deserves all sorts of blame for allowing 55 points to Oklahoma, but I believe a good majority of the defensive miscues are alleviated if pressure is generated once in a blue moon on the defensive line. Alfred Collins was the only defensive lineman to generate a pressure yesterday. The only one. Oklahoma rushed for 339 yards, a problem that was very clearly there against TCU was not amended at all in the week leading up to the biggest game of the year. The edge rushers were treated like scout team players against the Oklahoma offensive line.


Let’s not sugar coat this. The highlight reel for the Sooners’ pass rushers is going to be filled with plays from Saturday. Christian Jones and Andrej Karic were about as bad as you can get in pass protection. Casey Thompson was hit or on his back on seemingly every single play it felt like. When Texas could not move an inch in the third quarter, go check how quickly pass rushers were in the backfield to disrupt plays before they could develop. The running game was even worse. Bijan Robinson rushed for 137 yards, 126 of those yards came after contact. We said it before, but this team will only be as good as this line allows it to be. The fact Texas was able to put 48 points is quite remarkable with how poorly this unit played.


My goodness. The true freshman went for 261 yards in the biggest game of the season and came up huge late in the fourth quarter to tie the game back up. Yes, the fumble on the kickoff return was brutal and decision I am sure that kept him up late last night, but what a performance. For Worthy to comeback after the fumble and make two really massive catches to get downfield and eventually score, that says a lot about the type of player he is.


How about that! It felt like Casey Thompson and his receivers were due in this area and man did it come through when Texas needed it to. If there was one true criticism of Casey so far this season, it would be the lack of connection on passes down the field. The deep balls to Joshua Moore and Xavier Worthy were exactly what makes this offense so exciting and I am sure there was a five star wide receiver in attendance that took great note. On passes beyond 20 yards, Thompson was 4/8 for 166 yards and two touchdowns. Impressive stuff.


There was absolutely no reason for Texas to have lost this game. I am sure those at the game can attest to this, but you could really feel the game slipping away before it ever really was. When Texas was up 18 in the third quarter, and the D’Shawn Jamison forced fumble was overturned, there was something about the atmosphere in the stadium where you could just tell something was off. In a game full of momentum, it really did feel like the man who has been coaching in this series since 2017 was lightyears ahead of his competition in capitalizing on big moments and keeping his team in check. Regardless, I think there are some positives from this game. Texas got this hire 100% right. As I mentioned earlier, the fact that Texas was blocking with three offensive linemen on most plays and was still able to score 48 points, yeah, that’s impressive stuff from the mastermind calling plays and scheming his guys open.

Instant Reaction | Oklahoma 2021

  • The 21st-ranked Longhorns (4-1, 2-0) would head to Dallas for the annual showdown at the Fairgrounds against the 6th-ranked Oklahoma Sooners (5-0, 2-0).
  • On a brilliant opening call with the entire house expecting Bijan to get the opening touch, Sark dials up a quick screen to Xavier Worthy off of play-action and the True Freshman makes a man miss and takes it 75 yards to the house. Holy Sh** !!!!
  • Marcus Washington blocked his ass off on the play.
  • On the ensuing opening drive for Oklahoma, Texas forces a three-and-out after a DeMarvion Overshown sack. That was his 1st sack of the season.
  • Overshown blocks the punt!!!!! Texas ball on the Oklahoma 2. Wow.
  • Casey Thompson is too juiced up. He missed a wide-open Jared Wiley on another brilliant play call using Bijan Robinson as bait.
  • On the next play Bijan runs it in on the sweep. 14-0 Texas and we’re barely 2 minutes into this thing.
  • Oklahoma got away with a WR stepping out of bounds on his own on a huge 3rd down scramble and throw. Replay was only paying attention to whether he caught it or not. Sooners are in Texas territory and a few plays later they get in. 14-7 Texas.
  • Texas can’t get anything going on the next drive and it’s three-and-out.
  • Texas gets OU into a 3rd down on the following drive and Rattler airmails one right to BJ Foster. Texas ball near midfield.
  • Overshown came to play today, folks.
  • As did Xavier Worthy. He didn’t have them in Fort Worth, but he brought his hands with him to Dallas. Thompson did a tremendous job maneuvering in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield to work through his progressions and find Worthy to move the sticks.
  • Thru three drives, Bijan has only touched the ball once. He’s been a decoy so far to move the D.
  • As I say that, Bijan picks up 15 around the left edge and on the next play Casey Thompson finds Josh Moore on a fade off of play-action for a score. Great throw. 21-7 Texas and we’re still in the 1st Quarter here. Lots of ball game left.
  • Texas has 21 points and Bijan Robinson only has 2 touches. I say that bodes well.
  • How about a Jaylan Ford sighting in the 1st Quarter of the Red River Shootout?
  • Alfred Collins with a sack!! Credit the coverage there but Collins was absolutely relentless on that play.
  • The play-calling has been phenomenal. Texas is showing new wrinkles that they haven’t all year and everyone is touching the ball while Bijan is used primarily as a decoy.
  • Play-action to Bijan with Jordan Whittington in orbit motion leads to Casey Thompson hitting Jordan Moore on a 48-yard bomb!!! Wow!!!!
  • 28-7 Texas and we’re still in the freaking 1st Unbelievable. Still losts of ball game to go, though.
  • Texas gets Oklahoma into a 4th and 1 situation. Oklahoma brings in a Freshman QB who has zero chance of throwing the ball in this situation. They run a QB Power that the entire universe sees coming and somehow they let this guy run 61 yards for a score. Jerrin Thompson with a horrendous missed tackle on the play. 28-14 Texas.
  • Texas goes 3-and-out on the next possession. Andrej Karic got his doors blown off by Nik Bonitto on 3rd
  • Oh no, it looks like Casey Thompson injured his throwing hand on the play.
  • I’m not sure there’s been a penalty called so far in this ballgame. We’re at the 12:12 mark in the First Half.
  • Texas holds on the following drive after a sandlot trick-play by Oklahoma went for big yardage. Luke Brockermeyer got a fingertip on what could have ended up being an Oklahoma score. Field Goal is good. 28-17 Texas.
  • Thompson has the hand wrapped up but still hits an RPO slant on the opening play of the next drive. Texas stalls out afterward. Andrej Karic has had a rough First Half.
  • Thompson has been hit on seemingly every dropback during this 2nd
  • Texas needs to commit to the run. There have been consecutive drives now where virtually no time has gone off the clock and Texas has given the ball right back to OU without getting the Defense any rest.
  • Oklahoma was moving the ball again and how about Ben freaking Davis knocking the ball out of Rattler’s hand on a run and forcing a fumble. Overshown recovered it. Huge.
  • What an electric 50-yard run by Bijan Robinson two plays later. That play is going to go on his all-time highlight. Unbelievable. Ricky Williams was before my time. Is Bijan kind of what he looked like?
  • Thompson hits Jared Wiley on the RPO slant from the 1-yard line and Texas is up 35-17.
  • OU has benched Spencer Rattler in the Red River Shootout for the second year in a row.
  • At the half, Texas leads Oklahoma 38-20. Casey Thompson is 10/16 for 244 yards and 4 touchdown passes. The 4 touchdown passes in a half are a Red River record.
  • Bijan Robinson has 102 yards on 11 carries with a score.
  • Xavier Worthy has 3 receptions for 141 yards and a touchdown. Josh Moore has 3 receptions for 67 yards and 2 touchdowns.


  • Kennedy Brooks breaks a tackle literally every play.
  • Texas forces a big change of possession to open the 2nd Half after giving up an early first down.
  • I’m expecting Bijan to get at least 18-20 touches during this half.
  • Texas starts the 2nd Half deep in their own territory and a loss of yardage on the first play was a precursor to what the drive would produce. Nothing. After a False Start penalty to add to it, Texas goes 3-and-out.
  • The Sooners have decided to stick with Caleb Williams. Texas would be wise to bring pressure, in my opinion.
  • After beginning the drive on the Texas 44-yard line, Oklahoma is held to another Gabe Brkic Field Goal. 38-23 Texas.
  • One more touchdown for Texas feels like it would be a large enough lead to survive lasting the final 18 minutes or so. This is a big drive coming up.
  • If Bijan had one more gear … he would be illegal. He bursts through the LOS on a 1st-and-20 for 33 yards and Texas is into Oklahoma territory.
  • Marcus Washington was a toe away from having possibly the best grab of the season for Texas. Instead, it will be a 41-yard Cameron Dicker try. He connects. 41-23 Texas.
  • Tough break for Texas with what would have been a strip fumble and recovery ending up being a 60+ yard run for Oklahoma.
  • This run came while Texas was in a 2-High Safety look. I hate it.
  • Caleb Williams is entirely too comfortable. Texas isn’t pressuring him at all with just the front four, which has been a problem all season.
  • Williams had time in the Red Zone to drop the snap, pick it up, roll to his right and throw with no one in his face. It was basically like playing 7-on-7. 41-30 Texas.
  • We’re still in the flipping 3rd
  • Texas has had I believe 3 False Starts today.
  • There was no reason to snap that ball and run a play prior to time expiring in the 3rd Quarter on a 2nd-and-13. Take it to the 4th and burn an extra minute off of the clock man. First real glaring miscue Offensively today by Sark.
  • A lot of luck has kept the Sooners in this ball game today. WR not being called out of bounds early in the game. Caleb Williams tipped ball while being sacked ending up in a WRs hands. Marcus Wahsington’s toe. Kennedy Brook’s fumble but knee saved him. Etc.
  • Texas is going three-and-out again and I’m starting to get a little nervous.
  • Speaking of luck, no one fields the punt for OU that hits at the 20-yard line and it still rolls all the way to the EndZone for a touchback. 78-yard punt and new career-long for Dicker.
  • Caleb Williams fumbles as he’s hit by Ovie Oghoufo on a throw but the booth doesn’t review the play. Two plays later he just throws it up downfield and BJ Foster never sees the ball. Huge gain. Gotta be kidding me man.
  • Texas is still in this terrible 2-High look with the Safeties 10-12 yards deep because they can’t cover anyone and Oklahoma continues to run the ball for 6-7 yards a pop. All the while getting no penetration or pressure from the guys up front.
  • Texas is so desperate True Freshman Barryn Sorrells is in there getting some run.
  • Williams misfires on two throws and the Sooners have to settle for another Field Goal, their 4th of the contest. 41-33 Texas.
  • Texas has scored 3 points in the Second Half.
  • Naturally, they give up a sack to start the next drive and it almost looked like a jailbreak screen guys got back there so quickly.
  • Texas has been behind the chains on almost every drive during the 2nd Now Texas is throwing incomplete passes under duress and no clock is being burned as well in the process.
  • Jordan Whittington just appeared to injure his shoulder diving for a pass. Texas goes 3-and-out again and Bijan didn’t touch the ball.
  • Oklahoma has not been called for a single Holding penalty today. Very impressive.
  • Texas is in the same look they were in Defensively against TCU last week. OU Backs are one missed tackle away from moving the sticks on every run.
  • Hey, OU just got called for their first hold. There’s 8:36 to go in the 4th
  • 3rd and 19. Texas rushes nobody and still gives up a 52-yard touchdown. Of course, their guy’s foot is in bounds in the corner. I’m starting to hate having to keep up with this program. Just atrocious. 41-39 and they’re going for two to tie it up.
  • Rattler comes in after being benched and of course he gets it because the Texas Defense is pathetic. Tie ball-game.
  • Texas hasn’t had any momentum for a long time and Xavier Worthy just fumbled the kickoff. Can’t make any of this up. It’s gotta just be karma or something. Oklahoma ball on the Texas 19-yard line.
  • Just a complete implosion. Texas is pissing all over themselves in front of the entire country yet again.
  • Texas has been outscored 21-3 in the Second Half and it’s about to be 28-3 shortly.
  • Next play Brooks walks untouched into the EndZone from 19 yards out. 48-41 Oklahoma.
  • Texas hits back on the next possession with a 48-yard catch. Worthy is up to 210 yards on 6 grabs.
  • The OL has gotten whipped the entire 2nd Thompson has been hit on every throw. Bijan has been contacted in the backfield on almost every carry.
  • 4th-and-11 and this very well may be the ballgame. Pressure and Bijan is doubled down the seam. Turnover on downs.
  • Texas gets the ball back with 3:04 left and we will see what Casey can do.
  • Another snap infraction on Jake Majors on 3rd-and-1. Come on fellas.
  • Thompson steps up and hits Worthy on a 31-yard Wheel Route for a score. 48-48 with 1:23 left.
  • 1:23 is a ton of time with this Hot Butter Texas Defense to get into Field Goal range and win the game.
  • Worthy has 9 receptions for 261 yards and 2 scores. He’s 12 yards away from the single-game record for Texas.
  • Jett Bush is on the field on this final drive for Texas. All I need to know.
  • 3rd-and-1 … Kennedy Brooks goes untouched through the B-Gap for 10 yards. Horrible.
  • If you can’t tell, I’m completely off of the PK train the rest of the season. I understand these aren’t his recruits and all that jazz, but this is no different than the mess we saw from Vance Bedford and Todd Orlando. That’s a true freshman QB that didn’t even play Football as a HS Senior. He’s playing 7on7 against this joke of a D and Texas can’t stop a run for no gain or a loss to save their lives. What’s the point of the 2-High look if you’re not taking away ANYTHING? It sucks to have to watch.
  • On the next play the let Brooks run it all the way in. 2 seconds on the clock.
  • Nothing has changed as far as Texas Football is concerned. New coaches (again), new mantras and slogans (again), yet it’s the same ole, same ole.
  • Texas earned this loss and I don’t really have much else to say. If folks want to say “Texas sucks” I can’t argue with them.
  • Maybe they’ll beat Oklahoma State next week. Big whoop.
  • Y’all stay safe this weekend.

Injury Update | Jordan Whittington & Jacoby Jones
CJ Vogel

Texas is going to be without their WR2 for a chunk of time.

Jordan Whittington went down on the 2nd to last series of the game for the Longhorns and it has been confirmed that it is a clavicle injury to the redshirt sophomore wide receiver.

The expected time table for a broken collarbone is anywhere from 6-8 weeks, so it may be the end of Whit’s regular season depending on how long it takes to get up to speed. This is not the official word, but it is expected at the moment.

Sarkisian also mentioned EDGE Jacoby Jones will be out with a foot injury that he will have surgery on as well.

The Numbers | Texas vs. OU 2021
– CJ Vogel

There sure were a lot of yards and points once again in this game for Texas, so far it has been a common theme under Steve Sarkisian. Let’s dive into it.


Once Lincoln Riley made the decision to swap Spencer Rattler for Caleb Williams, it was a completely different ball game for the Sooners. The Sooner offense looked completely different under Williams and was able to move the ball significantly more under the true freshman.

Under Williams:

  • 50 plays
  • 511 yards
  • 10.22 yards per play
  • 5 touchdowns
  • 0 turnovers

Under Rattler

  • 31 plays
  • 151 yards
  • 4.87 yards per play
  • 1 touchdown
  • 2 turnovers


It was a relatively quiet afternoon for the Texas running back. Yes, Bijan cleared 100+ rushing yards and finished with 137 in total, however he was a nonfactor for most of the second half as the Texas offense sputtered in the third quarter.

  • 137 rushing yards
  • 20 carries
  • 6.9 yards per carry
  • 126 yards after contact
  • 10 forced missed tackles
  • 3 rushes of 10+ yards


Steve Sarkisian had no issue going to Bijan Robinson and Xavier Worthy on Saturday. In fact, the two of them were really the only constants in the ball game for the Longhorns. Check this out.

Total Yards

  • Bijan and Worthy – 398 combined yards
  • Rest of team –118 combined yards


  • Bijan and Worthy – 3 scores
  • Rest of team – 3 scores


Texas is on a four game losing streak in the Red River Rivalry series and in each of those losses, there has been a common theme that has determined the outcome of the game – OU’s defensive line.

  • 2018 B12 CG – 3 sacks and 5 TFL
  • 2019 – 9 sacks and 15 TFL
  • 2020 – 6 sacks and 10 TFL
  • 2021 – 3 sacks and 6 TFL

An insane amount of negative plays allowed.


  • 29-yard reception
  • 66-yard TD run
  • 25-yard reception
  • 65-yard rush
  • 47-yard reception
  • 52-yard TD reception
  • 33-yard TD run

Seven plays of 25 yards or more allowed is not winning football.